Next-Generation Chevrolet Volt Features All-New Voltec Propulsion System for More Efficiency

Next-Generation Chevrolet Volt Features All-New Voltec Propulsion System for More Efficiency

Debuting in 2015, new indication will have increasing EV range






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WARREN, Mich. (Tuesday, Oct 28, 2014) – When a next-generation Chevrolet Volt debuts during a North American International Auto Show in January, it will underline an all-new Voltec extended operation electric automobile (EREV) thrust complement roughly grown from Volt owners including information collected on their pushing behaviors. 

The Voltec complement includes a battery, expostulate unit, range-extending engine and energy electronics. The new complement will be some-more fit and offer larger EV operation and fuel economy compared to a stream generation. 

“Our Volt owners truly adore a EV pushing experience, with some-more than 80 percent of all trips being finished though regulating any gasoline. We’ve used their real-world practice to define the subsequent era Chevrolet Volt,” said Alan Batey, conduct of tellurian Chevrolet. “By putting a Volt owners during a core of what we do and leveraging a foundation engineering leadership, we’ve been means to lift a bar and will surpass their expectations with a new Volt.”

Enhanced Battery System Capability

General Motors’ industry-leading battery record has been softened for a next-generation Volt. Revised dungeon chemistry, grown in and with LG Chem, increases storage ability by 20 percent on a volume basement when compared to a strange cell, while a series of cells decreases from 288 to 192. The cells are positioned revoke in a container for softened (lower) core of sobriety and a altogether mass of a container has decreased by roughly 13 kg (30 pounds).

Approximately 20 million battery cells have been constructed for a some-more than 69,000 Chevrolet Volts on a highway currently with industry-leading peculiarity levels of reduction than dual problems per million cells produced.

The battery complement continues to use a Volt’s industry-leading active thermal control complement that maintains electric operation over a Volt’s life.

“The stream era Volt’s battery has proven to yield a owners well-developed opening when it comes to peculiarity and reliability,” pronounced Larry Nitz, executive executive of GM Powertrain’s foundation engineering team.  

“It would have been elementary for us to tweak a existent battery to yield nominally increasing range, though that’s not what a business want,” pronounced Nitz. “So a group combined a new battery complement that will surpass a opening expectations of many of a owners.”

EV operation estimates will be suggested in Jan during a North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

GM will make a Volt battery container during a battery public plant in Brownstown, Mich.

Drive Unit Focused On Improved Efficiency

Like a battery system, a next-generation Volt’s expostulate section was reengineered with a concentration on increasing potency and performance, softened wrapping and reduced sound and quivering characteristics. The two-motor expostulate section operates approximately 5 to 12 percent some-more well and weighs 45 kg (100 pounds) reduction than a stream system. 

The Traction Power Inverter Module, that manages energy upsurge between a battery and a electric expostulate motors, has been directly built into a expostulate section to revoke mass, distance and build complexity while serve improving efficiency.   

The boost in opening comes from both motors handling together in some-more pushing scenarios, in both EV and extended-range operation. The ability to use both motors helps broach some-more than 20 percent alleviation in electric acceleration.  GM engineers designed a Voltec electric motors to use significantly reduction singular earth materials. One engine uses no singular earth-type magnets during all. 

The new expostulate section will be made during GM’s Powertrain plant in Warren, Mich.

New 1.5L Range Extender

Energy for extended-range operation comes from an all-new, high-efficiency 1.5L 4-cylinder engine. The engine facilities a approach injection fuel system, high-compression ratio of 12.5:1, cooled empty gas recirculation and a non-static banishment oil pump. The Voltec operation extender runs on unchanging unleaded fuel.

“Using a 1.5L engine as a operation extender assures owners they can go anywhere, anytime though carrying to worry about either they have adequate energy to go by a Rocky Mountains or on a extemporaneous weekend getaway,” Nitz said. “It’s all about gripping a guarantee that a Volt is a no-compromise electric vehicle.”

The 1.5L engine will be made during GM’s Toluca, Mexico engine plant for a initial year of production, afterwards change to a Flint, Mich. engine plant.

U.S./Canadian Content Increases

Since a introduction in late 2010, a Volt has determined southeast Michigan as a heart of automobile foundation growth and manufacturing. The next-generation Volt will underline approximately 70 percent U.S. and Canadian components within a initial year of production, a scarcely 20 percent boost from a first-generation, Nitz said.
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