Nissan: Nissan confirms a production care by achieving a five-millionth made car miracle in a Aguascalientes A1 plant

AGUASCALIENTES, Mexico – In 2015, Nissan Mexico achieved a new prolongation record with a sum outlay of 822,948 units. Today, a association confirms a prolongation care by producing a 5 millionth car miracle during a Aguascalientes A1 plant.

Aguascalientes A1 plant was determined in 1992, and it is a tellurian prolongation benchmark for a corporation, delivering tip peculiarity vehicles during a prolongation rate of 55 seconds each. In 1993, a A1 plant was a initial to furnish vehicles for a Japanese market.

“The passion for what we do defines us as a association and guarantees high levels of competitiveness and delivery,” pronounced Armando Avila, Manufacturing Vice President, Nissan Mexico. “This encourages us to continue violation a possess annals and achieving record prolongation total for a Mexican automotive industry.”

The five-millionth car fabricated in a A1 plant is a 2016 Nissan Sentra that will be exported to Canada.


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