Nissan: Nissan announces tellurian motorsport module for 2016

  • Nissan GT-R NISMO GT500 will quarrel for a third uninterrupted array pretension of SUPER GT
  • Katsumasa Chiyo stairs adult to Super GT GT500 after Blancpain pretension and Bathurst 12H feat in 2015
  • GT3 spec GT-R will competition around a universe in Europe, United States and Japan
  • Nissan to urge Blancpain Endurance pretension and launch Sprint Cup attack
  • GT Academy star Jann Mardenborough creates dream pierce to Japan



YOKOHAMA, Japan – After claiming 9 general championships around a universe in 2015, Nissan will continue to attend in several categories and championships as good as build on a patron support programs in 2016.

Seasoned NISMO Athletes continue to fly a dwindle in Japan, North America, Europe, and Australia.

By difficulty and drivers, here is where Nissan/NISMO will be this year:


Having proudly claimed a SUPER GT GT500 Championship for dual years in a row, Nissan/NISMO now seeks to make that a hat-trick of victories in 2016.

Four Nissan GT-R NISMO GT500 teams will competition in a GT500 class. Fresh from a two-year army of Blancpain Endurance Series and Bathurst 12-hour races, Katsumasa Chiyo will make his GT500 entrance in 2016.

Toshikazu Tanaka, Corporate Vice President of NISMO will take over a purpose of Nissan GT500 group executive executive from Kunihiko Kakimoto. Kakimoto has served as executive executive for 12 years given 2004 and contributed to Nissan’s 12 GT500 array titles.

1 – NISMO – Tsugio Matsuda / Ronnie Quintarelli
Team Principal: Yutaka Suzuki

12 – TEAM IMPUL – Hironobu Yasuda / João Paulo de Oliveira
Team Principal: Kazuyoshi Hoshino
Calsonic IMPUL GT-R / Bridgestone

24 – KONDO RACING – Daiki Sasaki / Masataka Yanagida
Team Principal: Masahiko Kondo
Forum Engineering ADVAN GT-R/ Yokohama

46 – MOLA – Satoshi Motoyama / Katsumasa Chiyo
Team Principal: Toshiomi Oeki
S Road CRAFTSPORTS GT-R / Michelin

Series regulations do not concede for a growth of aero and cessation tools this year, so a automobile stays in a same selection as 2015, though with increasing engine and tire performance. While a engine selection stays a same, improvements have been done to both explosion and a intake/exhaust system, that will see aloft potency and trustworthiness in line with a new 5 percent “less fuel” rule.

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Developed by NISMO, a Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 won a GT300 category pretension of SUPER GT and Pro Class championship of a Blancpain Endurance Series in 2015. In partnership with a module partner in Europe, JRM, NISMO will continue to support Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 business by providing vehicles and technical assistance.


After winning one of a many rival GT3 titles in a universe in 2015, Nissan/NISMO expands a joining with a initial central entrance in a Blancpain GT Series Sprint Cup, supplementing a championship-winning joining to a Blancpain Endurance Cup.

Continuing a Blancpain GT Series plea in Pro and Pro Am that began in 2011, RJN Motorsport will continue to run a module underneath a government of Bob Neville, with support from NISMO.

The motorist line adult in a Blancpain GT Series once again utilizes drivers from all areas of Nissan’s tellurian motorsport family. After a success of Katsumasa Chiyo’s module in Europe, NISMO has reserved 23-year-old immature Japanese star Mitsunori Takaboshi to continue his growth module in a Pro category of Blancpain championship, teaming adult with rarely gifted Alex Buncombe and Lucas Ordóñez.

The 2015 GT Academy winners from a International foe (Australian leader Matt Simmons) and GT Academy Europe (French leader Romain Sarazin) will join Sean Walkinshaw, who joins a group after considerable displays in 2015.

Sprint Pro car: Alex Buncombe, Mitsunori Takaboshi

Sprint Pro Silver Cup car: Sean Walkinshaw, Ricardo Sánchez

Endurance Pro car: Alex Buncombe, Lucas Ordóñez, Mitsunori Takaboshi

Endurance Pro Am car: Sean Walkinshaw, Matt Simmons, Romain Sarazin

NURBURGRING 24 HOURS (ADAC Zurich 24-Hour Race – Nurburgring)

Nissan/NISMO will once again margin an entrance during a iconic Nurburgring 24 hour race. The full motorist line adult is nonetheless to be confirmed.


NISMO will continue to yield technical assistance and ongoing automobile supply to patron teams competing with a Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 in a GT300 category of SUPER GT. “NDDP Racing,” directed for a growth of immature drivers, will enter in GT300 with NISMO Athlete Jann Mardenborough who is creation a pierce to Japan to join a team, alongside Kazuki Hoshino.

3 – NDDP RACING – Kazuki Hoshino / Jann Mardenborough
Team Principal: Masahiro Hasemi
B-MAX NDDP GT-R / Yokohama

The Gainer Tanax GT-R, that won a GT300 titles in 2015, will competition with a champion series #0.


NISMO will yield technical assistance to patron teams competing with a Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 in a Super Taikyu Series ST-X class. In this class, a partnership group of KONDO Racing and a Nissan Technical College continues to margin a “ThreeBond Nissan Technical College GT-R.”
Continuing for a fifth year, a module singly forms partial of a students’ educational program, joining grave preparation and motorsports.

24 ST-X category – KONDO RACING – Tomonobu Fujii/TBA
Team Principal: Masahiko Kondo
ThreeBond Nissan Technical College GT-R


In North America, Nissan North America’s efforts will quarrel for a Pirelli World Challenge with Always Evolving Racing/AIM Autosport with a span of Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 entries. The entries will be driven by James Davison, who final year warranted dual altogether victories and sixteen tip 10 finishes.  Davison will be pushing a #33 AERNOW sponsored entry. 

The second automobile will be driven by a initial GT Academy leader and recently promoted motorist to full veteran ranking, Bryan Heitkotter. Heitkotter will be pushing a #05 entrance as a full GT motorist after earning 5 victories in GTA category and 11 altogether tip 10 finishes final year. 

#33 AERNOW GT-3 GT-R driven by James Davison
#05 Nissan GT Academy GT-3, GT-R driven by Bryan Heitkotter

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In Australia, Nissan will continue to competition a V8 Supercars with Rick and Todd Kelly alongside Michael Caruso and new motorist Dale Wood with a Nissan Altima.


NISMO will continue to yield technical support to patron teams competing with a Fairlady Z NISMO RC in a ST-3 category of a Super Taikyu Series.


Launched exclusively in a range of Quebec final year, a Nissan Micra Cup will enhance to a Province of Ontario for a second season, flourishing to 8 competition weekends, with 3 of these function in Ontario and 5 in Quebec.



With 11 championships and 4 Le Mans wins underneath a belt, Nissan/NISMO will continue to supply engines grown from prolongation engines in both LM P2 and LM P3.

Via Oreca and Gibson, Nissan will supply VK45 engines and yield technical support to teams competing in a LM P2 (Le Mans Prototype 2) category of FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC), European Le Mans Series, and Asian Le Mans Series.

It will also yield around Oreca VK50 engines and technical assistance to teams competing in a LM P3 (Le Mans Prototype 3) category of European Le Mans Series and Asian Le Mans Series.

With a bang in a LM P3 category this year, Nissan’s participation on a grid will be significantly increasing as a manufacturer looks to browbeat once again.


Japanese Formula 3 Championship

Katsumasa Chiyo and Jann Mardenborough will also competition in a Japanese Formula 3 Championship. Chiyo and Mardenborough are stability their singular seater careers after apropos Japanese F3 N Class Champion and competing in European F3 and GP3 respectively.

B-MAX Racing Team with NDDP
22 – Jann Mardenborough
23 – Katsumasa Chiyo
Team Principal: Masahiro Hasemi


Shoichi Miyatani, CEO and boss of NISMO

“Last year, a Nissan GT-R was intent in countless high-stakes battles around a world, including in Europe, a U.S., Australia and Japan, where it achieved some unusual results,” pronounced Shoichi Miyatani, CEO and boss of NISMO.

“This year 3 of a immature NISMO Athletes will be creation a step adult to aloft categories, with Chiyo advancing into a GT500 class, Mardenborough relocating adult to a GT300, and Takaboshi holding on a plea of a Blancpain Endurance and Sprint Series.

“While we continue to have high hopes for a success of these immature drivers, we are also diligently surpassing with growth and contrast to safeguard that a leverage of a GT-R is felt worldwide, that will serve strengthen a code image.

“Furthermore, we are formulation to boost a concentration on ancillary patron teams that competition with Nissan vehicles and engines. As most as ever, we will be actively competing in motorsports via 2016 and holding home some-more victories, titles and excellence for Nissan.

“We are all really vehement in a lead adult to this deteriorate and wish to share a fad and passion of motorsport with all a fans.”


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