Nissan: NISMO: Nissan’s global motorsports and performance car brand

  • NISMO is the performance brand of Nissan Motor Company, responsible for its motorsports activities and performance cars.
  • NISMO was founded in 1984 and has produced factory performance and design variants of Nissan models as well as parts and accessories for 30 years. In 2013, Juke NISMO and 370Z NISMO were launched.
  • NISMO continues to expand globally with new models and studying new markets.


Nissan Motorsports International Co., Ltd. (NISMO) was founded in September 1984 as a specialist company to support all motorsports activities of Nissan Motor Company (Nissan). As Nissan’s performance and enthusiast image leader, NISMO’s mission is to achieve success in motorsports using Nissan vehicles, Nissan engines and components.

NISMO is also responsible for developing and marketing base vehicles and parts for competition, supporting the motorsports clientele that has grown globally over the past several years.

NISMO’s 30 years of experience has contributed to producing highly acclaimed high-performance vehicles such as the JUKE NISMO, 370Z NISMO, Note NISMO and March NISMO – all of which embody the DNA of NISMO design and performance. The latest car to join this impressive line-up is the much- anticipated GT-R NISMO.

NISMO – the performance brand of Nissan’s motorsports

In February 2013, NISMO relocated its headquarters and RD center to Tsurumi Operations Center, near Nissan’s Yokohama Plant Area No.3. The new headquarters centralize all the functions of the company into one building, collocating engineers, designers, planners and business development professionals to accelerate the global expansion of the brand.

Within the new headquarters, teams involved in activities such as motorsports engineering can provide direct feedback from its racing experiences and technology to teams involved in production car and parts development.

The new headquarter building is home to 180 employees, including a single-floor layout of staff working in the racecar maintenance center, engineering workshop, grinding room, carbon parts autoclave and the parts warehouse. NISMO is an integral part of Nissan’s development process for future cars, as well as the prime player in the company’s motorsports strategy.

To deliver “Fresh New Excitement” and high performance to our customers

The spirit of NISMO is built on its motorsports heritage and creative engineering philosophy. High performance and bold-yet-intelligent design are the key ways it demonstrates this spirit, in both its race machines and road cars.

NISMO’s high-performance sports models possess technology and performance garnered from decades of motorsports activities. NISMO’s standard DNA of high quality, high performance, unique styling and dynamic sports handling are injected into each product.

The Note NISMO is the fifth model to join the performance line up, including the GT-R NISMO, JUKE NISMO, 370Z NISMO and March NISMO.


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