Imagine: you’re about to put the kids to bed when you hear it. The alert screams within the city because the river is about to overflow.

Jimmy Quirion and Marie-Claude Blais are used to this scenario. Each spring, the Chaudière River keeps them on high alert: will the ice and rain cause water levels to rise? Will their city be safe?

In those conditions you need a vehicle that’s capable of facing challenges head on. So, you need something safe, reliable and, most importantly, tough.

Flooding in Beauce as seen from an F-150

Flooding in Beauce

“We wouldn’t have been able to go through the road without our truck.”− Marie-Claude Blais

Last spring, the Beauceville region in Quebec experienced significant flooding. An ice jam formed in the river and with the heavy rains, the water level of the river rose extremely quickly.

That night, Jimmy and Marie-Claude got an emergency call. One of their friends needed help because water was rushing into the basement making the entire house extremely dangerous. Jimmy and Marie-Claude didn’t have to think twice. They got into their F-150 and made their way through the city.

When they arrived in the city, the streets were jammed. But it wasn’t a typical traffic jam; water levels had risen so high that cars and trucks were literally stuck in the middle of the road. Under normal circumstances, you’d rethink the plan and find an alternative route, but Jimmy and Marie-Claude needed to reach their friend and they had confidence that their F-150 would withstand anything the flood put in front of them.

For Jimmy and Marie-Claude, it’s important to help each other and the community, no matter the conditions. Along with volunteer firefighters, Jimmy was one of the many local heroes of Beauceville who worked all night to evacuate people and help save what could be saved from their basements.

“We are happy we could help because of our F-150.”− Jimmy Quirion, Indoor system contractor

Jimmy Quirion and Marie-Claude Blais

Jimmy Quirion and Marie-Claude Blais

For Marie-Claude and Jimmy, there is no doubt: the F-150 is THE truck for the job. It’s perfectly equipped for Beauce’s road conditions, even when Mother Nature throws them a curveball. With its power and suspension, the F-150 is always an enjoyable ride, on the dirt path as well as on the steep slopes.

And since Jimmy, who is a contractor, often needs to carry heavy materials, he needs a vehicle with superior hauling capability. However, this isn’t what excites him the most. When it comes to attaching his trailer, Jimmy is all about the rear-view camera!

With two children and a third one on the way, cargo space and comfort are important to Marie-Claude. With the F-150, she knows she’ll have enough space to carry her kids and all her other things without sacrificing toughness.

So whether it’s getting the kids to and from school, or traversing through a tumultuous flood, Jimmy and Marie-Claude rely on their truck — the toughest truck — a Ford F-150.

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