Nissan: Kevin King and Stefan Rzadzinski Claim Victory in Ontario as a 2017 Championship Remains a Close Battle

Mississauga, Ont. – The Nissan Micra Cup hold a second final tour of a deteriorate this past weekend during a many critical motorsport eventuality during a Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (CTMP), northeast of Toronto, Ontario. Two races were on a program, both of that kept a fans on their feet with countless cars overtaking one another and a consistent change in foe leader. In a end, Kevin King won on Saturday and Stefan Rzadzinski on Sunday, while Olivier Bédard confirmed his altogether lead in a championship.

The American NASCAR Camping World Truck array was also a prominence this past weekend as it brought together tens of thousands of spectators to a site.  As partial of a gratifying atmosphere, fans were means to declare a 23 Nissan Micra Cup drivers in movement during dual pretentious races.

On Saturday, underneath consistent object and a cold breeze, lane annals were broken. Qualifying in stick position, a 2016 champion Xavier Coupal started a mid-afternoon foe with 2016 beginner champion Stéfan Gauthier by his side.  At a finish of a stirring 30-minute foe that saw a collision in a initial path discharge Coupal, followed by mixed changes on a leaderboard, Kevin King, Gauthier’s Sorel-Tracy Nissan teammate, crossed a finish line only three-tenths of a second forward of Olivier Bédard. Holder of a record for a fastest path in a story of Nissan Micra Cup during a CTMP, Bédard was means to boost his lead during a tip of a array standings. The lectern was finished by Stéfan Gauthier, Albertan Stefan Rzadzinski and Quebecker Marc-Antoine Cardin, who warranted a tip 5 finish for his really initial time.

Montrealer Jesse Lazare, who is some-more informed with absolute continuation while racing a McLaren GT as opposite to a most batch Nissan Micra S foe cars, done his grand entrance in a Nissan Micra Cup this past weekend. Lazare competed on interest of a MIA (Motorsports In Action) team, with whom he races endurance. He entered in sequence to knowledge a fun compared with pushing in a Nissan Micra Cup, though certified to being astounded by a competitiveness of a series.  Qualifying in seventh, he fought an superb foe and challenged a other drivers for a mark during a front of a pack.  He finished in sixth place overall, forward of a top-ranking comparison category competitor, Normand Boyer, Australian Keishi Ayukai, Frédéric Bernier and Englishman Jake Exton, who was fastest among a novices.

Sunday was only as thrilling, with a tip 10 neck and neck from a start right by until a final lap. Qualifying in stick position, Kevin King led a initial few laps before Olivier Bédard and Stefan Rzadzinski took a lead forward of him. Rzadzinski eventually won, in front of Bédard and King. Starting on a initial line beside King, Jesse Lazare finished his really initial Nissan Micra Cup foe weekend in fourth place. Senior category personality Normand Boyer primarily finished in fifth place, though due to a penalty, was pushed behind to seventh place. As a result, Valérie Limoges came in fifth place, forward of Stéfan Gauthier, Norman Boyer, Frédéric Bernier, Jake Exton (once again tip beginner finisher) and Marc-Antoine Cardin.

After his occurrence a night before, Xavier Coupal was forced to pledge a foe and was separated from a conflict for a title. With dual clever lectern finished, Kevin King is still fighting for a championship pretension opposite Olivier Bédard, who leads a championship. The final foe weekend of a deteriorate is set to be action-packed, with a conflict for a altogether pretension as good as for a beginner category honours between Jake Exton, Vincent Doyle and Nicolas Barrette. In a comparison class, Normand Boyer already binds adequate of a lead to explain a title.

The subsequent eventuality will take place in 3 weeks as a array presents a grand culmination of a 2017 deteriorate during a Circuit Mont-Tremblant, in Québec. The normal Fall Classic will attract an considerable throng to top off a Nissan Mica Cup’s 2017 championship. Two races will be hold during a foe weekend on Sep 23 and 24.  Motorsports fans, Nissan Micra owners, and a open in ubiquitous are invited and are certain to declare an action-packed competition. More sum can be found on a Nissan Micra Cup website during  

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