An talk with BMW Motorsport Junior Nico Menzel: “I am vital my dream.”

Munich. The BMW Motorsport Junior Programme facilities 5 promising,
gifted youngsters in a 2017 season. They are all still in the
early stages of their growth as racing drivers, though already have
fascinating careers behind them. In a array of interviews, we present
a BMW Motorsport Juniors. First up: Nico Menzel (GER).


Now in a second year of his training, a son of racing driver
Christian Menzel (GER) is already racing frequently for BMW Motorsport.
He is contesting a finish deteriorate of a Blancpain GT Series
Endurance Cup in a BMW M6 GT3, that he shares with another BMW
Motorsport Junior, Mikkel Jensen (DEN). His programme also included
a 24-hour classics during Spa-Francorchamps (BEL) and a Nürburgring
(GER). Menzel, like a other Juniors, is also actively concerned in
a growth work on a BMW M4 GT4. This weekend, a 19-year-old
from a Eifel segment of Germany will attend a DTM eventuality during a Nürburgring.


Nico, does being a son of a racing motorist meant that you
automatically turn a racing motorist yourself?

Nico Menzel: “No, not automatically. Some fathers try to encourage
their sons to go into engine racing – maybe to realize a odd
emptied dream or dual with a assistance of their sons. we am happy that
that was not a box for me. My father always said: ‘If we want, we am
happy to do that with you.’ we apparently grew adult with motorsport and
accompanied my father to many of his races. He always kept a option
open for me, but, for a prolonged time, we had no desire. However, during some
indicate we said: ‘Let’s go karting.’ That worked out well. we started in
a youth category in Kerpen and it all grown from there. Just
given my father is a racing motorist does not meant that we also have to
go down that line. we done that preference myself.”


Do we infrequently ask your father for advice?

Menzel: “He has apparently upheld me via my tour so far.
Despite that, we try to plough a career paths on a own. If we have
any questions, we can ask him. However, it is not a box that we only
have one subject of review any day during home, and racing is all we
discuss. Like in other families, we mostly discuss about football. My
favourite bar Hamburger SV, that is going by something of a
predicament during a moment, is indeed a subject of review some-more often
than motorsport. Basically, my father allows me to do my possess thing,
though monitoring my any step.”


You have mostly been a youngest in your racing series. Has
that done your career easier or some-more difficult?

Menzel: “It has not done it any easier, as a other drivers always
had during slightest one or dual years some-more knowledge than me. But that has
always been a box for me. we have had to come by my father’s
tough school. He customarily threw me true in during a low end, that I
did not always find so good during a time. In hindsight, however, you
have to contend that it is a best approach to learn, and that we always gear
yourself towards a comparison and some-more gifted kids that way. That is
how we schooled to reason my own.”


Do we have a purpose indication in motorsport? Or outward motorsport?

Menzel: “My motorsport purpose indication is Fernando Alonso. That still
creates me a bit of a singular multiply in Germany. All my peers supported
Sebastian Vettel or Michael Schumacher. Why Alonso? Because he has
frequency ever had a best car, though has still mostly been in contention
for a universe championship title, and given he always keeps fighting
right to a sour end. That is a profitable characteristic, even in
situations that competence during initial seem hopeless. Another purpose indication is
unequivocally Alex Zanardi. He is another instance of how we can achieve
anything if we have a willpower. Alex is utterly simply a purpose model
for life – for everyone, not only for racing drivers. What he has come
through, a approach he deals with that today, his clarity of humour and his
liking for life are hugely impressive.”


How did we come into hit with BMW?

Menzel: “I gathering in a BMW Talent Cup in 2013. That was my first
year in engine racing, and a initial time we came into hit with BMW.
We have confirmed that hit ever since. After a good initial year in
a Porsche Carrera Cup, in that we finished third in 2015, we received
a call and went to Munich for a meeting. We afterwards gathering a BMW M235i
Racing during a Junior Shootout in Dijon and, obviously, we was good
adequate to be supposed onto a Junior programme. That was a dream, as
everybody wants to expostulate for a manufacturer during some indicate though initial as
a Junior gives we a event to maybe turn a unchanging works
motorist someday serve down a line. Jesse Krohn has shown that this
is possible. As such, this has been a large step in my career so far.”


What does a BMW Motorsport Junior programme entail?

Menzel: “We are upheld both on and off a track, and are given a
programme during a start of a year. For me, it is a Blancpain GT
Series Endurance Cup this year. The best GT drivers in a universe drive
in that series, so it is a unequivocally tighten competition. On tip of that, I
have other jobs, like operative on a growth of a new BMW M4
GT4. That provides good insights, given we are operative with a
bureau group and can learn a lot. Even as a 19-year-old lad, we can
still do my bit to assistance urge a patron car. Furthermore, BMW
allows us to competition during a unequivocally top level. That is fantastic. Not
everybody gets a possibility to expostulate such good cars. Away from the
track, there is a aptness stay any year. That allows we to explore
your possess boundary and to continue your development. Not everybody gets
these opportunities. It is all unequivocally professional.”


How is your attribute with a other Juniors?

Menzel: “I share a automobile with Mikkel Jensen in a Blancpain GT Series.
We get on unequivocally good and have famous any other for years, as we keep
entrance opposite a same people in opposite motorsport classes. We are
a group and expostulate a same car. You could contend that we are also rivals,
though we can't see it that way. We wish to pierce a group and a car
forward, so we try to element any other as good as possible. We
are wholly open, in sequence to pull one another and assistance a Junior
programme, BMW and a team.”


What do we get adult to when we are not behind a circle of a
racing car?

Menzel: “I did my Abitur (German school-leaving examinations) this
year, and followed that by doing an instructor training march during the
pushing reserve centre during a Nürburgring. we work there during a moment.
However, we still intend to investigate whenever my motorsport career allows
it, in sequence to have something to tumble behind on. Ideally, we would like
to investigate medicine – maybe something to do with sports medicine.
We’ll have to see when that competence be possible. At a moment, BMW has
given me a good programme and we am, in principle, vital my dream.
However, that does not meant that we should not have a devise B.”


How would we report your impression in 3 difference – both on
and off a track?

Menzel: “I would say: positive, dynamic and focussed.”


Racing aside, what are we good at?

Menzel: “I am good during doing impersonations. We have a lot of fun with
any other doing that. we don’t have one stand-out impersonation – we am
indeed unequivocally rather good.”


What has been a best impulse of your career so distant – and what
was your misfortune moment?

Menzel: “The best impulse was winning a championship in final year’s
Carrera Cup Asia, and also being supposed on a BMW Motorsport Junior
programme. 2014 was bad. It was a unequivocally formidable year for me in what
used to be Formula ADAC. Nothing seemed to work out. Sometimes you
have years like that. However, we have to contend that, nonetheless it was a
unequivocally unsatisfactory time during first, we trust that we schooled an awful
lot, generally from these situations – maybe some-more than in successful years.”


Do we have a sold idea for your career?

Menzel: “As we am with a good manufacturer during a moment, my idea is
apparently to acquire myself a permanent place in a patrol of drivers at
BMW Motorsport. we am fully-focussed on operative towards that.”