Nissan: JD Promotion & Compétition and Nissan applaud a initial Micra Cup deteriorate and announce enlargement to Ontario

Mississauga, ON – Last night in Montreal, JD Promotion Compétition and Nissan distinguished a initial deteriorate of a Nissan Micra Cup with a celebration eventuality for those concerned in creation a initial deteriorate a success – drivers and their teams, a array organizers and staff from Nissan Canada. At a eventuality Christian Meunier, boss of Nissan Canada, announced that for a second season, a array will enhance to Ontario, flourishing to 8 foe weekends, with 3 of these function in Ontario and 5 in Quebec.

“We knew a Nissan Micra Cup was a good thought though a turn of fad and unrestrained for a series, as good as seductiveness in participating, distant exceeded a expectations,” pronounced Meunier. “The affordability of a array captivated a different organisation of drivers in a initial season, and demonstrated that it’s not usually a good overpass from karting to automobile racing, though it’s also a array for those who always dreamt of racing. Adding races and expanding to Ontario will attract even some-more drivers to a series, and will concede us to denote a fun and affordability of Micra to some-more Canadians!”

With twin races any weekend, there will be a sum of 16 races over a march of a 2016 season, 10 in Quebec and 6 in Ontario. For a championship, 12 races for any motorist will be enclosed in their personal total. The full foe calendar and some-more specific sum for scoring will be announced during a after date.

“The success and seductiveness in a Nissan Micra Cup valid Canadians are inspired for spec array racing and this speedy us to enhance a array subsequent year with some-more races, though also over Quebec’s borders, into Ontario,” pronounced Jacques Deshaies, owners of JD Promotion Compétition and a array promoter. “Even before announcing this expansion, we have a array of new drivers meddlesome in participating subsequent year, so we expect some-more cars, and even some-more excitement, on a track.”

The Nissan Micra Cup launched in 2015 as Canada’s many affordable racing series, with all a drivers use identical, roughly batch Nissan Micra S foe cars charity trustworthiness and fun, behind a wheel. Six adrenaline-packed weekends and 12 fantastic races, motionless who would be crowned a really initial champion in a story of a series. This pretension was warranted by a immature Québecker Olivier Bédard, who saw a tip of a lectern 5 of a 12 rounds.

Olivier Bédard’s well-developed opening in a Micra Cup held a Canadian motorsport village by storm. The 18-year-old Micra Cup champion was recently bestowed with a prestigious Gilles-Villeneuve Trophy, presented by Auto Sport Québec (the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile’s member in a segment of Québec). Created in 1982, a Gilles-Villeneuve Trophy symbolizes a competitiveness and value of a Québec motorist on a track, all year long. 2015 winner, Olivier Bédard, follows in a footsteps of other drivers who have noted a story of Canadian motorsport.

“The preference to enhance to Ontario is a covenant to a efforts of all those concerned in Québec – JD Promotion Compétition, a drivers, their teams, a array organizers, and my possess group during Nissan. we honour them all on their partial in bringing sparkling and affordable racing to Canada, and we can’t wait to start a 2016 season,” resolved Meunier.

More sum on a 2016 Micra Cup calendar to come in a winter.

About a Nissan Micra Cup

Sanctioned by Auto Sport Québec (ASQ) and presented by JD Promotion Compétition with a support of Nissan Canada, a 2015 Nissan Micra Cup exclusively featured a batch Micra 1.6 S M/T indication with teenager modifications, including NISMO cessation – to describe it race-ready.

Unlike many motorsport events, any competing Nissan Micra foe car had a accurate same specifications, ensuing in a foe that truly suggested a many learned drivers. The 2015 Nissan Micra Cup foe vehicles were versed with a Nissan Micra’s batch 1.6-litre DOHC 4-cylinder engine with twin fuel injection and Twin CVTC (Continuously Variable Timing Control) and batch 5-speed primer transmission. More than 25 Nissan Micras competed on any foe weekend that enclosed twin hours of lane time consisting of: a 30-minute trial, a 30-minute subordinate event and twin 30-minute races.

Young karting drivers, a normal Canadian looking for an entrance indicate into motorsport competition, or anyone who wants to knowledge a rush of adrenaline fundamental with racing cars are all befitting to this series. In summary, a Nissan Micra Cup is for people who are ardent about motorsports, wish to knowledge all a fun and thrills of racing, though but spending towering amounts of money.

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About a Nissan Micra
In 2014, a Nissan Micra returned to Canada after 23 years as an all-new model, charity Canadians unbeatable value with a lowest starting Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) in Canada during $9,998. One object that sets a 2015 Micra detached is a agility. Micra is easy to expostulate and park, interjection to glorious all-round prominence and branch radius, electric energy steering and a energy to weight ratio that surprises. Powering a front-wheel expostulate Micra is a DOHC 1.6-litre 4-cylinder engine rated during 109 horsepower @ 6,000 rpm and 107 lb-ft. of torque @ 4,400 rpm.


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