New micromobility concepts for increasing sustainability in civic traffic: BMW Group awards licenses to partner companies CUBE and SoFlow.

Munich. BMW Group is providing uninformed procedure with two
innovative micromobility concepts for emission-free civic mobility,
cleverly rethought for increasing sustainability in civic traffic.
These concepts are being implemented in partnership with partner
companies CUBE and SoFlow. Official communication of a licenses
awarded by a BMW Group to a dual partners will be done during
Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA) Mobility 2021, that takes
place from 7th to 12th Sep in Munich.


The CUBE Concept Dynamic Cargo desirous by BMW is a compact,
three-wheeled load bike judgment that combines high lively with
stretchable use options and increasing year-round suitability. It also
boasts a variable-use loading height with innovative attachments for
transporting loads and/or children as good as for convenience activities.


The SoFlow Concept CLEVER COMMUTE desirous by BMW facilities an
ergonomic pattern suitable for bland use, glorious roving stability
and intensely compress distance when packaged up. It provides a new
mixed-mobility option; a innovative ‘public float mode’ creates it
easy to incorporate float on open float into longer journeys.
Ideal for park ride, a minimal distance when packaged creates it ideal
for carrying in a automobile boot.


In a purpose as a reward provider for particular mobility, BMW Group
is actively assisting to emanate a liveable city of a future. Its
proceed to mobility also looks over a company’s core business. 
The BMW Group has presented a array of innovative micromobility
solutions to a open in a past.


The CUBE Concept Dynamic Cargo desirous by BMW:

the ideal multiple of cycling pleasure, lively and safety.

The CUBE Concept Dynamic Cargo desirous by BMW is a initial dynamic
‘pick-up’ load bike concept. The pivotal member of a three-wheeled
automobile is a front categorical frame, that is connected to a rear
territory around a concentration spindle and tilts in corners. It stays stable
by all corners but sloping towards a road. This combines
with a electrified powertrain – that is activated as shortly as the
supplement starts to pedal and drives a dual back wheels – creation the
load bike only as easy to float as a customary bicycle. As good as
producing distant incomparable roving fortitude in all continue conditions
compared to two-wheeler designs, a back wheels with their rigid,
non-pivoting spindle ascent also yield a basement for a versatile,
pick-up-style float platform. This can be propitious with a selection
of innovative modular attachments for carrying luggage and/or
children. The modular pattern element paves a approach for many some-more use
cases, too. The non-pivoting pattern of a float height has the
additional advantage that a supplement is hardly wakeful of any additional weight
being carried, enabling safe, fast transport of all loads.

Andreas Foti, CUBE CEO:

“The mobility of a destiny is one of a pivotal hurdles of our
time. The e-bike is one of only a few intensity solutions to have
determined themselves. We wish to be actively concerned in designing
and implementing new mobility solutions. Inspired by a thought from
BMW, we have put all a imagination into a expansion of a load bike
that is suitable for array production. We have total an
ultra-compact, stretchable and protected trike that can be used and enjoyed by
anyone. The electrical support enables stretchable usage, even outside
civic spaces, while a compress pattern is light and easy to manoeuvre.
The stretchable float options also make it probable to transport
roughly anything.”

The SoFlow Concept CLEVER COMMUTE desirous by BMW:

flexible e-scooter for multimodal mobility.

With a SoFlow Concept CLEVER COMMUTE desirous by BMW, a BMW Group
is now presenting an e-scooter judgment that folds simply for carrying
on open float and/or by automobile but compromising riding
fortitude in any way.


In ‘public float mode’, a footboard folds adult during a sides and
a back circle pivots into a ensuing orifice from below. This
resource shortens a wheelbase of a e-scooter almost so
that it can even be carried on an escalator but difficulty. This
is an critical requirement if a tour includes underground
float routes.


It can also be rolled along on both wheels in this mode, rather like
a trolley case. And a front wheel’s constituent heart engine provides an
electric incentive that creates it easier to pull a SoFlow Concept
CLEVER COMMUTE desirous by BMW adult ramps in this mode. The compact
measure of a e-scooter when folded adult means that it should be
probable to take it on all forms of open float giveaway of charge.


The SoFlow Concept CLEVER COMMUTE desirous by BMW can be folded adult to
a distance that fits simply into tiny automobile boots, with incomparable boots
means to accommodate several of them for family outings. In a BMW
Group range, this means that a SoFlow Concept CLEVER COMMUTE
desirous by BMW fits into luggage compartments lengthways from a 3
Series upwards, for example, but any need to overlay down a rear
backrest, and it can be carried crossways in MINI boots.


With a singular product characteristics, a SoFlow Concept CLEVER
COMMUTE desirous by BMW is a versatile messenger in a city and
allows any tour to be finished quickly, safely and easily. Its
transformability creates it a truly ideal resolution for multimodal travel.


Manuel Hug, Co-founder and CEO of SoFlow AG:

“The renewed partnership with a BMW Group represents an
superb section in a SoFlow success story, as we have already
perceived a permit to use a BMW ‘Personal Mover’ concept. Now we
can move a imagination to bear for a latest expansion in a area
of micro e-mobility vehicles, a SoFlow Concept CLEVER COMMUTE
desirous by BMW. We are looking brazen to removing this innovative
judgment on a highway soon.”


Head of Vehicle Concepts in a BMW Group’s New Technologies
and China division

: “In a purpose as a reward provider for individual
mobility, a BMW Group is actively assisting to emanate a liveable
city of a future. With courtesy to a solid boost in traffic
firmness in city centres, concepts for micromobility automobile can make a
poignant grant to improving a interconnectedness of urban
mobility. That is because we are deliberately looking over a company’s
core business. The BMW Group has already presented innovative
micromobility solutions to a open in a past, including a BMW
Motorrad X2City, a Personal Mover Concept and a BMW Vision E³ Way
towering highway concept. With a Concept Dynamic Cargo and a Concept
CLEVER COMMUTE, a engineers are once again demonstrating their
ability to send imagination from a automotive zone to concepts
for micromobility vehicles. With courtesy to vehicles/concepts outside
of a core business, awarding licenses to partners from a relevant
attention to expostulate doing has so distant valid to be most
fit and an appealing choice for both parties. We are therefore
gay to have resolved contracts with CUBE and SoFlow.”


Both concepts will be presented in a organic state during IAA
Mobility 2021, that is holding place during a company’s domicile in
Munich for a initial time. Visitors will be means to see a CUBE
Concept Dynamic Cargo desirous by BMW being driven along the
streetscape and it will also be presented during several BMW IAA locations:

– At a BMW Group ‘Summit’ mount during a Munich muster centre.

– In a heart of a city, in a BMW ‘Open Space’ during the
Bavarian State Opera House, Max-Joseph-Platz.
– In and around BMW Welt.


Testing opportunities for media representatives.


On 7th September, media member will have the
disdainful eventuality to take a CUBE Concept Dynamic Cargo
desirous by BMW for an active exam float and accept more
The vehicles will be released during a BMW Welt
Double Cone (Am Olympiapark 1, Munich), between 08:30 and 18:00. No
allege registration is required. 


In further to this disdainful media event, it will also be possible
for media member to exam a CUBE Concept Dynamic Cargo
desirous by BMW during a rest of a muster week. This is
probable from Tuesday 7th Sep to Sunday 12th Sep during BMW
Welt, and also during a BMW ‘Open Space’ during Max-Joseph-Platz. Please
register directly with CUBE staff during those locations. 



CUBE Bikes


CUBE was founded in 1993 by Marcus Pürner in Waldershof, in the
Fichtel Mountains of Germany, and stays an owner-operated association to
this day. CUBE has stayed constant to a strange location, gripping pace
with continual expansion in some-more than 60 countries by adding over 1000
members of staff to turn an critical informal employer.


From removing a pedals relocating on a approach to work in a morning, to
a grin peeping out from underneath a helmet on a approach home, or the
beads of persperate during competition: we make bikes that consolidate pure
cycling pleasure and concede us to demeanour over a setting – and we love
roving them too. We are assured that bicycles can yield a solution
to some of a world’s some-more formidable problems – from
environmentally-friendly trade to some-more flexible, safer mobility for
all – and a portfolio now boasts over 350 models.


New ideas keep a universe moving, so we never stop operative on
ourselves and on building a ideal bike. Driven by a aspiration
to get a limit out of each bike, a expansion group is
constantly questioning how to urge materials and constructions
and optimise prolongation processes. Smart innovations, ingenious
technology, optimal element composition, total with creative
applications that fit a dictated purpose – we put a heart, soul
and imagination into each bike. Aero-optimised bikes for a Tour de
France, sobriety bikes for a DH-Worldcup, light bikes for young
riders, bland bikes, furloughed bikes or new mobility solutions for
civic spaces, we concentration on all forms of mobility on dual wheels.
Alongside probably all product forms in a e-bike and bike areas, we
also offer a extensive collection of attire and accessories.





SoFlow AG was founded in Switzerland in 2015, to yield mobility
solutions for a ‘last mile’. The association designs, develops and
produces high-quality, innovative micro e-mobility vehicles such as
e-scooters and e-boards for a operation of applications. SoFlow has the
prophesy of creation e-mobility products permitted to all, providing
everybody with a eventuality to select a means of transport that
matches their lifestyle and allows them to get from A to B. They can
minister to safeguarding a sourroundings with emission-free vehicles
during a same time.