MOTUL Petit Le Mans during Road Atlanta: The BMW M8 GTE creates it farewell coming in North America.

Munich. This Saturday outlines a finish of an era. After four
successful years, a BMW M8 GTE will competition a final competition during the
MOTUL Petit Le Mans continuation classical during Road Atlanta (USA). BMW
Team RLL has competed with a BMW M8 GTE in a North American IMSA
WeatherTech SportsCar Championship given 2018. During these four
years, a group has claimed 5 wins and a sum of 25 podium
finishes with a car. The undisputed highlights were a two
back-to-back GTLM victories during a 24 Hours of Daytona (USA) in 2019
and 2020. They also won a Driver, Team and Manufacturer titles in
a GTLM difficulty in final year’s IMSA Michelin Endurance Cup.


And so it is time for a farewell performance. BMW Team RLL will
once again run dual MOTUL BMW M8 GTEs in a ten-hour MOTUL Petit Le
Mans competition on Saturday 13th November. The #24 automobile will be co-driven by
John Edwards (USA), Jesse Krohn (FIN) and Augusto Farfus (BRA). Their
team-mates Connor De Phillippi (USA), Bruno Spengler (CAN) and Philipp
Eng (AUT) will swap during a circle of a #25 MOTUL BMW M8 GTE. The
MOTUL Petit Le Mans is a fourth and final continuation competition of a 2021
IMSA season. The pretension counterclaim in a IMSA Michelin Endurance Cup is
still probable in a Driver, Team and Manufacturer competitions. In
credentials for a race, BMW Team RLL attended dual successful tests
during Road Atlanta.


Turner Motorsport runs a BMW M6 GT3 in a GTD difficulty again. The
group distinguished a Petit Le Mans GTD feat in 2019. This coming
weekend, a a #96 BMW M6 GT3 will be co-driven by racing legend,
BMW establishment and IMSA record leader Bill Auberlen (USA), Robby
Foley (USA) and Aidan Read (AUS).


Turner Motorsport competes in a final competition of this season’s IMSA
Michelin Pilot Challenge on Friday 12th November. Auberlen
and his team-mate Dillon Machavern (USA) lead a GS difficulty in a #95
BMW M4 GT4 going into a deteriorate finale. Foley shares a cockpit of
a #96 BMW M4 GT4 with Vincent Barletta (USA). They now lie
third in a GS class.


Farewell, and acquire to a future.

The farewell coming of a BMW M8 GTE also outlines a start of the
future. The new BMW M4 GT3, that will take to a lane all over the
universe as BMW M Motorsport’s new GT flagship from 2022, will be on
arrangement in a Fan Zone during a racetrack during a weekend.


Quotes brazen of a MOTUL Petit Le Mans:


Bobby Rahal (Team Principal BMW Team RLL): “Our
racing programme with a BMW M8 GTE positively was a good plan for
us. Winning a 24 Hours of Daytona not once, though twice has to be the
highlight. And to be means to win it dual years in a quarrel is a tremendous
criticism about a BMW M8 GTE. We’ve had a lot of unequivocally good races
with it. The M8 has been a fanciful automobile for us to competition and it was
unequivocally good finished in terms of a pattern of it to start with that I
consider is because it has been successful. All in all we have to demeanour back
fondly during a module story with a BMW M8 GTE and would like to
finish on a high note with feat during Petit Le Mans.”  


John Edwards (BMW Team RLL, #24 MOTUL BMW M8
“It’s been a prolonged mangle for us given Watkins Glen, so
I’m prickly to get behind to racing! Last year’s Petit Le Mans proved
a BMW M8 GTE was discerning during Road Atlanta, though we sadly watched a win
trip by a fingers in a final half hour after a prototype
shoved Augusto off. This year we have a small additional proclivity to
take what was ours final year and finish a final competition for a BMW M8 GTE
with a win! The M8 has given us some good performances over the
years, though by distant my many noted competition with a automobile will always be
a 2020 Rolex 24 during Daytona, privately my triple army Sunday
morning. The Porsches had valid to be discerning in a night, though as the
lane temp started rising with a object resplendent on it, a M8 came
alive. we had a good conflict with one of a Porsches, roughly touching
during 180mph as we fought for a lead. It was a many mentally
burdensome army I’ve driven in a competition and a stakes were as high as
they could get! We pulled off a win that day to give a BMW M8 GTE
a second Daytona win in a quarrel and valid that 2019 was no fluke. We
will skip a M8!”


Jesse Krohn (BMW Team RLL, #24 MOTUL BMW M8
“Road Atlanta has been a good place for us in a last
integrate of years. We were unequivocally tighten to winning a competition final year so
we know a automobile can do it as prolonged as we govern a purify race. It will
be a final competition for a BMW M8 GTE so we will try to suffer every
impulse of it, and it would be overwhelming to send a automobile to retirement
with one final win. It has been a payoff to have been a partial of the
GTLM plan with a BMW M8 GTE for a past 4 years with BMW Team
RLL and we have a lot of memories that we will delight forever. The
many critical being a win during a 2020 Daytona 24h and being the
motorist bringing it home and flitting a mottled dwindle after 24h of
tighten racing. The automobile is a beast, and we will for certain skip pushing it.”


Augusto Farfus (BMW Team RLL, #24 MOTUL BMW M8
“This will be a unequivocally romantic competition for all of us as it
is a finish of a BMW M8 GTE era. Of course, we would all like to
finish with a automobile as high on a lectern as we can. Last year, we led
until a final few minutes, finishing third after removing pushed off
a circuit. Most importantly, we wish to appreciate BMW for a opportunity
to competition such a smashing automobile in a good series.”


Bruno Spengler (BMW Team RLL, #25 MOTUL BMW M8 GTE):
“Road Atlanta has matched a BMW M8 GTE in past races so hopefully we
will be in a position to quarrel for a good finish for a car’s final
race. In fact, my best memory of a automobile is winning a six-hour race
during a lane with Connor in 2020. GTE has been a special category. The
cars are good to expostulate with super tyres and no ABS. It reminded me a
bit of a DTM automobile – with reduction downforce.”


Connor De Phillippi (BMW Team RLL, #25 MOTUL BMW M8
“Petit will be a final send off for a BMW M8 GTE
and we know she is prepared to go out in style. We had dual good exam days
and a group came unequivocally tighten to winning a competition final year. Road
Atlanta suits a automobile good and we know if we run a mistake giveaway race,
we should have a shot to quarrel for a win one final time. The M8 program
will perpetually have a special place in my heart given it was my first
bureau bid with BMW. The many noted win together was
unequivocally a Rolex 24 during Daytona in 2019. It was a unequivocally emotional
win for not usually BMW as a code though also for myself with my family in
assemblage to see such a apex impulse in my career. It has been
4 illusory years with highs and lows, though it has been some of the
many fun I’ve had in motorsport. we will skip a GTLM epoch greatly, but
we trust a destiny of a motorsport programmes is unequivocally bright.”


Philipp Eng (BMW Team RLL, #25 MOTUL BMW M8 GTE):
“Petit Le Mans is one of my deteriorate highlights; a lane is one of the
best worldwide. We have been contrast during Road Atlanta and were pushing
a automobile forward. we would unequivocally wish that we can have a double victory
during Petit Le Mans and concentration on winning a Michelin Endurance Cup. BMW
Team RLL and everybody concerned would unequivocally merit this success.”