Free2Move Reveals New Signature: ‘Move With Your Time’

November 8, 2021

, Auburn Hills, Mich.

Launched in 2016, a Free2Move code currently deployed a new code signature, “move with your time.” The new temperament of Free2Move reflects a code DNA, that is to “simply mobility for all a customers.” The brand’s expansion is a new step after 5 years of continual growth.

Positive and optimistic, a new Free2Move signature reaffirms a brand’s values and joining to consolidate a code focused on a customers’ mobility needs:

  • Fresh: consolidate a well-being
  • Dynamic: henceforth elaborating and one-step ahead

This new take on code temperament embraces a judgment of a Mobility Hub, highlighted by a circles in a Free2Move logo. At a same time, giving a new energetic to a brand, it clarifies a 3 patron universes by holding into comment a changing mobility needs: a immature is used to designate a flourishing significance of tolerable mobility and a transition to electric cars. It comes to heighten a already existent slope representing both veteran and private customers.

“I am gay to exhibit this new temperament and positioning for a brand. It reflects both who we are currently and who we aspire to be tomorrow. Positive and optimistic, Free2Move aims to consolidate a code intentionally focused on a mobility of a customers. It is reaffirming a position as a personality in a digital mutation of a mobility sector, formulating tolerable value for all,” pronounced Philippe Brun, executive of tellurian selling and communication, Free2Move.

Finally, this new temperament serve reinforces a “tech-focused” and “user centric” values embraced by Free2Move and keeps a guarantee to facilitate mobility for a customers. Free2Move is constantly reinventing itself and building to accommodate a needs of a private and veteran customers, in Europe and in a United States: “Move with your time.”

Free2Move is a usually tellurian mobility code charity a finish and singular ecosystem for a private and veteran business around a world. Relying on information and technology, Free2Move puts a patron knowledge during a heart of a business to reinvent mobility. Free2Move offers a operation of services to prove a mixed transport needs of a business from one notation to several days or months with car-sharing service, short, middle or long-term let as good as a reservation of VTC drivers, parking spaces and charging stations around a app. Free2Move Mobility in figure worldwide: 2 million customers, 450,000 let vehicles, 500,000 parking spaces, 250,000 charging points (in Europe).