Mercedes-Benz expands partnership with ESL.

“We are gay that Mercedes-Benz will continue to support us actively as a partner”, says Ralf Reichert, CEO of ESL. “This partnership is a finish success and we were means to accomplish most already. With a additional graduation of inhabitant competitions around a globe, Mercedes-Benz supports a efforts to emanate an esports height for everybody following a ‘from 0 to favourite concept’. We will serve allege a esports zone together with Mercedes-Benz and are fostering a tolerable expansion of this new and sparkling sport.”

Mercedes-Benz has published a video shave on YouTube, that gets to a heart of a chronological growth of gaming as good as of a Mercedes-Benz brand: “Pong”, a first-ever video game, is projected onto a 450 SEL from a 1970s, before a automobile and a diversion console go on a tour by time towards a benefaction together.