When it comes to hunting tornados, you can’t hesitate. For professional tornado hunter Ricky Forbes, it’s his quick thinking, incredible reflexes, and trust in the team’s EcoBoost F-150 that keeps the entire team safe from Nature’s wrath. As the driver for team Tornado Hunter, it’s Ricky’s job to safely get in and out of danger zones. This means off-roading, quick turns, and driving in high-pressure situations. Storm direction is unpredictable and they can turn on a dime without warning.

The Tornado Hunters have made some modifications to their F-150 for safety reasons, but when it comes to chasing storms and getting in and out of dangerous situations, it’s Ricky behind the wheel. He’s put on over 150,000km, crossed 3 provinces, and 12 states, and he’s caught over 40 tornados since joining the team in 2012.

“It’s our office on wheels, it’s our bed on some road trips, and when we get into the action, it’s our protection”

– Ricky Forbes

It’s his trust in the team’s F-150, accurately named Flash, that gives him the confidence that he can keep the team safe no matter the situation. So when storms turn without warning, when debris is flying towards them, when the conditions are so bad he can barely see, Ricky can rely on the truck.

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