When it comes to sport tornados, we can’t hesitate. For veteran hurricane hunter Ricky Forbes, it’s his discerning thinking, implausible reflexes, and trust in a team’s EcoBoost F-150 that keeps a whole group protected from Nature’s wrath. As a motorist for group Tornado Hunter, it’s Ricky’s pursuit to safely get in and out of risk zones. This means off-roading, discerning turns, and pushing in high-pressure situations. Storm instruction is indeterminate and they can spin on a dime though warning.

The Tornado Hunters have done some modifications to their F-150 for reserve reasons, though when it comes to chasing storms and removing in and out of dangerous situations, it’s Ricky behind a wheel. He’s put on over 150,000km, crossed 3 provinces, and 12 states, and he’s held over 40 tornados given fasten a group in 2012.

“It’s a bureau on wheels, it’s a bed on some highway trips, and when we get into a action, it’s a protection”

– Ricky Forbes

It’s his trust in a team’s F-150, accurately named Flash, that gives him a certainty that he can keep a group protected no matter a situation. So when storms spin though warning, when waste is drifting towards them, when a conditions are so bad he can hardly see, Ricky can rest on a truck.

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