ŠKODA sales grew by 18.8 per cent in July

ŠKODA augmenting a deliveries by 18.8 per cent in Jul to 82,800 vehicles (July 2013: 69,700 deliveries). It was a best Jul in ŠKODA’s association story and during a same time a strongest monthly commission boost in 2014. The code grew by 26 per cent in Western Europe, by 17.3 per cent in China. Sales total for a new ŠKODA Octavia also continued to rise positively, augmenting by around 30 per cent in Western Europe.

“ŠKODA has done a really good start in a second half of a year and continued a record expansion of a initial 6 months,” says Werner Eichhorn, ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing. “The best Jul of all time and a expansion in roughly all sales regions endorse a expansion strategy. With a new ŠKODA Fabia, a biggest indication debate in a story will continue with a genuine sensation,” says Eichhorn.

At this year’s Paris Motor Show during a start of October, a code will benefaction a new ŠKODA Fabia for a initial time. The totally redeveloped Fabia is a immature and romantic tiny automobile with a clearly honed demeanour and offset proportions. This month a new ŠKODA Octavia Scout will be launched onto a market.

In a stating month of July, ŠKODA grew by some-more than a entertain in Western Europe. The code delivered 33,400 vehicles, that is an boost of 26 per cent (July 2013: 26,500). The marketplace share in this segment grew to 3.4 per cent by a finish of July. The code achieved two-digit expansion in roughly all of a Western European markets. In Germany, sales augmenting by 24.4 per cent in Jul to 12,000 vehicles, permitting ŠKODA to strengthen a position as a strongest import brand. In a UK, a manufacturer augmenting deliveries by 22.9 per cent to 6,100. In a Netherlands ŠKODA doubled a sales to 1,300 vehicles.

ŠKODA also available two-digit expansion in France (1,800 vehicles; an boost of 15.5 per cent), in Austria (1,600 vehicles; an boost of 13.6 per cent), in Spain (1,500 vehicles; an boost of 29.2 per cent), in Switzerland (1,500 vehicles; an boost of 34.8 per cent), in Italy (1,200 vehicles; an boost of 31.4 per cent), in Ireland (1,100 vehicles; an boost of 74.7 per cent), in Belgium (1,100 vehicles; an boost of 77.7 per cent), in Sweden (1,000 vehicles; an boost of 31.5 per cent) and in Norway (700 vehicles; an boost of 29.7 per cent).

In Eastern Europe, ŠKODA augmenting deliveries in Jul by 4.1 per cent to 10,400 vehicles (July 2013: 10,000). In Russia, a code sole 7,100 vehicles, a expansion rate of 3.8 per cent. In roughly all other Eastern European countries, deliveries to business increased. There was two-digit expansion in Romania (700 vehicles; an boost of 69.8 per cent), in Serbia (600 vehicles; an boost of 68.2 per cent), in Kazakhstan (600 vehicles; an boost of 58.5 per cent), in a Baltic states (500 vehicles; an boost of 23.5 per cent), in Bulgaria (200 vehicles; an boost of 57.8 per cent), as good as in Bosnia (100 vehicles; an boost of 15.7 per cent).

In Central Europe, ŠKODA deliveries grew by 24.9 per cent to 11,900 vehicles (July 2013: 9,500). In a home marketplace of a Czech Republic, a manufacturer sole around 1,000 vehicles some-more than in a same month of a prior year and, with 5,600 vehicles delivered, achieved an boost of 22.5 per cent (July 2013: 4,500). ŠKODA is also good on a approach in Poland (3,500 vehicles; an boost of 37.2 per cent), in Slovakia (1,400 vehicles; an boost of 16.3 per cent) and Slovenia (500 vehicles; an boost of 80.4 per cent).

ŠKODA was means to boost severely in a strongest singular marketplace of China. Deliveries in Jul grew by 17.3 per cent to 21,100 vehicles (July 2013: 18,000). The code also achieved high expansion rates in Israel (1,400 vehicles; an boost of 24.4 per cent), in Algeria (1,200 vehicles; an boost of 55.7 per cent) and in Australia (400 vehicles; an boost of 26 per cent). ŠKODA sole 1,100 vehicles in India in Jul (July 2013: 1,700).

Deliveries of a ŠKODA code to business in Jul 2014 (in units, rounded, by models; +/- in per cent compared to a same month of a prior year):

ŠKODA Octavia (29,600; +7.3 %)

ŠKODA Fabia (12,400; -22.3 %)

ŠKODA Superb (7,600; +3.7 %)

ŠKODA Yeti (8,100; +59.4 %)

ŠKODA Roomster (2,400; -6.5 %)

ŠKODA Rapid (19,400; +156.9 %)

ŠKODA Citigo (only sole in Europe: 3,300; -10.2 %)