Live from Neckarsulm, live on Audi MediaTV: The 124th AUDI AG Annual General Meeting

124th Annual General Meeting of AUDI AG
at the Audi Forum Neckarsulm
at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 16, 2013

You can also incorporate the Annual General Meeting as a live stream into your website. Audi Communications’ Facebook page ( will feature a live stream as well.

Broadcasters can use the downlink to record the press conference; please see below for satellite coordinates. TV footage is available on, as are photos and videos. In addition, an overview of all content is in the Audi Newsroom at

For more information, contact Frank Erik Horlbeck at TV Communications (, Tel.: +49 841 89-37568). Audi Communications can provide on-site technical assistance with TV, online and radio productions.

Information for TV stations
Satellite broadcast of Audi shareholders’ meeting 2013

Europe/ Middle East –  live HD feed
Date: 16-May, 2013
Time: 09.45 – 11.30 CET ( = 07.45 – 09.30 UTC/GMT)
Live feed to start at appx 10.00 CET (= 08.00 UTC/GMT)
Satellite open from 09.45 CET ( = 07.45 UTC/GMT)
Satellites: EUT 7A – at  7° East
Txp. F04 Channel DE+ 18MHz  ku slot
Downlink Frequency: 12.622,803 MHZ
Downlink Polarisation: vertical (Y)
Encoding: MPEG2/ 4:2:2 / DVB-S2 / 8PSK modulation / 25%  roll off
SR 14.400 msym/sec
FEC 3/4  clear key – pilot off !!!
Video Standard: 1080i / 50Hz  HD  feed
Audio: Ch 1: original show mix   
Ch 2: English commentary guide
Ch 3: tba
Ch 4: tba

Trouble No. at SNG +49-170-56 950 82