It was an exciting day for Jack Palazzolo, Ford Canada’s Vice President of Marketing, as he proudly introduced the Ford Atlas Concept to Canada in the heart of truck country at the Edmonton Motor Show.

For several decades, Ford has been a leader in trucks with the world famous F-Series, and the new Atlas Concept is an extension of that history. Pairing tried and tested design concepts from previous Ford truck models with new technologies and performance-enhancing features, the engineers at Ford have created a concept vehicle that has truck enthusiasts excited about the future of the brand and their trucks.


The Atlas Concept presents amazing features like Trailer Backup Assist and Dynamic Hitch Assist to make towing and parking easier and more efficient. There’s also a 360 degree camera and centre screen display that allows drivers a bird’s eye view of their truck and surroundings in all situations. With these additions to the quality and performance that Ford trucks have always been known for, it’s no wonder truck lovers are looking forward to what the Atlas Concept is bringing to the table. For a more comprehensive look at the concept’s features, check out our blog post on the future of pick-ups.

Built Ford Tough

Upon unveiling Atlas to the truck country crowd, Palazzolo offered these words about what it will deliver: “A preview of innovations that will transform what people expect from pickup trucks in the future, the Altas Concept showcases Built Ford Tough with design, capability, fuel efficiency and smart technology.”

However, the engineers at Ford did not stop there. Fuel efficiency remains a concern for all drivers and with that in mind, Atlas wowed the crowd with its active grille, wheel shutters and power-deployable front spoiler and running boards that change the look of the truck. All this while making it more aerodynamic as you tow or cruise down the highway.

“My first reaction to the Ford Atlas is I’m really impressed with the aerodynamic improvements, the active aero, the smooth underbody, (and) the active wheel shutters,” offered Peter Dushenski of Add to all of that the next-generation twin-turbocharged EcoBoost engine and this truck is definitely more than just a good-looking package to be excited about.

Excitement abounds

The energy at the Ford Canada booth in Edmonton was infectious with people vying for a look at the Atlas Concept and asking when they will be seeing these new features on their Ford trucks.

When you’ve been building the best trucks in the world for several decades, it may seem that it can be hard to get too excited about the latest models and developments. But with Atlas, there is warranted excitement for both truck lovers and members of the Ford family.

Paul Letourneau, of, may have said it best when he told us, “I think there’s going to be a lot of guys that love this truck.”

We totally agree with Paul and can’t wait to see the Atlas Concept continue to drum up the same reactions and excitement from truck lovers all over the country!