Like father, like son: accommodate a Liebs

Weissach is initial mentioned in central annals in a year 1100 and again in 1254 – though a municipality usually became famous in a 20th century when Porsche built a exam lane there. Today, a site serves as a development, pattern and exam centre for prolongation and racing cars and accommodates 4,000 employees.

Pfaffenhausen in Lower Allgäu is even older. The city can be traced right behind to a eighth century. A still and willing place, with a lot of cultivation and some manufacturing, it is also Porsche country. Or, to be some-more precise, RUF country, given it was here that Alois Ruf comparison non-stop a stuffing hire and seminar in 1939. A BMW dealership was combined in a midst 1950s, only during a time when BMW was hovering between a Isetta and vast eight-cylinder cars. Ruf’s son, also named Alois, fell in adore with a Porsche code as a immature child and given 1981 he has constructed mutated versions of a cars underneath his possess name, offering them all over a world. However, distant fewer employees work for him on construction, upkeep and replacement of a Porsche vehicles. The nation roads and circuitously motorway act as his exam lane – as do competition circuits all over a world.

Every day, Hans-Peter Lieb sits behind many Porsche steering wheels – as seminar manager during Alois Ruf, he is unequivocally informed with all a models. But when his son comes to Pfaffenhausen with his association Carrera, he is even some-more attentive.

Opposites attract: a stream grey Carrera 4S and a yellow RUF BTR in CTR demeanour – these are a worlds of Marc and Hans-Peter Lieb.

At home anywhere: Marc Lieb doesn’t caring about lane or continue conditions – “With a Carrera 4S we can get anywhere, and flattering quickly.”

Hans-Peter Lieb works as a seminar director for Alois Ruf here in a Allgäu region. “I too am dyed-in-the nap Porsche,” he says. “I started during Porsche as an apprentice. we initial worked in a seminar in Werk 1, and afterwards in a highway contrast department, before going to technical college to validate as a master mechanic. But Porsche afterwards had a employing freeze, that meant that we supposed an offer from Uwe Gemballa and worked on a high-end tuner’s vehicles for dual years. Many of his vehicles were formed on Porsche cars, and their mutated engines were granted by Alois Ruf.”

Look, Dad: in this configuration, a Carrera 4S goes another 10 km/h faster – a possibilities for articulate about Porsche and a models are roughly unlimited.

In 1988, this hit led to an offer from Ruf, who was looking for an gifted master mechanic. As a result, a family changed to Pfaffenhausen with their afterwards eight-year-old son, Marc. Here, a child became increasingly preoccupied by cars, carrying sat in a kart for a initial time during a age of five: “I started pushing a automobile for a initial time in a seminar yard – and we sat behind a circle of a Porsche for a initial time here after many trips in a newcomer seat,” says Lieb junior.

A family that loves and drives Porsche: grandfather Hans Lieb, father Hans-Peter Lieb and son Marc Lieb with his sons Benedict and Jonathan.

The family always had a good seductiveness in motorsport. Lieb comparison also dreamt of apropos a racing driver, “but a income was never there for that. And who knows either we would have been unequivocally fast?” he says. It was therefore a happy fluke that his son was meddlesome in motorsport. “He was always unequivocally quick, and we enjoyed utterly a lot of success in karting,” remembers a unapproachable father. In 1994, afterwards aged 14, Marc finished second in a ADAC Junior Kart Championship, and “we suspicion afterwards about either and where we wanted to race, given income was still tight”. The preference to competition in Renault Formula 1800 was done in 1996. After finishing second in a championship in 1997, he done a jump to Renault Formula 2000 in 1998.

“We had indeed finished with motorsport – though afterwards came a Porsche Junior Sighting. Marc raced in a Carrera Cup and won a championship dual years later.”
Hans-Peter Lieb

“In 1999 we had unequivocally given adult on motorsport – we had spent a income approaching from a pensions and life word policies. We would have favourite to take partial in Formula Three, though we no longer had a funds. The trade light was on red,” remembers Hans-Peter, adding that A-levels had to come first. By this time a family had changed to Leonberg, where he was employed as seminar manager by Thomas Behringer, trainer of a Techart association founded in 1987. Behringer betrothed that he could take caring of his teenage son’s racing career, mouth-watering him to expostulate during a lane any Thursday dusk and to demeanour after a racing car, as good as organising sponsors.

A well-rehearsed team: Hans-Peter and Marc Lieb both adore racing and Porsche.

By 1999 word about Marc’s ability on a lane was removing turn and Porsche invited a 19-year-old to take partial in a youth motorist preference process. He was speckled by Burkhard Bechtel, who had worked as a lane announcer and a TV commentator in a Porsche Carrera Cup given 1992. “I had seen how discerning Marc Lieb was in Formula Renault even with defective material,” recalls Bechtel, who swayed Porsche to take a immature racer on. Marc went on to expostulate in a Porsche Carrera Cup for 3 years, became Champion in 2002 and afterwards perceived a agreement as a Porsche works driver.

“Studying and racing during a same time? Both with success? we still consternation currently how Marc managed that.”
Hans-Peter Lieb

It was during this time that Porsche started growth of a new racing car: a RS Spyder. Built from 2005 to 2008, it would grasp countless victories and titles. Porsche offering a younger Lieb a possibility to attend in growth of a car. “It was an offer that substantially everybody would have taken,” says his father but, to his surprise, Marc incited a entice down and instead sealed adult to investigate automotive engineering during a Esslingen University of Applied Sciences – with a support of Porsche. He successfully graduated as an operative with a topic on a theme of differential locks. The fact that he still gathering races during a top turn during these years, winning many victories and titles, creates his career even some-more impressive. Studying and racing during a same time? Both with success? “I still consternation currently how Marc managed that,” smiles his father.

The demeanour behind during a successful racing life that finished with a Le Mans feat in 2016. Before that, Marc Lieb won several titles and became FIA World Endurance Champion in 2016. Today, he is in assign of “International Customer Sport Northern Europe” during Porsche.

Winning luck: after 384 laps and 5,233.536 kilometres driven, Marc Lieb, Romain Dumas and Neel Jani finish a 24 Hours of Le Mans as winners on 19 Jun 2016.

With no serve investigate obligations, Lieb youth participated in growth of a 911 GT3 R Hybrid and a 918 Spyder, in that he finished a path of a Nürburgring Nordschleife in a time of 6:57 mins in 2013. It is a expostulate that everybody should take a time to watch on YouTube. However, a prominence of his career would be a 2016 Le Mans feat with a Porsche 919 Hybrid after 11 attempts. It was with this prominence that Marc Lieb finished his career. “I have a family and a illusory pursuit during Porsche as Head of Motorsport Sales North Europe, and I’m spasmodic authorised to expostulate a company’s new and ancestral racing cars,” he says. And his father? “I take caring of Alois Ruf’s smashing cars and am gay during how good Marc has found his approach by life.”


Author: Jürgen Lewandowski

Photographer: Markus Bolsinger

Text initial published in a Porsche Klassik Magazine, No. 19.

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