Audi Hungaria for a tolerable future

“At Audi Hungary, it is a faith that mercantile success and environmental insurance are inseparable. This is because it is intensely critical for us to make a products increasingly environmentally accessible and to invariably revoke a ecological footprint of a activities. we am unapproachable to contend that a association has reached an critical miracle on a highway to a “Mission:Zero” idea and has been CO neutral given 2020. But we wish to grasp even some-more than that. In this spirit, we have assimilated a Audi Group’s Environment Week, during that we inspire a staff to be environmentally conscious. We are consciously relocating brazen on a trail to sustainability”, Alfons Dintner, Chairman of a Board of Management of AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt. said.

At Audi Hungaria, sustainability is not only an objective, though an essential mindset that determines a company’s day-to-day operations. In this spirit, a association creates efforts each day to strengthen a sourroundings and invariably revoke a CO footprint: Since 2020, Audi Hungaria has been CO neutral. The company’s decarbonisation efforts have focused on 3 categorical areas. The initial post was a switch to immature energy, achieved by a 160,000-square-metre rooftop solar system, a largest in Europe, and by switching to renewable electricity. The second post was a use of Earth’s energy: some-more than 70 percent of a company’s feverishness appetite use is sourced from renewable geothermal energy. Audi Hungaria offsets any CO2 emissions that now can't be avoided, such as in a box of engine exam benches, by internationally recognized and certified certificates, a supposed CO credits. This is a third pillar, that corresponds to 5 percent of a company’s CO dioxide emissions.

In addition, a association operates climate-neutral “green trains” between Ingolstadt, Brussels, and Győr. As a subsequent milestone, on 1 Jul a association started a Aluminium Closed Loop project. As partial of a Aluminium Closed Loop, a aluminium rubbish generated during production, following resourceful collection by alloy, is shipped behind to a retailer who uses these bits to furnish aluminium coils of matching quality, that are afterwards shipped behind to Audi. This formula in a sealed loop of aluminium. The Aluminium Closed Loop reduces a use of aluminium as a primary tender element by recycling a aluminium rubbish generated in a press emporium as a delegate tender element in a strange quality. Recycling but deteriorating peculiarity helps cars start a use proviso of their life cycle with a some-more enlightened environmental balance. The prolongation of aluminium as a delegate tender element reduces appetite expenditure by 95 percent compared to a prolongation as a primary tender material.

Audi Hungaria is also committed to preserving a farrago of wildlife. As partial of a “Mission:Zero” environmental programme, it triggers a series of projects in support of biodiversity with a purpose of bringing a Győr prolongation plant even closer to nature. The association tends to roughly 3.3 million block metres of immature space by unwavering management, thereby augmenting a biodiversity of a plant area. The association has recently assimilated a “we4bee” beekeeping investigate plan upheld by a Audi Environmental Foundation, as partial of that it has combined a intelligent hive versed with high-tech sensors to a possess apiary handling on a plant premises.