Largest ever trainee intake starts with Bentley

Bentley Motors has welcomed 139 graduates, apprentices and industrial chain students this week, a company’s top intake in history.

The new recruits cover roles in each Bentley department, from engineering to manufacturing, and sales and selling to tellurian resources. All new trainees will start with a grave induction, before commencing their particular programmes.

Welcoming a new recruits, Marlies Rogait, Member of a Board for Human Resources during Bentley Motors, said: “I join a rest of a business in welcoming a new trainees to Bentley and we feel unapproachable that this is a largest ever intake, demonstrating a loyalty and fasten to skills growth and investing in a talent of a future.

“These programmes will give them a plain substructure on that to build a skills and believe compulsory to turn learned professionals and experts in their selected field.”

Bentley has combined over 1,000 jobs in a past dual years and was recently named as a Top Employer for a fourth uninterrupted year, praised for a concentration on skills growth within a workforce.

Annabelle Wain, who assimilated this week as an neophyte operative in a prolongation department, commented: “I’m unequivocally gratified to be fasten Bentley and start a subsequent step in my career. I’ve review all about a new SUV, Bentley Bentayga and after a initial time in a classroom as partial of a apprenticeship, we can’t wait to get started operative on a new car.”

The tutelage programme offers an useful approach of gaining recognized education while endeavour pivotal training during Bentley, for 3 or 4 years, contingent on that area a neophyte is operative in.

The infancy of apprentices will be endeavour a prolongation programme, training skills within areas such as wood, leather, paint and mechatronics. The initial year of their programme will be fanciful training during South Cheshire College, before operative in unsentimental areas of prolongation during Bentley.

Bentley’s connoisseur intrigue is a dual year growth programme where recruits are given a event to work on business projects, operative in a specific department, or opposite a series of functions.

The industrial chain intrigue offers a 12-month growth programme focused on undergraduate grade students looking to finish a year out in attention as partial of their studies.

Recruitment for a subsequent intake of graduates will start after this month, with neophyte and industrial chain positions open in Mar 2016. Further sum can be found during

The 139 trainee intake includes 27 graduates, 63 apprentices and 49 industrial chain students.
Bentley Motors is a many sought after oppulance automobile code in a world. The company’s domicile in Crewe is home to all of a operations including design, RD, engineering and prolongation of a company’s 3 indication lines, Continental, Flying Spur and Mulsanne. The multiple of excellent craftsmanship, regulating skills that have been handed down by generations, alongside engineering imagination and cutting-edge record is singular to UK oppulance automobile brands such as Bentley. It is also an instance of high-value British prolongation during a best. Bentley employs around 3,800 people during Crewe.