Interview with Maximilian Günther: “What we achieved as a group in Santiago means an awful lot to me”.

Munich. Maximilian Günther (GER) warranted his place in the
story books in a ABB FIA Formula E Championship with feat at
a Santiago E-Prix (CHI). In an interview, a youngest Formula E
leader ever discusses a eventful race, his mental strength, the
reasons behind a clever start to a deteriorate for a BMW i Andretti
Motorsport Team, and his goals for a deteriorate and a entrance years. 


Maximilian, how many messages did we accept in a initial few
days after your win in Santiago?


Maximilian Günther: “A heck of a lot. It took a few
days to get around to responding them all.”
Now you’ve had time to reflect, how do we rate your success?


Günther: “I am still positively delighted,
quite as we suffer examination a footage of a competition and reliving
a emotions time and again. As we pronounced loyal after a race, the
feat was a dream come loyal for me. What we achieved as a group in
Santiago means an awful lot to me. One year ago, we had to take a break
from my Formula E career after a competition in Santiago. To now win,
twelve months later, during a same venue, shows that we was right to keep
desiring in myself, operative hard, and adhering to my guns.”
What does it meant to we to be a youngest leader in the
story of Formula E?


Günther: “It is really cold to see my name on the
tip of this record list, nonetheless it goes though observant that a win,
a 25 points and a trophy, with that we associate all those
illusory emotions, are some-more vicious to me. Let’s see how prolonged I
reason that record for.”
After a intensely sparkling shutting stages of a race, BMW
Group Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt praised a approach we drove
so “maturely and calmly”. How were a final laps in a cockpit for you?


Günther: “The final 10 laps were really intense, for
several reasons. You had a heat, that meant we had to be very
clever about appetite government and a heat of a batteries.
The volume of competition time remaining meant that, for a prolonged time, it was
capricious either or not we would have to expostulate another lap. As such,
we were on a radio a lot deliberating a strategy. Then António Félix
da Costa came attack adult behind me, since he and his group had
apparently banked on not carrying to do an additional lap. When he upheld me
with an assertive manoeuvre, we stayed ease and strong on how I
could still win a race, as it was transparent to me that a emanate of
heat was some-more vicious for António than it was for me. we did
not give up, stayed with him and, fortunately, was means to counter
decisively on a final lap.”
Is a ability to stay ease one of your biggest strengths?


Günther: “I trust we am really good during doing my own
thing and focussing on myself. That positively helped me in such a
difficult and chaotic race. However, that does not usually go for me
personally. As an whole team, we focussed usually on removing a best
out of a competition conditions for us. That worked out superbly.”
In your opinion, what was a pivotal to your win?


Günther: “There were several factors. Firstly, the
timing of a second ATTACK MODE was perfect. we was means to overtake
both Pascal Wehrlein and Mitch Evans and take a lead. That gave me
dual essential advantages. we had a transparent lane forward of me, that meant
a batteries were cooled better, and we was means to expostulate a little
some-more economically and so go easy on a battery for a few laps. That
paid dividends in a shutting stages. Then there was a outstanding
communication with my competition engineer. we am really happy that we
know any other so well, even after a brief time we have been
in a team. We have both worked really tough on that in new months.
We trust any other implicitly.”
Generally speaking, how happy do we feel in a BMW i
Andretti Motorsport Team?


Günther: “Right from a initial test, we have felt
intensely happy in a group and have staid in really quickly. From the
word go, we felt my biggest charge was, as fast as possible, to get on
so good with any member of a group that we are means to work
together during a top probable level. We are creation good swell in
that regard, though there is really still room for improvement. After
all, that was usually my third competition for a team. It is apparently great
to be rewarded so early for a tough work with a win.”
How would we explain a considerable start to a deteriorate for
BMW i Andretti Motorsport?


Günther: “Several factors play a part. For one thing,
BMW i Motorsport and a Andretti group element any other very
well. Everyone contributes as good as probable with their own
sold strengths. Then, a knowledge that a group gained as a
works outfit in Season 5 positively also plays a role. Furthermore, the
guys in Munich are doing a mega pursuit building a drivetrain.
Alexander Sims and we also have a good attribute and are really open
with any other when it comes to pity a experiences. All the
jigsaw pieces are entrance together really easily during a moment.”
What are your goals for a rest of a season?


Günther: “My idea for this deteriorate is to continue on
a trail we have embarked on. We contingency concentration on ourselves, do our
homework, and so urge invariably over a march of a season.
We contingency wait and see what that brings us come a finish of a season.
In a middle and prolonged term, my idea is to win a pretension in Formula E.
That does not have to be this deteriorate but, generally speaking, that is
what we aspire to.”