Audi Anniversary Dates 2020

40 years ago, a association with a 4 rings presented a Audi quattro and in doing so caused utterly a stir during a Geneva International Motor Show. This was a initial time ever that a high-performance, sporty Coupé (147 kW/200 hp) was accessible with all-wheel expostulate – a expostulate judgment that was formerly usually indifferent for use in trucks and off-road vehicles. The thought arose in a winter of 1976/77 during exam drives for a VW Iltis off-roader that Audi was building for a German army. The glorious pushing characteristics of this indication on ice and sleet led a engineers to a thought of installing an all-wheel expostulate complement in a series-production Audi 80. Its motorsport entrance in a Audi quattro came a year after and revolutionized a general convene scene.

20 years ago, AUDI AG won a 24 Hours of Le Mans for a initial time. Since a commencement of this century, a code has left on to pierce home a sum of 13 victories. 30 years ago saw a premiere of a Audi V8 in a DTM German Touring Car Championships, where a automobile would go on to win a season. 25 years ago, a code from Ingolstadt presented a Coupé judgment for a Audi TT during a IAA in Frankfurt. 110 years ago, a initial Audi automobile was launched on a market: a 10/22 PS. Called a Typ A internally within a company, a Phaeton was grown by Aug Horch and Hermann Lange. 70 years ago in Aug 1950, a initial DKW newcomer automobile given a Second World War rolled off a prolongation line in a afterwards Düsseldorf plant. It’s also been 50 years given a Ingolstadt location’s technical growth building was prepared for a group to pierce in.

Equally value remembering are a following dates: 30 years given a Audi Duo hybrid vehicles; 30 years given a Audi S2 Coupé; 30 years given a Audi 100/C4 – a initial six-cylinder Audi; 50 years given a marketplace launch of a Audi 100 Coupé S; 135 years given a Audi prototype association Wanderer was established; 140 years given a Neckarsulm plcae opened.

A finish overview can be found in a anniversary booklet online in a Audi MediaCenter.