Did you know that March 8 is International Women’s Day? This date on the calendar is marked each year as a time to recognize the achievements and progress of women across the globe.

In honour of this day, I decided to write about the Ford Flex, a crossover that’s a friend to many hard-working mothers like myself. Versatile, comfortable, and – most importantly – spacious, the Flex has all the qualities needed for family life.

Stay cool

Mothers like me are most happy when our children are content. And keeping kids content, quiet and well fed, is most important when a mom is behind the wheel. An exciting feature that helps with this is the Refrigerated Console.

An available option on the Flex Limited, this “fridge” is located between the second row bucket seats. It’s perfect for storing snacks and drinks, keeping them cool or even frozen, if need be. As well, most importantly, it will prevent children from constantly asking, “Mom, can we stop and get something to eat? I’m hungry.”

The Flex’s Refrigerated Console is a handy helper for moms.

Be safe

I look at myself as a true momma bear. I’m very protective of my kids and keeping them safe is like an animal instinct to me. The Flex is loaded with safety features to keep the mind at ease, including:

  • Inflatable Safety Belts – Available on all models, this feature on the second row of seats is designed to limit harm during a collision. The Safety Belts distribute crash force energy across the body more than traditional belts, which reduces the risk of injury and provides support to the head and neck. Soft and comfortable to use, these belts are also compatible with child seats.

Be spontaneous

The Flex’s versatility offers me the chance to surprise the children. Are the kids off from school for the week? Then why not head out on a road trip? The Flex adapts to all situations, even those that weren’t planned. With the PowerFold 3rd-Row Seat with Tailgate Feature, you’ll be able to easily bring along anything you need. Being a neat freak, I love that the Flex’s space allows me to keep everything organized and in its proper place.

Also, the Navigation system will provide you with directions, so you can just get in the Flex and go.

Be simple

As a mom, I often have a lot on my plate, so simplicity is welcome in my life. Whether it’s easy-to-prepare meals or stores where I can find everything I need, saving time is a must for me. The Flex offers features that can help in this category:

  • Intelligent Access With Push-Button Start – This feature makes entering the Flex extremely simple. With the Intelligent Access key in my pocket or purse, I just walk up to the driver’s side door and pull the handle. The system senses when the key is nearby, so I don’t have to worry about fumbling with it. I can even unlock all of the Flex’s doors, if I please.

Be in control

Equipped on all Flexes, MyKey technology allows drivers to program keys so that two members of a household can share the vehicle and still have their personal settings take effect when driving.

Perfect for mothers who share the vehicle with teenagers, this feature actually encourages safe driving habits. Moms can restrict the Flex’s top speed at 105 km/h, for example, and even limit the sound system’s maximum volume. (This means no speeding on the highway with the music blasting!)

MyKey also enables mothers to set alerts when seat belts aren’t fastened or the fuel tank gets low. Hopefully this ensures that when my kids grow into teenagers and take the Flex out, they never return home without filling up!

Are you a mother who drives a Ford Flex? Share your story in the comments section and we could feature you on the Blog!