Hyundai Motor Company Invests in Autotalks to Develop Connectivity Technology for Increased Road Safety

07/02/2018, Seoul

  • Hyundai Motor and Autotalks will combine to rise a subsequent era V2X chipset for connected cars
  • V2X record improves automobile and highway safety, mobility and is critical for unconstrained driving 

SEOUL, Jul 2, 2018 –
Hyundai Motor announced currently a critical partnership with Autotalks, a heading record association specialized in a production of Vehicle to Everything (V2X) communication chipsets. Hyundai Motor forms a critical partnership with Autotalks by a approach investment to accelerate a growth and deployment of a subsequent era chipset for connected cars. 

V2X record allows vehicles to promulgate with one another, with other highway users and highway infrastructure, enhancing highway reserve and mobility. The categorical concentration of any V2X resolution is safety. As a arguable non-line-of-sight sensor operative in all environments and continue conditions, it helps forestall highway collisions and equivocate dangerous situations. In manned vehicles, V2X systems communicate critical information to a motorist in a form of alerts and notifications and can also induce a automobile in dangerous situations. In unconstrained vehicles, V2X complements existent sensors, permitting them to make some-more sensitive decisions as good as easing their communication with other highway users. 

“Connectivity is one of a core technologies that can be practical to intelligent city business models, as good as unconstrained pushing and infotainment,” pronounced Yunseong Hwang, executive of open creation business organisation during Hyundai Motor Company. He added, “Hyundai Motor will continue to deposit in disruptive technologies that are in line with Hyundai’s stream and destiny critical pillars.” 

Hagai Zyss, CEO of Autotalks, commented, “Having a tip tellurian automobile manufacturer such as Hyundai deposit directly in Autotalks is not usually a opinion of certainty in a company, though a covenant to a flourishing V2X market. Hyundai’s office of cutting-edge communication and reserve technologies is a ideal compare with Autotalks’ heading V2X capabilities. The appropriation from Hyundai will fuel Autotalks’ record roadmap as good as support a business and partners all over a globe.

” Hyundai is expanding partnerships in a connectivity margin to serve strengthen connectivity record critical to unconstrained pushing and try new business opportunities within intelligent city infrastructure.