Hyundai Motor and H2 Energy Will Bring a World’s First Fleet of Fuel Cell Electric Truck into Commercial Operation


  • Hyundai Motor, in team-work with H2 Energy, to yield 1,000 fuel dungeon electric trucks to Swiss blurb car market, commencement 2019 by to 2023
  • Hyundai serve expands a tellurian care in a margin of fuel dungeon record with skeleton to commercialize fuel dungeon electric trucks for a initial time in a world
  • New fuel dungeon electric lorry approaching to ride a operation of approximately 400km in real-life pushing conditions
  • The lorry boasts a particular pattern fitting of an eco-friendly vehicle

Hanover, Sept. 19, 2018
— Hyundai Motor Company now endorsed during a ‘IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018’ in Hanover that it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Swiss hydrogen association H2 Energy (H2E). Beginning in 2019 and over a 5 year duration Hyundai Motor and H2 Energy will yield 1,000 heavy-duty fuel dungeon electric trucks and an adequate supply sequence for renewable hydrogen.  

With a introduction of a world’s initial mass-produced fuel dungeon electric vehicle, a Tucson Fuel Cell in 2013, and a recover of a world’s heading FCEV, NEXO in 2018, a supply of a swift of fuel dungeon electric trucks to H2 Energy outlines Hyundai Motor’s initial enlargement of a FCEV care into a eco-friendly blurb car sector. 

The MOU signing rite took place in a IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018 exhibition’s gathering core and was attended by pivotal people from any company, including Hyundai Motor’s Executive Vice President and Head of Commercial Vehicle Division, In Cheol Lee, as good as Chairman of H2E, Rolf Huber.

“We are nonetheless again advancing a margin of fuel dungeon record in a automotive attention with today’s proclamation of a aspiration to commercialize a fuel dungeon electric lorry for a initial time in a world” pronounced Executive Vice President In Cheol Lee. “We will continue to find opportunities for expanding into other markets by delicately monitoring mixed factors such as fueling infrastructure and bureaucratic policies.”

The fuel dungeon electric lorry is being grown according to European regulations. It facilities a new 190kW hydrogen fuel dungeon complement with dual fuel dungeon systems connected in parallel, also a underline of NEXO. It is approaching to broach a single-fueling ride operation of approximately 400km, and in sequence to secure sufficient range, 8 vast hydrogen tanks are being compactly installed, utilizing areas such as between a cabin and a firm body.

The fuel dungeon electric lorry boasts a particular design. It is presented in a elementary and purify pattern that is also aerodynamically efficient, and facilities a spoiler and side protector.  

The front grille symbolizes hydrogen by geometric shapes, giving a car a singular and absolute look. The car emanates an eco-friendly demeanour with a blue tone focus and a confidant side physique striking on a container, that also visualizes a energetic character.

H2 Energy is a association specialized in a prolongation and supply of renewable hydrogen in Switzerland, with business subsidiaries in Germany, Norway and Austria. The association is gifted in a hurl out of an optimized hydrogen ecosystem, that focuses on blurb viability for all stakeholders.

H2 Energy skeleton to make Hyundai’s fuel dungeon electric trucks accessible to a Swiss business starting with a dedicated members of a Swiss H2 Association, that includes several refueling-station operators, retailers and other business focusing on eco-friendly innovative solutions for logistics and products distribution.

“A tolerable hydrogen economy needs a designated ecosystem for hydrogen. This is because a partnership between Hyundai Motor, H2 Energy, a Swiss H2 Association, and Key electricity producers in Switzerland is vital and creates a lot of sense” pronounced Rolf Huber, Chairman of H2 Energy.

Fuel dungeon electric powertrain record has advantages over battery electric powertrain record in a applications to incomparable vehicles such as trucks and buses. Fuel dungeon record saves space and reduces weight as good as being some-more cost fit to request as a car distance increases. Therefore, a record is deemed to have a far-reaching array of opportunities to be employed in a blurb car field.

The tellurian direct for eco-friendly blurb vehicles is approaching to boost as eco-friendly supervision policies are enforced around a world.

To support to flourishing opportunities in a sector, Hyundai skeleton to variegate a fuel dungeon electric blurb car line-up. Currently underneath growth is a middle sized fuel dungeon electric lorry (Payload: 4~5ton) that can be used in a open services domain such as vehicles used for cleaning.

Hyundai Motor also introduced fuel dungeon electric demonstrate buses during a PyeongChang Olympics in South Korea final Feb and is now conducting a commander operation with fuel dungeon electric buses in South Korea’s vital cities, while reviewing skeleton for mass prolongation by 2020. Domestically, FCEV taxis and car-sharing services are handling on open roads in Ulsan and Gwangju.

Hyundai Motor began a world’s initial fuel dungeon electric car franchise in a United States, also ancillary a wider ride industry, including FCEV taxis, and car-sharing services to serve support a widespread of eco-friendly record usage.

Fuel dungeon electric lorry selection (4×2 load truck) *

* Vehicle underneath growth and prolongation indication selection might vary. ** FCA: Front Collision Avoidance Assist, LDW: Lane Departure Warning.




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