Fountain Valley, Calif., Aug. 8, 2016 – Hyundai is adding smartphone integrations to several some-more existent models today, around do-it-yourself designation and now has finished a rollout of smartphone formation opposite a 2017 indication year lineup. The program refurbish concordant with CarPlay and Android Auto is now accessible during no cost by ( The program will also be accessible during Hyundai dealerships national for an designation fee.

Compatible Systems


2017 Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport are now being built with both CarPlay and Android Auto support and will arrive during dealerships soon. All other 2017 indication Hyundai vehicles with authorised Display Audio or Navigation systems embody both smartphone formation solutions from launch.

“We are really gratified to be means to enhance a accessibility of multimedia complement updates to a owners of these additional vehicles,” said Barry Ratzlaff, executive director, digital business formulation and connected operations, Hyundai Motor America. “Delivering a refurbish by a owners website has proven to be an effective approach to support Hyundai owners.”

This is not a initial time Hyundai has done a program ascent accessible regulating a MyHyundai portal. In 2015, Hyundai became a initial automaker in a universe to offer Android Auto and in May 2016, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integrations were offering as an ascent for 8 existent models around Hyundai continues to offer a customer-focused user knowledge by leveraging a platform. gives business a choice to refurbish their cars for giveaway and on their possess schedules.

To finish a program upgrade, owners need their VIN series and a SD label from their Navigation system. has designation guides to travel business by a process. Consumers can entrance to do-it-yourself designation videos. The videos can be found on and a Hyundai USA YouTube channel and embody minute download and designation instructions on a software. How-to-use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto videos also are accessible on and a Hyundai USA YouTube channel.

Upgrade Times – Times are contingent on Internet speed


Dealer Fees
If a patron does not wish to finish a program download and upload procession on their own, they can take their automobile into their internal dealer. The play will assign a patron a price for a labor compulsory to implement a software.

Apple CarPlay


CarPlay is a smarter, safer and easier approach to use an iPhone® in a automobile and gives users a facilities they wish such as Phone, Messages, Music and Maps, while permitting them to stay focused on a road.

CarPlay delivers an now tangible knowledge to iPhone users that will assistance them be now informed and gentle inside their Hyundai. CarPlay support lets drivers make calls, get directions optimized for trade conditions, listen to song and entrance messages. With CarPlay, Siri provides drivers an eyes-free knowledge by responding to requests by voice commands that are simply and directly accessed by a steering wheel’s voice button. Using a Lightning connector, CarPlay works with iPhone 5 and newer models using a iOS 7.1 or aloft handling systems. The CarPlay register of upheld apps can be found during a following link:

Android Auto


Similar to CarPlay, Android Auto helps keep drivers’ eyes and courtesy on a highway by integrating a modernized driving-related functions of a user’s smartphone with a informed centralized screen, earthy controls and microphone of their car. Furthermore, a smartphone’s shade becomes “locked,” so drivers are not tempted to demeanour down and correlate with their phones directly, while Android Auto is in use.

Owners will need a Android 5.0 “Lollipop” handling complement or after and a Android Auto messenger app on their concordant phone to implement Android Auto. A micro USB wire is compulsory to bond a phone to a car’s USB port. The initial time an owners plugs his or her phone into their parked concordant Hyundai, a phone will prompt a download of a Android Auto messenger app from a Google Play store. Users of Android Auto will now commend informed Android phone applications, such as Google Maps, Google Now, messaging, phone job and Google Play Music. These applications can be tranquil by voice, steering circle controls and touchscreen. Android Auto will also offer many renouned third-party audio apps, including iHeartRadio, Spotify, TuneIn, NPR, Stitcher, Slacker, Skype, TextMe and many more. 

Eight-Inch Navigation System
Hyundai’s eight-inch navigation complement offers an extended arrangement and home shade that shows map and song information, regardless of a song source.

Blue Link®
Blue Link brings seamless connectivity directly into a automobile with record like Remote Start with Climate Control, a Monthly Vehicle Health Report, Remote Door Lock/Unlock, Car Finder and Stolen Vehicle Recovery. Remote facilities can be accessed around Hyundai’s smartphone app or Web portal. Blue Link also facilities upkeep alerts and reserve features, such as Automatic Collision Notification and SOS. The Blue Link complement uses a 4G connection. The Blue Link Connected Care package includes reserve and evidence facilities and is customary for one year on versed models.