For everybody who wants to get divided – and aim high: a AUTOHOME roof tent for a new MINI Countryman.

Munich. The new MINI Countryman arouses a suggestion of
discovery. With inexhaustible space for adult to 5 occupants and their
luggage as good as a discretionary all-wheel expostulate complement ALL4, the
latest era of a British reward brand’s all-rounder is
ideally versed for outings that go distant over a boundary of urban
mobility and asphalted roads. And in a eventuality that not usually the
highway comes to an finish though a day, too, there is now even a choice of
a place to spend a night – for wholly extemporaneous use. The Italian
dilettante AUTOHOME has stretched a product operation to embody a roof
tent that ideally matches both a demeanour of a new MINI Countryman
and a stream MINI code design.

A special book of a AirTop roof tent indication was designed in
team-work with a MINI Design Team and is now accessible directly
from a manufacturer in black or white in gripping with the
resisting colours for roof and outward counterpart caps for a new MINI
Countryman. AUTOHOME has some-more than 50 years of knowledge in
building and creation vehicle roof tents and a products are used
both in a convenience zone and on veteran expeditions.

Mounting a mobile preserve is facilitated by a customary roof
rails on a new MINI Countryman. This allows we to use the
model-specific roof rail conduit – accessible from a MINI Shop as a
MINI Original Accessory. The roof tent connection complement can be
mounted on this conduit in a few easy moves though a need for
tools. This roof rail conduit provides a plain substructure for a roof
tent attachment, that is bound stably and firmly regulating a steel
clamps included.

When closed, a roof tent is hardly discernible from a
required ride box. The aerodynamically optimised lines of its
fibre-glass housing safeguard a rebate in atmosphere insurgency and wind
noise. Opening it is simply a matter of releasing a reserve clasps –
dual during a front and one during a rear. The tent superstructure is then
automatically lifted by means of 4 gas vigour springs.

The interior tallness of a mobile accommodation section is 94
centimetres. With a fast cover and outside walls in special
high-quality fabric, a tent is not usually sleet explanation though also offers
best movement properties as good as a high turn of feverishness and
sound insulation. The facilities of a roof tent embody a high-density
mattress with string cover, dual doors and dual windows with zips,
close-meshed butterfly nets during all openings and a battery-operated LED
interior light, as good as luggage nets and pockets to reserve personal
items. A plain aluminium ladder is supposing to stand adult onto a top
building of a MINI Countryman.

With a absolute engine, a all-wheel expostulate complement ALL4 and a
available towing ability of adult to 1 800 kilograms, a new MINI
Countryman is also suitable for towing a caravan. But it is a roof
tent that ideally preserves a brand’s old element of
removing a limit space out of a smallest aspect area. The sleeping
area for all those MINI fans who wish to get divided during a day and
aim high during night measures 2.10 in length and 1.30 metres in breadth –
sufficient to accommodate outside overnight stays for two. It provides
a home for wherever a occupants of a new MINI Countryman occur to
feel gentle during any given time. Whether in a countryside, on the
beach or in a plateau – wherever a new MINI Countryman conquers
new terrain, a roof provides a tent representation in a tip location.