Honda Automobiles: Four Honda Models Hold Retail Sales Leadership

Through the first nine months of 2013, consumers nationwide have propelled Honda’s four highest-volume models to the top of their respective segments, with the Honda Accord, Civic, CR-V and Odyssey each holding the top spot in retail sales to U.S. car buyers. The Honda brand has also achieved retail market share of 16 percent during this period, according to the latest Polk registration data available through IHS Automotive. Retail sales are an important measure of product appeal, brand competitiveness and real sales momentum.

Moreover, Honda is consistently among the lowest in incentive spending in the industry, further demonstrating strong customer demand for Honda products in the marketplace.

Highlights through the first nine months of 2013 include:

Honda Accord

  • Top-selling retail mid-size car in America.
  • Top-selling retail light vehicle to younger buyers aged 18-34.
  • Top-selling retail mid-size sedan in California and New York, two of America’s largest automotive markets.
  • Double-digit retail sales growth in 44 states.
  • Year-over-year retail sales up 16.2 percent through September.
  • Accord’s retail market share in the mid-size segment is 16.6 percent.

Honda Civic

  • Top-selling compact car in America.
  • 2nd best-selling retail light vehicle (behind Accord) to young buyers aged 18-34
  • Top-selling retail compact car in 21 states, including California and New York.
  • Year-over-year retail sales up 11% through September.
  • Civic’s retail market share in the compact segment is 16.8 percent.

Honda CR-V

  • Top-selling retail compact SUV in America.
  • Top-selling retail compact SUV in 31 states including the top five retail states for compact SUVs – California, New York, Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania.
  • CR-V’s retail market share in the compact SUV segment is 14.6 percent.

Honda Odyssey

  • Top-selling minivan in America.
  • Top-selling retail minivan in 30 states.
  • Odyssey’s retail market share in the minivan segment is 31.5 percent

Executive Comment:

“Our retail sales leadership and the lowest incentive spending of any major automaker demonstrate that the core strength of the Honda brand is based on real demand from our customers,” said John Mendel, Executive Vice President of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “This retail sales leadership also means something to the customer because it is a major contributor to the low ownership cost and high resale value of Honda and Acura products, something we know that our customers appreciate and value.”

About Honda
Honda offers a complete lineup of cars and trucks through a network of more than 1,000 dealerships in the United States. Honda has more than 30 years of experience producing automobiles in the region, which began with the Accord in Marysville, Ohio, in November 1982. Having produced more than 25 million vehicles in North America through 2012 using domestic and globally sourced parts, Honda currently operates 14 major manufacturing facilities in North America, producing a wide range of Honda automobiles, all-terrain vehicles, power equipment products, engines and transmissions.

* Based on IHS Automotive, Polk new-vehicle registration data through the end of September 2013.
* Based on Honda competitive segmentation.

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