Honda Automobiles: 2016 Honda Civic Sedan Press Kit

Civic is Honda’s longest-running automotive nameplate and a largest offered indication globally. Its U.S. introduction came in 1973, when Civic was heralded for a polished pushing dynamics, peculiarity construction and world-class fuel efficiency. The insubordinate CVCC (Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion) engine debuted in Civic and cemented Honda’s place in story as a personality in powertrain innovation. Over a march of 10 generations, a Civic has invariably developed to accommodate a changing needs of Honda business in North America and around a world, and has consistently set a bar for fuel efficiency, pushing opening and pattern creation in an affordable compact-class vehicle.

Civic Quick Facts

  • Honda has constructed and sole scarcely 35 million Civics globally
  • Cumulative U.S. sales of Civic reached 10,245,020 during a finish of Aug 2015
  • Civic is a many renouned automobile in a shred with particular automobile buyers in America – and has led a shred in any particular year given 2007
  • Civic is a second many renouned automobile with under-35 U.S. automobile buyers over a past decade, surpassed usually by a Honda Accord in 2014 – Civic was a many renouned automobile with immature buyers in any particular year 2007-2013, and so distant in 2015CYTD by June. Accord is a usually automobile in a attention to have surpassed Civic with underneath 35 year olds in any particular year given 2004.
  • Approximately 75 percent of Civics sole in America given 1991 sojourn on a highway to this day; Civic is a many durable, longest-lasting automobile in a class1.
  • Nearly 7 million of a 10 million Civics sole in America have been constructed during a company’s plants in a U.S. and Canada regulating domestic and globally sourced parts.
  • North American prolongation of Civic began in 1986 in Marysville, Ohio, and has now surpassed 9 million units.

Civic U.S. Model History

1 Durability formed on longevity. Longevity formed on IHS Automotive: Polk U.S. vehicles in operation registration statistics 1992-2014 for Civic and competing models on a highway for a whole time period.

Civic Generation Images*