Honda Automobiles: 2016 Honda Civic Sedan Press Kit

The origination of this new 10th-generation Civic represents one of a many endless and desirous new-model developments ever undertaken by Honda, requiring an rare joining of RD resources and Honda engineering prowess. While a growth of a Civic Sedan was led by a North American group – a initial for Honda and Civic – a altogether Civic array involves pattern and engineering teams from Honda RD, sales and prolongation operations around a world, generally in North America and Japan, though also in Europe, South America and Asia.

In seeking to comprehend a “dynamic rejuvenation” of Civic and emanate a new interpretation “in a joining of a own,” as a growth group tangible a mission, Honda engineers set out early during tallness growth to benchmark a world’s best C-segment vehicles—not usually products in Civic’s normal rival set, though oppulance compress category vehicles such as well.

Their analysis of a world’s best products concerned endless real-world testing, eventually targeting European oppulance vehicles for a new Civic’s ride, handling, steering and NVH (noise, quivering and harshness), and also a interior peculiarity and refinement.

Achieving these lofty aims while public mandate for an affordable compress car, in terms of cost, fuel potency and manufacturability, stretched a boundary of a tellurian Civic team’s engineering capability and demanded new meditative and new approaches to physique construction, car aerodynamics, powertrain and framework design. The outcome of these efforts is a totally reimagined and reinvented new Civic, a sportiest Civic ever, and a new benchmark in a compress category in terms of spaciousness, fuel efficiency, reserve features, interior peculiarity and energetic performance.

What’s New?
Virtually all about a 2016 Civic Sedan is new – an all-new car architecture, sporty and worldly new interior and extraneous styling, a some-more atmospheric and high-quality cabin, dual modernized new engines, and a horde of new reward facilities and technologies.

Further, with a serve of Honda Sensing™ reserve and driver-assistive technologies and a initial focus of Honda turbo engine record to Civic, a 2016 Civic Sedan offers buyers a wider operation of options than ever before. Civic models powered by a new 2.0-liter i-VTEC™ engine are designated as a Civic LX and EX trims. Civic models powered by a new turbocharged 1.5-liter engine are designated as a EX-T, EX-L (with leather-trimmed interior) and new line-topping Civic Touring, that reaches aloft into a tip finish of a compress car marketplace than ever before.

Major new technologies, facilities and capabilities of a 2016 Civic Sedan, depending on trim, are as follows:


  • Turbocharged 1.5-liter DOHC direct-injected engine
  • 2.0-liter DOHC port-injected i-VTEC engine
  • Class-leading expected EPA fuel economy ratings of 31/42/35 mpg (city/highway/combined)1 for models with 1.5-liter turbo and CVT and 31/41/35 mpg1 for models with a 2.0-liter engine and CVT


  • Ultra-rigid physique with 59-percent focus of high-strength steel and 14-percent focus of ultra-high-strength steel (up from 55 percent and 1 percent, respectively, in a prior model) – a many endless use of high-tensile steel ever in a Civic
  • 68-pound rebate in unibody weight contra a prior Civic Sedan, notwithstanding a incomparable distance and incomparable stiffness
  • ACE™ physique structure with new pile-up cadence pattern (Honda and Civic first) for softened collision opening in a sportier, some-more compress front support design
  • Ultra-high-strength steel B-pillars and back support rails with selectively-tempered “soft zones” for reduced weight and extended collision opening (Civic first)
  • Ultra-rigid 590-mpa high-strength-steel building for extended collision opening and softened float peculiarity (Civic first)
  • Most firmly hermetic Civic physique ever, with a 58 percent alleviation in atmosphere trickle opening over a prior indication
  • Premium sound siege materials and pattern facilities that mix with a firmly hermetic physique for cabin serenity that hurdles luxury-class compact-segment products


  • New multi-link eccentric back cessation
  • Hydraulic correspondence bushings for reward levels of float peculiarity and highway quivering siege (Civic first)
  • Larger stabilizer bars with connected bushings for some-more polished physique control (Civic first)
  • Rigid aluminum back check brackets for softened float peculiarity (Civic first)
  • Agile Handling Assist stop torque vectoring for cornering pointing and fortitude (Civic first)
  • Dual-pinion electric appetite steering with non-static rigging ratio for softened steering feel and maneuverability (Civic first)


  • Available LED extraneous lighting
  • Complete underbody covering for fuel potency and cabin serenity
  • Flush mounted, acoustic potion windshield
  • Capless refueling


  • 97.8 cubic-feet of newcomer volume (+3.2 cubic feet vs. prior Civic Sedan) – a many atmospheric cabin in a compress class
  • New ultra-thin A-pillars for extended brazen visibility
  • Premium, soothing reason cabin materials leading stream category standards
  • Display Audio touchscreen with Android Auto2 and Apple CarPlay®3 harmony (Civic first)
  • New sloping driver’s chair pillow for softened thigh support
  • Premium comfort and preference facilities including Remote Engine start, Smart Entry with Push Button Start, electronic parking brake, dual-zone involuntary meridian control, exhilarated back seats and rain-sensing wipers

Safety and Driver Assistance

  • Honda Sensing™ reserve and driver-assistive technologies
  • Next-generation ACE™ physique structure
  • New pile-up cadence front support design
  • Ultra-rigid 590-mpa high-strength steel building for extended collision opening
  • Targeted highest-available collision opening reserve ratings – a 5 star Overall Vehicle Score in a NHTSA’s NCAP and a TOP SAFETY PICK+ from a IIHS (Civic first)

Design and Packaging
In conceptualizing a new Civic, Honda designers and engineers sought to broach a sportier and some-more premium-quality Civic that recaptures a sporty proportions and jaunty position of progressing Civics while wholly advancing Civic pattern into a future. The 2016 Civic Sedan is revoke and wider with a brief front overhang and prolonged back deck, and incomparable wheels and tires that emanate a some-more sporting wheel-to-body relationship.

Key Exterior Specifications


(See a Specifications and Features territory for all data.)

Exterior Design
The frozen and neat altogether proportions of a new Civic Sedan are complimented and accentuated by a pattern details, including a sleek, swept-back bodylines, a pointy and assertive face, and a prominent circle arches. The hood facilities neatly tangible impression lines that pull a eye brazen and down to a Civic’s assertive new face, highlighted by a chrome-plated Honda “wing” that runs a full breadth of a front fascia and is flanked by accessible new LED headlights in an in-line configuration.

The new Civic’s ultra-thin A-pillars lend a cabin an open, ethereal feeling with glorious brazen visibility, while a aggressively sloped roof line connects seamlessly with gracefully hook C-pillars that lift a span of a roof rearward to a outward back corners of a prolonged deck, where they join with particular C-shaped “light-pipe” LED taillights.

The neatly creased and curving upper-body side line swells over a back circle arches and curves aggressively central to join a tip hook of a particular LED taillights, while a upswept lower-body side line is bisected by a prominent back circle arches before tortuous central to accommodate adult with a back bumper’s tip surface. The altogether outcome is one of impetus and reward peculiarity with an observable and nonetheless wholly complicated Civic pattern aesthetic.

Interior Package
Honda’s car wrapping expertise, along with a Civic’s longer wheelbase and wider body, formula in a many atmospheric interior in a rival class. With 97.8 cubic feet of interior newcomer space, a 2016 Civic Sedan delivers top-of-class comfort by giving a occupants a clarity of expanse and reward comfort over a compress category with plenty headroom, legroom, shoulder clearway and side conduct clearance.

A category heading 84.3 degrees of brazen prominence is aided by a new, ultra-thin A-pillar design, 18.2 mm (0.72 inch) narrower than a A-pillar in a effusive 2015 Civic. Even a brazen prominence of rear-seat occupants is taken into account, as a new Civic facilities newly done front seatbacks and a smaller conduct restraint. 

More legroom for a motorist is done probable by a reduced penetration of a instrument row into a driver’s knee space, while rear-seat feet room is softened by a 27 mm (1.1 inches) wider space between a front chair rails.  Trunk room has also been significantly increased, by 2.6 cubic-feet to 15.1 cubic-feet, among a largest in a Civic class, with a revoke lift over height, incomparable back opening, and wider and taller load area than a effusive model. An all-new reconfigurable core console, with adult to 7.2 liters of storage space, can reason mixed full-size iPads or an oversized H2O bottle, with a console lid closed.

Key Interior Dimensions


(See a Specifications and Features territory for all data.)

Interior Design 
The totally new interior of a 2016 Civic Sedan is designed to compare a exciting, complicated and worldly extraneous styling while providing extended comfort, leading-edge record and class-leading quality. The 2016 Civic Sedan takes Civic interior peculiarity to a new level. High quality, soft-to-the-touch materials are practical liberally—to a instrument panel, front doorway cincture and doorway inserts and a larger, some-more thickly padded core armrest. Fit, finish and materials peculiarity via a cabin have been wholly modernized and upgraded in gripping with a some-more reward compress sedan impression of this all new Civic.

Interior Comfort, Convenience and Connectivity
The new Civic is designed to be a many comfortable, accessible and connected Civic ever. In serve to a some-more atmospheric interior, a 2016 Civic sedan incorporates new, accessible reward comfort and preference facilities – all Civic firsts – as follows:

  • Remote Engine start
  • Electronic parking brake
  • Walk Away Door Locking
  • Dual-zone involuntary meridian control
  • Adjustable driver’s-seat thigh support with 14 degrees of tilt
  • Heated front chair backs
  • Heated back chair cushions
  • Rain-sensing wipers

Display Audio with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto
Raising discerning operation and digital connectivity to a subsequent level, a 2016 Civic Sedan in EX and above trims incorporates a new 7-inch Display Audio touchscreen that serves as a haughtiness core for control of audio, HVAC and other functions. The new Display Audio is integrated with new Apple CarPlay®3 and Android Auto2 platforms, providing seamless formation of smartphone facilities and functions, including app-based navigation, streaming audio, voice-controlled hunt capabilities, and entrance to a horde of Apple- or Google-approved smartphone apps.

Dynamic Performance
Civic is designed to set a new bar for energetic opening in a mainstream compress class, leading stream offerings and even severe luxury-class C-segment vehicles in vicious areas of energetic opening such as steering feel, doing precision, float peculiarity and NVH. With honour to a mainstream, compact-class competitors, Civic is designed to broach aloft energetic opening in probably each way, including acceleration and braking performance, polished and linear appetite delivery, fuel efficiency, steering precision, physique control, aerodynamics and NVH. Every component of a pattern and record has been optimized to this task.

Powering a 2016 Civic Sedan are dual all-new engines, both designed to yield rarely refined, manageable and fuel-efficient performance. Civic Sedans in LX and EX trim are powered by a 2.0-liter DOHC, 16-valve, port-injected, inline 4-cylinder engine with i-VTEC™ valvetrain producing a rise 158 hp during 6,500 rpm and 138 lb-ft. of torque during 4,200 rpm, creation it a many absolute bottom engine ever offering in Civic. The new 2.0-liter engine is corresponding to a sporty invariably non-static smoothness (CVT) with Honda G-Design change control, or a quick-shifting 6-speed primer transmission.

Civic Sedans in EX-T, EX-L and Touring trim are powered by an all-new turbocharged 1.5-liter DOHC, direct-injected and inline 4-cylinder engine with non-static cam timing (VTC) and electronic rubbish gate, branch out 174 hp during 5,500 rpm and rise torque of 162 lb-ft. from 1,800 to 5,500 rpm. The 1.5-liter turbo engine is corresponding to a new CVT that combines with a low-inertia turbo, VTC and electronic rubbish embankment to optimize appetite smoothness opposite a engine’s full doing range.

Both engines underline a far-reaching array of friction-reduction pattern and engineering facilities that support both high opening and high fuel efficiency.  These dual ultra-efficient engines, married to a 2016 Civic’s light, firm and rarely aerodynamic body, assistance a Civic hoard expected class-leading EPA-estimated fuel economy ratings of 31/41/35 mpg (city/highway/combined)1 for a 2.0-liter engine with CVT and 31/42/35 mpg1 for a 1.5-liter turbo with CVT.

The 2016 Civic Sedan’s new powertrains and worldly framework pattern are underpinned by a wholly new physique construction, where engineers went deeper in a investigate of energetic physique acerbity to comprehend an ultra-rigid tallness pattern that serves as a substructure for a some-more worldly framework design, a class-leading collision performance, and a absolute and fuel-efficient powertrains.

Global tortuous and torsional acerbity are augmenting 3.8 percent and 25.8 percent, respectively, and unibody weight is reduced by 68 pounds compared to a previous-generation Civic. Localized physique acerbity in pivotal areas, generally during cessation and subframe ascent points is dramatically improved.

Key Elements of Civic Body Design:

  • 59% focus of high-strength steel, a tip in Civic history
  • 14% focus of ultra-high-strength steel (780 mpa or higher), a tip in Civic history
  • New 590-mpa high-strength steel building for energetic and collision reserve opening (Civic first)
  • 20mm “short pitch” doorway join welds for extended collision performance
  • Next-generation ACE physique structure with new pile-up cadence front support rails (Honda first) for extended collision opening in a some-more compress front frame
  • Ultra-high-strength steel B-pillars and back support rails with selectively-tempered ‘soft zones’ for reduced weight and extended collision performance

Key Body Specifications


(See a Specifications and Features territory for all data.)

Class-Leading Aerodynamics
The new Civic’s sleeker physique pattern combines with aerodynamic features, including scarcely full underbody covering, front and back circle strakes, optimized back empty silencers and a rarely aero-efficient engine compartment, to emanate a many aerodynamically fit physique in a Civic class. The 2016 Civic Sedan’s Cd*A – a multiple of fellow of drag (Cd) and frontal area (A) – is softened by 12 percent over a effusive Civic to best-in-class levels, formed on Honda inner exam data. The Civic aero pattern was optimized regulating a multiple of modernized CFD (computation liquid dynamics), and breeze hovel contrast of rarely minute 25- and 40-percent scale models and a 1:1 full-scale model.

Building on a substructure of a ultra-rigid and lightweight physique structure, a 2016 Civic Sedan utilizes a many worldly framework pattern in a story of Civic. Its entirely eccentric cessation includes an all-new multi-link back pattern that rigidly mounted to a back subframe for a high grade of parallel stability.

Front and back hydraulic correspondence bushings, a underline typically indifferent for incomparable or some-more responsibility vehicles, are also employed for a initial time on Civic, improving float correspondence and cutting highway vibrations though compromising sporty doing feel. The new Civic Sedan also relates connected front and back stabilizer bushings for smoother and some-more on-going anti-roll behavior. And Civic’s new dual-pinion electric appetite steering with non-static rigging ratio, both Civic firsts, provides for some-more accurate steering control and steering feel—with usually 2.2 turns lock-to-lock (vs. 3.1 turns on a prior model) for severely softened low-speed maneuverability.

The new Civic Sedan’s 25mm (0.98 inch) wider line and 20mm (0.78 inch) wider tire tread, compared to prior Civic Sedan, support prosaic doing and parallel grip, while a 30mm (1.18 inch) longer wheelbase softened float peculiarity on undulating or severe highway surfaces. The Civic also relates Agile Handling Assist for a initial time, regulating a VSA4 complement to request a stop of a front inside circle during a entrance to a corner, improving cornering attitude, fortitude and precision.

Key Elements of Civic Chassis Design:

  • Dual sail electric appetite steering (Civic first)
  • Variable rigging ratio steering (Civic first)
  • Multi-link eccentric back cessation (Civic first)
  • Electronic parking stop (Civic and shred first)
  • Agile Handling Assist (Civic First)
  • Wider line (+1.9 in. front, +1.6 in. rear)
  • Wider tire step (+0.78 in. – LX)

Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH)
Engineers for a new Civic adopted reward noise-isolating materials and pattern facilities to grasp a new spin of cabin serenity in a Civic class. This includes a adoption of new methods to magnitude and revoke atmosphere leaks in a Civic physique that, formed on Honda’s inner exam data, is a many firmly hermetic physique in a rival class. Full physique atmosphere leaks have been reduced 58 percent compared to a prior Civic. 

Premium sound rebate facilities include:

  • Acoustic potion front windshield
  • Triple doorway sealing (Civic first)
  • New hood seals
  • Sound-absorbing feverishness baffles and physique undercovers
  • A, B and C post separators (Civic first)
  • New back circle residence liners
  • Formed fiber carpeting (Civic first)

Safety and Driver Assistance
The 2016 Civic Sedan is designed to yield a high spin of collision opening in a far-reaching accumulation of collision scenarios, including equivalent and oblique-angle frontal collisions, side and back impacts. The Civic’s reserve opening starts with a class-leading brazen prominence and precise, fast and predicted steering, doing and braking performance. Standard four-channel anti-lock brakes (ABS) with Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD), Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) 4 with traction control and Agile Handling Assist serve raise energetic fortitude and puncture maneuvering and braking performance.

Honda Sensing™
Available Honda Sensing reserve and driver-assistive record can serve revoke a intensity for a collision and lessen a consequences, alerting a motorist and holding puncture movement when a collision is energetic to be imminent. Honda Sensing™ uses both millimeter call radar and a monocular camera to clarity and respond to rescued highway hazards and is accessible on all models and trims. The Civic Honda Sensing record apartment includes Adaptive Cruise Control with Low Speed Follow for a initial time in a Honda vehicle. Honda Sensing facilities are as follows:

  • Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS)5
  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW)6 integrated with RDM
  • Forward Collision Warning (FCW)7 integrated with CMBS
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low Speed Follow8
  • Lane Keeping Assist (LKAS)9
  • Road Departure Mitigation (RDM)10

All Civics also come versed with a Multi-Angle Rearview Camera11 and Expanded View Driver’s Mirror.

Advanced Safety Body
The 2016 Civic utilizes a modernized physique structure – including a s next-generation Advanced Compatibility Body Structure (ACE), new pile-up cadence technology, 590mpa high-strength steel floor, and tailor-tempered ultra-high strengths B-pillar and back support rails (see a Body section) – to yield a high grade of newcomer insurance while minimizing weight and helping fuel efficiency.

Engineers were challenged not usually to emanate a physique that upheld their goals for energetic performance, though also for top-in-class collision performance. The adoption of a some-more compress front finish and shorter front overhang valid to be an well-developed plea to achieving their goals, effectively cutting a front frame’s pile-up cadence (the area accessible to catch and route frontal collision energy). To overcome this plea and say a sporty proportions of a new Civic, engineers grown a new pile-up cadence pattern for a revoke front support rails. The vital moulding of a support rail creates a automatic hinge outcome that leads a engine downward in a frontal impact, effectively augmenting a front “crash stroke” by 80 mm (3.0 inches).

Advanced Airbag Technology
The Civic utilizes modernized front, side and side screen airbag technology, including a driver’s front airbag with new spin stitching for an softened deployment profile; SmartVent® record for a motorist and front newcomer side airbags; and a new front newcomer airbag with reserve opening record that can lessen a probability of damage from airbag deployment when a newcomer is “out of position.” These systems work in and with a modernized physique structure and optimally tuned interior components to assistance lessen injuries in a collision. 

Utilizing these pattern facilities and reserve technologies, a 2016 Civic Sedan targets a tip accessible pile-up insurance ratings – a 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score in a NHTSA’s New Car Assessment Program (NCAP), with tip ratings in all exam modes; and a TOP SAFETY PICK+ rating from a Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, with a measure of GOOD in all exam modes.

The 2016 Civic Sedan for a U.S. marketplace will be constructed during Honda’s plants in Greensburg, Indiana and Allison, Ontario, Canada, regulating domestic and globally sourced parts. Its dual new engines are constructed in Anna, Ohio, during a largest car engine plant in Honda’s tellurian prolongation network, and a rarely accurate CVT transmissions are fabricated in Russells Point, Ohio, where dual on-site breeze turbines yield for upwards of 10 percent of a plant’s appetite needs.

The new Civic also advantages from countless advancements in prolongation record and routine that raise efficiency, peculiarity and performance, as good as associate ergonomics. 

Inner Frame Weld System
The 2016 Civic physique is welded regulating Honda’s new inner-frame coupling process, initial employed in construction of a 2015 Fit. This new routine constructed a some-more rigid, lightweight and aloft peculiarity body.

Modular Front Sub-Assembly
A new modular front sub-assembly, a initial for Honda, improves ergonomics for assembly-line associates, giving them unobstructed entrance to vicious interior and front finish components before a front sub-assembly is assimilated to a body. This routine also helps to safeguard a aloft spin of peculiarity in a public process.

Key New Features and Technologies by Trim


(See a Specifications and Features territory for all data.)

1 Based on 2016 EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison functions only. Your mileage will change depending on how we expostulate and say your vehicle, pushing conditions and other factors.

2 Android and Android Auto are trademarks of Google Inc.

3 Apple CarPlay is a purebred heading of Apple Inc.

Depending on use, Android Auto or Apple CarPlay® can share certain user and car information (e.g., car location, speed and other doing conditions) with Google and a use providers or a connected iPhone, respectively. See Google’s and Apple’s remoteness policies for sum per a use and doing of information uploaded by Android Auto or Apple CarPlay®. Use of Android Auto or Apple CarPlay® is during user’s possess risk, and is theme to agreement to a Android Auto or Apple CarPlay® terms of use, that are, respectively, presented to a user when a Android Auto focus is downloaded to a user’s Android phone or enclosed as partial of a Apple iOS terms of use. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay® car formation is supposing “as is,” and Honda can't pledge operability or functionality now or in a destiny due to, among other conditions, changes in a germane program or doing system, use interruptions, or disfavour or obsolesce of vehicle-integrated hardware or software. See play for details. Only use Android Auto or Apple CarPlay® when conditions concede we to do so safely.

4 VSA is not a surrogate for protected driving. It can't scold a vehicle’s march in each conditions or recompense for forward driving. Control of a car always stays with a driver.

5 CMBS can't detect all objects forward and might not detect a given object; correctness will change formed on weather, speed and other factors. System operation influenced by impassioned interior heat. System designed to lessen pile-up forces. Driver stays obliged for safely doing car and avoiding collisions.

6 LDW usually alerts drivers when line deposit is rescued though a spin vigilance in use. LDW might not detect all line markings or line departures; correctness will change formed on weather, speed and highway condition. System operation influenced by impassioned interior heat. Driver stays obliged for safely doing car and avoiding collisions.

7 FCW can't detect all objects forward and might not detect a given object; correctness will change formed on weather, speed and other factors. System operation influenced by impassioned interior heat. FCW does not embody a braking function. Driver stays obliged for safely doing car and avoiding collisions.

8 ACC can't detect all objects forward and might not detect a given object; correctness will change formed on weather, speed and other factors. ACC should not be used in complicated traffic, bad continue or on circuitous roads. The motorist stays obliged to delayed or stop a car to equivocate a collision.

9 LKAS usually alerts drivers when line deposit is rescued though a spin vigilance in use and can request amiable steering torque to support motorist in progressing correct line position. LKAS might not detect all line markings or line departures; correctness will change formed on weather, speed and highway condition. System operation influenced by impassioned interior heat. Driver stays obliged for safely doing car and avoiding collisions.

10 Road Departure Mitigation usually alerts drivers when line deposit is rescued though a spin vigilance in use and can request amiable steering torque to support motorist in progressing correct line position and/or stop vigour to delayed a vehicle’s depart from a rescued lane. Road Departure Mitigation might not detect all line markings or line departures; correctness will change formed on weather, speed and highway condition. System operation influenced by impassioned interior heat. Driver stays obliged for safely doing car and avoiding collisions.

11 Always visually endorse that it is protected to expostulate before subsidy up; a rearview camera arrangement does not yield finish information about all conditions and objects during a back of your vehicle.