Goodwood Festival of Speed: Silver anniversary with Silver Arrows.

And a rest of a high-speed silverware from Stuttgart for a “Silver Jubilee”? Mercedes-Benz Classic was benefaction with many racing cars. W 25 from 1934, W 125 from 1937, W 154 and W 165 from 1939, 300 SLR (W 196 S) from 1955 and CLK-LM from 1998, and a framework of a W 125 record-breaking twelve-cylinder automobile from 1938, which, with a streamlined body, lifted a record in that year to 437 km/h: These abbreviations and dates are a appetizing awaiting for connoisseurs, for they know about a record and a racing successes. But when a engines bark into life in a Goodwood paddock and a earth starts to quake, a acoustic philharmonic alerts even non-brand connoisseurs to a extensive energy of these famous racing cars.