FutureCityFactory: mastering civic hurdles together

Three megacities existed worldwide in 1950; there will be some-more than 480 by a year 2030. What does this meant for industrial production? How will a infrastructure of placement and services change? This and other questions are examined by FutureCityFactory, an beginning of Audi’s Production multiplication and a Network of Automotive Excellence, an intercompany network of experts of a automotive industry. Under a sign of “mastering civic hurdles together,” a dual partners have brought cities, scientists and business people around one list for a initial time. “For Audi’s production, it is critical to figure a industrial prolongation of tomorrow effectively and sustainably. With FutureCityFactory therefore, we wish to trigger team-work on investigate and support. We aim to pull brazen with interdisciplinary commander projects together with a partners,” explained Arne Lakeit, Head of Production and Plant Planning during AUDI AG.

The starting vigilance was given in Ingolstadt today: 140 participants from business and scholarship backgrounds discussed opportunities for industrial prolongation in an civic context with civic and ride planners during a kickoff discussion of FutureCityFactory. These discussions were formed on 4 incentive lectures on a specific hurdles faced by attention in a future. Subsequently, a participants exchanged opinions and believe on a subjects of employees, mobility, a Internet, formulation for a destiny and energy. The many critical areas for movement will afterwards be eliminated into petrify ideas. Audi’s prolongation planners for instance will concentration on a self-organization of prolongation apparatus by means of overflow intelligence, and on individualized public processes regulating generative prolongation methods. This will concede components to be made directly from a applicable pattern data, so saving time and shortening rubbish material.

After a kickoff conference, in cross-industry operative meetings of a FutureCityFactory, viable solutions will be given petrify form and technological commander projects will be initiated. In this context, believe gained by a Audi Urban Future Initiative will also be utilized. Since 2010, a Audi Urban Future Initiative has been questioning a mobility of tomorrow, in sequence to rise new perspectives on a tolerable city of a future.