Audi starts pretension invulnerability during Hockenheim

Audi is entering a eleventh DTM deteriorate following a quip as a manufacturer. Since 2004 a patrol took a motorist pretension 6 times and clinched 38 victories. Mike Rockenfeller and his Audi Sport Team Phoenix many recently won a titles in a motorist and group classifications – a successful lane record Audi Sport would like to continue this year. To do so a patrol of Head of Audi Motorsport Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich and Dieter Gass, Head of DTM, ideally prepared in winter.

The 2014-generation Audi RS 5 DTM appears clearly some-more assertive due to a aerodynamics, featuring a near-complete new development. At a front, a automobile has perceived new atmosphere ducts feeding a engines and a brakes and a honeycomb griddle from a prolongation version. As a result, a foe automobile now bears an even larger similarity to a highway cars from a RS indication range. Equally apparent are a innovations on a sides of a car. To serve urge a potency of a airflow, a area between a front and behind wheels was totally redesigned.

Audi set new impulses in winter by changing a driver-team line-ups. The reigning Champion Mike Rockenfeller in Audi Sport Team Phoenix receives ex-Champion Timo Scheider as his new team-mate. Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline competes with Mattias Ekström and Miguel Molina while Adrien Tambay and Edoardo Mortara run for Audi Sport Team Abt. A totally new pairing – Jamie Green and Nico Müller – has been welcomed on house by Audi Sport Team Rosberg.

The manners of a DTM have been fine-tuned for 2014. Instead of a prior dual usually one imperative array stop contingency be performed, in a core third of a race. The Drag Reduction System (DRS) with that a motorist can revoke a angle of a behind wing might now be used adult to a finish. Further innovations: All entrants start with a simple weight (driver and car) of 1,120 kilograms. The drivers of a code have to possibly supplement or revoke weight for a successive race, depending on their success. The choice tires might now usually be used for 50 percent of a foe distance.

The compress format of a weekend has remained scarcely unchanged. The rollout on Friday afternoon is followed on Saturday by giveaway use and subordinate which, starting in 2014, is hold in usually 3 sections. The foe on Sunday afternoon lasts a limit of 75 minutes. ‘Das Erste’ front live broadcasts from Hockenheim on Saturday and Sunday. Tickets for a 2014 DTM can be purchased online during or by phone on +49 (0)841 8947777.

Quotes by a officials

Dieter Gass (Head of DTM): “The initial foe weekend during Hockenheim outlines a finish of a prolonged and complete duration of preparation. Audi Sport, a teams and a drivers did not rest on a laurels of a success achieved in 2013 yet worked tough in sequence to continue accurately where we left off. We’re competing with an Audi RS 5 DTM that is mostly a new growth and have set new impulses by reallocating a drivers to a teams. I’m assured that with a car, a choice and a group we’ve got a probability to urge a pretension and to also strech for a manufacturers’ classification.”

Hans-Jürgen Abt (Team Director Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline): “We’ve set a new bulletin in a past months in sequence to lapse to a winning lane in 2014. With new drivers, new faces in a group and a new motorsport core in Kempten we’ve got all a prerequisites we need to be in row during a front of a field. The whole patrol is intensely encouraged and committed to a singular aim: We wish to win again.”

Ernst Moser (Team Director Audi Sport Team Phoenix): “It’s a good respect to contest with cars #1 and #2. We’re set on behaving accordingly and immediately stability a success of a past year during a deteriorate opener. We had some tests that weren’t so easy yet eventually found a set-up we’re going to start with on a foe weekend.  I’m anticipating for a vast audience during a track. The spectators will get to see stirring motorsport.”

Arno Zensen (Team Director Audi Sport Team Rosberg): “We’re gay that a movement is finally starting again. The lane tests during Budapest and Hockenheim were positive, that creates us optimistic. I’m happy with my new motorist pairing – a brew of girl and knowledge is good fun. Our aim is to continue a performances we showed a year before final and to bind victories again.”

Facts and quotes by a Audi drivers

Mattias Ekström (35/S), Red Bull Audi RS 5 DTM #7 (Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline)
•  Has won a Hockenheim deteriorate opener twice
•  Starts his 14th DTM deteriorate with Audi
“Even yet this is a commencement of my 14th DTM deteriorate a opening foe is always unequivocally special. we consider it’s a many stirring foe weekend of a year given so many things are new and after a prolonged winter you’ll usually find out during this eventuality where we mount compared to a competition. We did a task in a past months. My group and we feel prepared to put a cards on a table.”  

Jamie Green (31/GB), Hoffmann Group Audi RS 5 DTM #21 (Audi Sport Team Rosberg)
•  Switched from Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline to Audi Sport Team Rosberg
•  Was on lectern 7 times during Hockenheim and scored dual victories there
“A new car, a new group and a new team-mate – a initial foe of a year will be exciting. Nobody can envision where they mount compared to a competition, so we’re in for stirring afternoons on Saturday and Sunday. I’m looking brazen to them.”

Miguel Molina (25/E), Audi Sport Audi RS 5 DTM #8 (Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline)
•  Switched behind to Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline
•  Achieved his usually lectern outcome in a DTM to date during Hockenheim
“I feel gentle with a new car, my group and my foe engineer. We collected a lot of information during a lane tests that we’re examining now in sequence to be ideally prepared for a initial weekend. There are some changes that will make a competition even some-more sparkling for a spectators. we consider it’s good that new ideas are due and put into movement now and again.”

Edoardo Mortara (27/I), Audi Sport Audi RS 5 DTM #15 (Audi Sport Team Abt)
•  Switched to Audi Sport Team Abt
•  In 2012 clinched a usually dual victories of a deteriorate for Audi
“I perceived a comfortable acquire by my new group and get on unequivocally good with a guys and my engineer. Together with a car, that we familiarized myself with flattering good during a lane tests, this creates me feel confident for Hockenheim. We’ll usually know accurately where we mount during a march of a weekend, yet we’re starting a new deteriorate with high expectations.”

Nico Müller (22/CH), Audi Financial Services Audi RS 5 DTM #22 (Audi Sport Team Rosberg)
•  Is contesting a initial DTM foe of his life during Hockenheim
•  In Audi Sport Team Rosberg competes alongside seasoned supporter Jamie Green
“During a lane tests we had a event to optimally ready for a season. Still, there’ll be a vast array of unsuspected hurdles during Hockenheim – generally for me as a rookie. I’d like to learn as many as probable and unequivocally finish a race. I’m going to advantage from each knowledge here during a march of a year. If things go good for me, I’m going to attack.”

Mike Rockenfeller (30/D), Schaeffler Audi RS 5 DTM #1 (Audi Sport Team Phoenix)
•  Starts a deteriorate as a reigning Champion in automobile #1
•  Competes with a colors of Schaeffler Group on a RS 5 DTM for a third year
“I’m happy to lapse to Hockenheim and to attack. Everybody is roving to a initial foe with high expectations, and so am I: My idea is to conduct a good start of a deteriorate and immediately measure copiousness of points. My dual races during Hockenheim final year were satisfactory to intermediate during best, so I’ve got high ambitions here for 2014.”

Timo Scheider (35/D), AUTO TEST Audi RS 5 DTM #2 (Audi Sport Team Phoenix)
•  Switched to Audi Sport Team Phoenix
•  Started from a stick position in final year’s opening race
“This year, I’m even some-more vehement before a initial foe than common – and a butterflies in my stomach are removing stronger and stronger. In 2013, we started a deteriorate from a stick position. Now I’m again aiming to immediately make a good display during Hockenheim. Good regulation in a initial races can unequivocally put we on a hurl – and that’s unequivocally what we wish to get on in 2014.”

Adrien Tambay (23/F), Playboy Audi RS 5 DTM #16 (Audi Sport Team Abt)
•  Competes sporting a colors of a men’s repository Playboy in 2014
•  Is entering his third DTM deteriorate with Audi Sport Team Abt
 “In my initial dual DTM years, we always had formidable initial races. But this time, I’m feeling improved prepared than ever before. I’ve got some-more knowledge and a good feeling after a lane tests in winter. In a DTM, a ideal package of driver, group and automobile is crucial. I’m confident that we’ve got all it takes to be in row during a front of a field.”

The Audi drivers in a 2014 DTM

Mattias Ekström (S): * Jul 14, 1978 in Falun (S); residence: Salenstein (CH); singular (partner Heidi), one son (Mats); one daughter (Hanna); height: 1.83 m; weight: 79 kg; Audi motorist given 1999; DTM races: 134; stick positions: 19; victories: 17; fastest laps: 12; points: 683; DTM titles: 2 (2004, 2007); best outcome DTM Hockenheim: 1 (2007, 2008)

Jamie Green (GB):
* Jun 14, 1982 in Leicester (GB); residence: Monaco (MC); married to Ginny, dual sons (Zachary and William); height: 1.78 m; weight: 70 kg; Audi motorist given 2013; DTM races: 93; stick positions: 7; victories: 8; fastest laps: 13; points: 396.5; DTM titles: 0; best outcome DTM Hockenheim: 1 (2007, 2011)

Miguel Molina (E): * Feb 17, 1989 in Barcelona (E); residence: Lloret de Mar (E); single; height: 1.75 m; weight: 64 kg; Audi motorist given 2010; DTM races: 41; stick positions: 2; victories: 0 (best result: 3rd place); fastest laps: 1; points: 53; DTM titles: 0; best outcome DTM Hockenheim: 5

Edoardo Mortara (I/F): * Jan 12, 1987 in Geneva (CH); residence: Geneva (CH); engaged; height: 1.82 m; weight: 75 kg; Audi motorist given 2011; DTM races: 30; stick positions: 1; victories: 2; fastest laps: 0; points: 106; DTM titles: 0; best outcome DTM Hockenheim: 6

Nico Müller (CH):
* Feb 25, 1992 in Thun (CH); residence: Blumenstein (CH); singular (partner Lara); height: 1.85 m; weight: 73 kg; Audi motorist given 2014; DTM races: 0; stick positions: 0; victories: 0; fastest laps: 0; points: 0; DTM titles: 0

Mike Rockenfeller (D): * Oct 31, 1983 in Neuwied (D); residence: Landschlacht (CH); intent to Susanne; height: 1.75 m; weight: 68 kg; Audi motorist given 2007; DTM races: 71; stick positions: 3; victories: 3; fastest laps: 3; points: 301; DTM titles: 1 (2013); best outcome DTM Hockenheim: 3

Timo Scheider (D): * Nov 10, 1978 in Lahnstein (D); residence: Lochau (A); singular (partner Jessica), one son (Loris-Romeo); height: 1.78 m; weight: 72 kg; Audi motorist given 2006; DTM races: 139; stick positions: 11; victories: 6; fastest laps: 9; points: 410; DTM titles: 2 (2008, 2009); best outcome DTM Hockenheim: 1 (2008)

Adrien Tambay (F): * Feb 25, 1991 in Paris (F); residence: Lochau (A); single; height: 1.81 m; weight: 69 kg; Audi motorist given 2012; DTM races: 20; stick positions: 0; victories: 0 (best result: 2nd place); fastest laps: 1; points: 58; DTM titles: 0; best outcome DTM Hockenheim: 14

Audi statistics in a DTM (since 1990)

Champion’s titles: 9 (in 16 years)
Victories: 65 (in 208 races)
Pole positions: 71 (in 172 subordinate sessions)
Fastest laps: 56 (in 208 races)
Podium positions: 208 (in 208 races)

All Hockenheim winners given 2000 (opener)

2000 Bernd Schneider (Mercedes-Benz), Bernd Schneider (Mercedes-Benz)
2001 Bernd Schneider (Mercedes-Benz)
2002 Laurent Aiello (Abt-Audi)
2003 Bernd Schneider (Mercedes-Benz)
2004 Gary Paffett (Mercedes-Benz)
2005 Jean Alesi (Mercedes-Benz)
2006 Bernd Schneider (Mercedes-Benz)
2007 Mattias Ekström (Audi)
2008 Mattias Ekström (Audi)
2009 Tom Kristensen (Audi)

2010 Gary Paffett (Mercedes-Benz)
2011 Bruno Spengler (Mercedes-Benz)
2012 Gary Paffett (Mercedes-Benz)
2013 Augusto Farfus (BMW)

All Hockenheim winners given 2000 (finale)

2000 Uwe Alzen (Opel)/Uwe Alzen (Opel)

2001 Bernd Mayländer (Mercedes-Benz)

2002 Bernd Schneider (Mercedes-Benz)

2003 Jean Alesi (Mercedes-Benz)

2004 Bernd Schneider (Mercedes-Benz)
2005 Bernd Schneider (Mercedes-Benz)

2006 Bruno Spengler (Mercedes-Benz)

2007 Jamie Green (Mercedes-Benz)
2008 Timo Scheider (Audi)
2009 Gary Paffett (Mercedes-Benz)
2010 Paul Di Resta (Mercedes-Benz)
2011 Jamie Green (Mercedes-Benz)
2012 Bruno Spengler (BMW)
2013 Timo Glock (BMW)

2013 flashback: Disappointing DTM opener for Audi

From a stick position, Timo Scheider done a ideal start and immediately took a lead. Up to a reserve automobile duration on path 6 he was dueling with a successive leader Augusto Farfus. While many of a drivers, including Farfus, immediately done their initial imperative array stop Scheider was usually called to a pits a path later, that caused him to dump to a finish of a field. From position 18, Scheider managed to redeem to sixth place, creation him a best Audi motorist in a opening race.

Track info

Track length: 4.574 km
Race distance: 42 laps = 192.108 km
Pit stop window: path 14 to path 28
DTM subordinate record on this track: Mattias Ekström (Audi), Oct 25, 2008, 1m 32.244s = 178.509 km/h
DTM foe record on this track: Paul Di Resta (Mercedes-Benz), Oct 26, 2008, 1m 33.576s = 175.968 km/h
Pole position 2013 deteriorate opener: Timo Scheider (Audi), May 04, 2013, 1m 35.918s
Fastest path 2013 deteriorate opener: Augusto Farfus (BMW), May 05, 2013, 1m 34.504s  (174.240 km/h)
Turnout 2013 deteriorate opener: 87,000
TV live rating 2013 deteriorate opener: 1.05 million / 10.7 % marketplace share (14+, source: ARD)

Nico Müller about Hockenheim: “For me as a Swiss, Hockenheim is roughly a home round. That’s since I’m apparently anticipating for many fans to visit. we usually know a lane from a regulation car. we final gathering there in a GP3 series. In a DTM, aerodynamic potency will be quite critical given of a many comparatively quick and semi-fast turns in that a automobile has to beget downforce. But there are also some top-speed sections, such as a Parabolica, where we’re substantially going to see some good slipstream duels and – interjection to DRS – many overtaking maneuvers. My personal favorite territory is a quick right-hand spin during a opening to a Motodroms – a genuine plea that is also good fun.”


Friday, May 2
17.15–17.50  Roll-out

Saturday, May 3
10.05–11.35  Free practice
16.25–17.15  Qualifying

Sunday, May 4
09.00–09.40  Pit stop practice
13.30    Race

TV report (‘Das Erste’ live)

Saturday, May 3
16.15–17.30  Qualifying

Sunday, May 4
13.15–15.15  Race

– End –