From 0 to hero: Audi clinches Formula E title

Formula E arrives in Europe: Its initial coming in Rome is dominated by Lucas di Grassi and Daniel Abt who, following a reduction than ideal qualifying, gleam with fightbacks: Di Grassi finishes second from sixth on a grid and Abt starts from ninth and goes on to finish fourth. On clinching these dual top-five spots, Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler has modernized to fourth position in a teams’ classification.
Dieter Gass: “A illusory start to a European season!”
Techeetah: 152 points/Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler: 89 points

Second for a third time: Lucas di Grassi continues his fibre of success in Paris. His teammate, Daniel Abt, keeps himself bustling on a lane around a Dôme des Invalides: The German overtakes 7 cars and scores profitable points with seventh position. As successful and even illusory as a fightbacks of a Audi drivers are, subordinate stays a weakness.
Daniel Abt: “I wish a fans enjoyed a show. Next time, we need to do improved in subordinate and afterwards there’ll be a prize again, too.”
Techeetah: 188 points/Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler: 114 points

Home round! The former Tempelhof airfield in Berlin is a venue of a German competition which, embedded in a DFB Pokal final, achieves tip observation figures. About 1.5 million viewers declare a many successful competition day of a group in Formula E’s near-four-year history: Daniel Abt clinches stick position, wins in front of Lucas di Grassi, sets a fastest competition path in a routine and also leads over a whole competition distance. 47 of 47 probable points – no other group has achieved this before.
Allan McNish: “A purify brush on home soil, a day only can’t be improved than this. I’m impossibly unapproachable of a whole team!”
Techeetah: 205 points/Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler: 161 points

Before a series’ entrance in Zurich, it’s transparent that if a group wants to have a picturesque possibility of winning a championship it will have to measure a lot of points in Switzerland. No earlier pronounced than done: Lucas di Grassi, in a initial ubiquitous automobile competition in Switzerland given 1954, in front of a record audience of distant some-more than 100,000 spectators, clinches his initial feat of this season. Daniel Abt is reduction fortunate: Rival Nelson Piquet rear-ends him right after a start. Due to a required change of a behind wing, Abt finishes out of a points. In Zurich, Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler reduces a opening by 11 points down to 33 before roving to New York City for a final races.
Allan McNish: “I’m generally happy for Lucas’ organisation that had a formidable start to a deteriorate and how they have come behind fully. And of course, after a home turn in Berlin, it’s also illusory for Audi to have won a initial circuit competition in Switzerland in 64 years.”
Techeetah: 219 points/Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler: 186 points

Showdown in front of Manhattan’s skyline: 33 points have to be done adult by Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler in a final dual races in New York City. Doable – that’s a ubiquitous opinion in a paddock. Optimism within a group is huge. “We worked tough both on a competition lane and behind home in Neuburg – even yet it will be difficult, we now go to New York with a transparent opinion and concentration on a championship,” says Allan McNish. With a one-two – Lucas di Grassi wins forward of Daniel Abt, who also posts a fastest competition path – a group reduces a opening to 5 points. The competition on Sunday, that Jean-Éric Vergne wins, becomes a genuine thriller: All 4 drivers of a competing teams, Techeetah and Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler, start a competition within a tip five. The pretension competition stays open adult until a final second. Then it’s clear: a second and third places clinched by di Grassi and Abt sufficient to move a teams’ championship, with a two-point advantage, home to Germany for a initial time.  
Allan McNish: “Now it’s reality: teams’ champions! This deteriorate was adult and down, and everybody always did their best. Also today, when pull came to shove, a drivers delivered a goods. A large appreciate we also goes to a bottom stay in Germany! Great teamwork! Great job!”
Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler: 264 points/Techeetah: 262 points