Extended digital offers during a Porscheplatz in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen

A new form of knowledge “Porsche Future Heritage” allows visitors to arrange and e.g. paint a 356 Coupé. The smartglasses will ride we behind to a year 1948 in practical existence (VR).

During a anniversary year, a VR knowledge offers visitors something extraordinary: It turns them into active participants in a public of a initial Porsche sports cars, creation them partial of a brand’s inception. This practical tour by time takes place in a dedicated pavilion in front of a opening to a Porsche Museum. It is accessible during museum opening hours and also on Mondays from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Visitors to Porscheplatz can embark on this time-travelling journey giveaway of assign until Aug 26, 2018.

Porscheplatz app: Digital beam to Porsche’s categorical plant

The VR knowledge is a latest member of a digital knowledge judgment in Zuffenhausen, that is centred around a Porscheplatz app. The app is accessible giveaway of assign in both German and English for Android and Apple inclination and is being invariably expanded. It provides minute information about all a activities and comforts during a sports automobile manufacturer’s categorical plant in Zuffenhausen and displays these on a map, e.g. news about a Porsche Museum. A sold advantage for visitors: a audio beam to a museum is entirely integrated in a Porscheplatz app and can be simply accessed when we are on site.

Virtual Reality Experience App, Porscheplatz, 2018, Porsche AG

The app also provides an overview of several topics relating to sports automobile prolongation during Porscheplatz, quite a particular plant areas and their locations. The digital assistants built into a app can answer even minute questions about a comforts and comforts during a categorical plant.

“The Porscheplatz app allows a fans and business to excavate even deeper into a universe of Porsche”, says Robert Ader, Vice President Customer Relations during Porsche AG. “The Porscheplatz app offers extensive and customised information, generally when formulation a revisit – transparent combined value for a customers.” Together with a group “Historical Communications“ a existent fascinating caller practice have been serve grown in a app. “To make your revisit to Porscheplatz even some-more varied, Porsche skeleton to supplement many some-more topics and calm to a app and to confederate a existent attractions even some-more into a digital accompaniment”, says Achim Stejskal, Director of a Porsche Museum and Historical Communications.

You can now follow a Porsche Museum on Instagram

The Porsche Museum is expanding a amicable media presence: Fans and meddlesome parties can now also keep present with a Porsche Museum’s activities on Instagram, besides Facebook. Insights into a story of a sports automobile manufacturer as good as stream snapshots are posted several times per week during www.instagram.com/porsche.museum.