Fourth feat for a Audi R8 LMS in a Nürburgring 24 Hours

Audi Sport Team WRT had to be confident with third place in a end. Following a reversal of Audi Sport Team Land, a Belgian group with drivers Marcel Fässler/Robin Frijns/Nico Müller/René Rast (CH/NL/CH/D) looked like a certain winners, though they mislaid a diversion of tire poker: The group initial altered to slicks and afterwards after done a final change to sleet tires. 

Phoenix Racing, with another Audi R8 LMS, delivered another outcome within a tip twenty finishers, following a quip drive. After repairs suffered due to an accident, a group fell behind to as low as 79th place. Dennis Busch/Nicolaj Møller Madsen/Mike Rockenfeller/Frank Stippler (D/DK/D/D) fought behind to 19th. The private patron team, Car Collection Motorsport, was confident to have finished a race, too. The pledge drivers Klaus Koch/Lorenzo Rocco/Ronnie Saurenmann/Jan-Erik Slooten (D/I/CH/D) finished in 27th place. Another highwayman group combined a category feat to a Audi Sport patron racing success story. LMS Engineering won a SP 3T category with drivers Ulrich Andree/Daniela Schmid/Christian Schmitz/Stefan Wieninger, who gathering an Audi TT RS.

Two debuts brought Audi’s patron racing module some-more profitable results: The Bonk Motorsport group with a Audi RS 3 LMS, that was racing during a Nürburgring 24 Hours for a initial time, finished in second and third place within a TCR class. The Audi R8 LMS GT4 also finished a initial race. Audi Sport Team Phoenix crossed a finish line in third and fifth in a SP-X category with a production-based sports car.

“With temperatures of some-more than 25 degrees Celsius and a sleet showering in a final phase, we have gifted one of a toughest, fastest and many thespian races in history,” says Chris Reinke, Head of Audi Sport patron racing. Having driven 158 laps, a winners finished usually one path fewer than a record stretch lonesome by Audi in 2014. “Audi was a widespread brand, heading a competition for 143 laps – analogous to 90 percent of a race. My pinnacle congratulations go to all of a customers, group members and drivers, who have done this outcome possible. This success was achieved in thespian fashion, and it will positively go down in a motorsport story books.”