Dramatic 24-hour culmination in a rain: ROWE Racing secures second place during a Nürburgring with a BMW M6 GT3.

Nürburgring. A thespian and rain-soaked finale, mountainous summer
temperatures and 205,000 anxious spectators: a 45th
book of a 24-hour competition during a Nürburgring (GER) lived adult to the
event’s repute as one of a toughest and many illusory GT
races in a world. Alexander Sims (GBR), Markus Palttala (FIN),
Nick Catsburg (NED), Richard Westbrook (GBR) and BMW had every
reason to celebrate. After completing 158 laps in a series 98 BMW
M6 GT3 from ROWE Racing, a celebration finished in second place. The
positions were usually motionless during a stirring final lap.


A complicated surge about half an hour before a finish of a competition led to
pell-mell scenes all around a Nordschleife. Catsburg kept a cold head
as a final motorist of a #98 automobile and softened by one place on
wet-weather tyres before celebrating a second-place finish with his
team-mates. Second place is a best outcome accessible nonetheless by ROWE
Racing during a 24-hour competition in a Eifel region.


Strong organisation opening from all BMW M6 GT3 teams.

Five some-more BMW M6 GT3s finished it to a top-15. The #42 BMW M6 GT3 just
missed out on a podium, recording a fourth-place finish to symbol the
24-hour quip of a BMW Team Schnitzer. Marco Wittmann (GER), Tom
Blomqvist (GBR), Martin Tomczyk (GER) and Augusto Farfus (BRA) put in
a clever chasing opening after losing time due to technical
problems during a fuel stop in a night. The second Schnitzer car,
#43, had to retire from a competition over 5 hours before a finish
after an accident. Up to that point, António Félix da Costa (POR),
Alex Lynn (GBR), Timo Scheider (GER) and Farfus had also been battling
for a lectern position.

The dual Schubert Motorsport organisation BMW M6 GT3s reached 11th
(#20) and 12th (#19) places on a 25.378-kilometre
circuit. Jesse Krohn (FIN), Bruno Spengler (CAN), Kuno Wittmer (CAN)
and Jörg Müller (GER) were during a circle of a #20 car. Jens Klingmann
(GER), John Edwards (USA), Tom Onslow-Cole (GBR) and Müller shared
pushing duties in a #19 car. The second BMW M6 GT3 from ROWE Racing
(#99) claimed tenth place with Philipp Eng (AUT), Alexander Sims
(GBR), Maxime Martin (BEL) and Marc Basseng (GER).


Strong display from Falken Motorsports – BMW M4 GT4 passes test.

The Falken Motorsports organisation also put on a clever performance. Peter
Dumbreck (GBR), Alexandre Imperatori (SUI), Stef Dusseldorp (NED) and
Marco Seefried (GER) took a #33 BMW M6 GT3 to eighth place overall
and always kept gait with a heading group. The Walkenhorst
Motorsport organisation had reduction luck, as their #101 BMW M6 GT3 late early
yet a Walkenhorst BMW Z4 GT3 crossed a finishing line in a
convincing 18th position.

The BMW M4 GT4 upheld a 24-hour continuation exam in a “Green Hell”
with drifting colours: Dirk Adorf (GER), competing in a 24-hour race
on a Nordschleife for a 25th time, BMW Motorsport
Junior Ricky Collard (GBR), Jörg Weidinger (GER) and Jethro Bovingdon
(GBR) finished in 37th place overall.


Reactions to a Nürburgring 24 Hours:


Jens Marquardt (BMW Motorsport Director): “This year,
we gifted another good weekend during a Nürburgring. We were
watched by a good throng with record witness numbers – it was a real
party. After a few days of illusory weather, a unavoidable rain
reached a Nürburgring usually before a finish and supposing us with a
thespian culmination that was not for a feint-hearted. The spectators at
a circuit and those examination on radio unequivocally got their money’s
worth. Second place for ROWE Racing and a celebration of drivers –
Palttala, Catsburg, Sims and Westbrook – is a good success. This
glorious organisation outcome is emphasised by 3 some-more BMW M6 GT3s in the
tip 10. This shows what a high turn of opening and reliability
has been reached. It is usually prerogative for a complete preparations
from a whole organisation – a mechanics, engineers, teams, and drivers. A
large appreciate we to all of them. we was also gay with a super
opening from a BMW M4 GT4 media car. The organisation and a drivers
did a good job, claimed a category win and crossed a line in the
top-40 overall. Of course, we would have favourite to have combined another
delight to a 19 altogether wins here, yet we are gratified with this
outcome nonetheless. Congratulations to a Land organisation on their win.”


Hans-Peter Naundorf (ROWE RACING Team Principal): “It
was unequivocally sparkling and dramatic. After pushing turn and turn for 23
hours, a continue gods unexpected confirm to make things interesting
usually before a finish and all happened so fast. We unequivocally nearly
snatched a win during a finish. Nicky’s opening in a final stint
was masterful. Most drivers would remove a car, pushing in this rain
on slicks. He deserves limit honour for throwing adult and showing
nerves of steel. Second place is positively excellent when we take the
competition as a whole. It was a good show.”


Alexander Sims (#98/#99 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing):
“I’m ecstatic. It’s positively awesome. It’s my fourth time
entrance here, and usually like a feat during Spa final year we didn’t
design it. We didn’t put a feet wrong a whole race; everybody did a
glorious job. we feel like we capitalised on each eventuality we had so
a organisation deserved to be on a podium. It was a unequivocally sparkling final
stint, and Nick did a illusory job. I’m unequivocally gratified to be on a podium.”


Markus Palttala (#98 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing): “If
we demeanour during it overall, we didn’t design a lectern this weekend. After
top-30 qualifying, when everybody went prosaic out, we knew it was going
to be unequivocally tough. Just to be on a lectern is awesome. The final few
laps were flattering exciting, Nicky was sensational. The whole team, and
BMW Motorsport, did a good pursuit this weekend to fist a maximum
outcome from a race.”


Nick Catsburg (#98 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing): “We all
review that there was a possibility of rain, yet in a automobile we was certain it
wasn’t going to – it was so sunny. The organisation came on a radio and told
me spots of sleet were reported yet we upheld that plcae and it was
totally dry. That happened twice… Then unexpected there was massive
rain, yet it was localised so we stayed on slicks. But afterwards a second
path after it started raining, outrageous sections of a lane were
positively soaked; we was hardly means to stay on a lane during 10km/h!
On a final lap, a automobile was extraordinary on a wets, and we were means to
take P2. It feels extraordinary to be on a podium. It’s a very, unequivocally big
eventuality and I’m unequivocally happy with this result.”


Richard Westbrook (#98 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing): “It
almost, in a humorous way, feels like a victory. We struggled in practice
and qualifying, yet afterwards we usually gathering a hosiery off. It wasn’t easy
with tyres, and a Audi was a small faster, yet we feel like the
lectern is deserved for a whole team, since we had a perfect
24-hour race.”


Philipp Eng (#99 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing): “I think
that a whole BMW family did a unequivocally good pursuit here and a reward
was a lectern finish. Of course, we would have favourite to have been on the
lectern yet we am gay to honour my team-mates. They have
warranted this success. The early tyre problems with a automobile left us with
a necessity that we could not make good for a rest of a race.”


Charly Lamm (Team Principal BMW Team Schnitzer):
“That was an unimaginable eventuality – it had all that a
24-hour competition should offer. It is a genuine certain for us that we were
means to contest with such a clever field. Unfortunately, we had
incidents with both cars that were wilful in a end. We mislaid a lot
of time with #42 during a night, due to a poor refuelling
component. That meant that we could not urge on a result.
Actually, #43 ran like clockwork and we were in a heading group
early on yet afterwards Augusto had an collision and we had to retire.”


Augusto Farfus (#42/#43 BMW M6 GT3, BMW Team Schnitzer):
“It is a genuine contrition that we didn’t make it to a finish in
a #43 car. Another automobile clipped me while overtaking and a vehicle
was damaged. A few turns later, we strike a pile-up barriers and a race
was over. It is good for a organisation that we accessible a good outcome with
a #42 automobile and that we were rewarded for a fighting spirit.”


Martin Tomczyk (#42 BMW M6 GT3, BMW Team Schnitzer):
“You will usually knowledge a crazy culmination like that during the
Nürburgring. It was a lottery with a tyres and a ROWE Racing guys
finished a right decisions. Congratulations on a second place. We were
in a using for a lectern finish for a prolonged time yet a few incidents
caused us problems. We were always tighten to a heading organisation but
could not get within distinguished distance. Maybe we could have finished with
a bit some-more speed during a finish yet we had good organisation suggestion and worked
unequivocally good together. We will be on a conflict again subsequent year.”


Torsten Schubert (Team Principal Schubert Motorsport):
“The Nordschleife unequivocally didn’t do us any favours this year.
My organisation put in a good opening one again and constructed two
ideally prepared cars for a competition notwithstanding a collision in
qualifying. Everyone can be unapproachable of that. We usually didn’t utterly have
a speed we indispensable in a competition to keep gait with a heading group.
It competence be a good thought to rethink a brief time accessible for
credentials for a 24-hour race. Our strategy for night racing here
were substantially too defensive. We couldn’t make adult a necessity after
that, even yet a speed softened towards a finish of a race.”


Jens Klingmann (#19 BMW M6 GT3, Schubert Motorsport):
“I have churned feelings when looking behind during this race. On one
hand, we finished it by though any problems – no scratches, no
punctures, no technical issues. That is unequivocally positive. On a other
hand, we usually didn’t have a speed to concede us to contest with the
Audis during a front.”


Bruno Spengler (#20 BMW M6 GT3, Schubert Motorsport):
“I have schooled so most in my initial 24-hour competition during the
Nürburgring. You can't review this classical eventuality with any other
24-hour race. For one thing, we had to get used to a volume of
trade on a Nordschleife as there are so many cars competing. It is
a contrition that we could not record a improved outcome for a team, as the
organisation achieved fantastically after a collision in Top-30 Qualifying
and ensured that we had a good automobile for a race. This weekend was a
illusory knowledge for me.”


Marco Seefried (#33 BMW M6 GT3, Falken Motorsports):
“It was a formidable competition for everybody and a gait was
unbelievably fast. Although we started from utterly a approach back, we got
into a competition flattering quickly, finished good swell and staid in
between fifth and sixth places. A puncture after an occurrence with
another automobile did cost us some time yet altogether we am happy with a result.”


Dirk Adorf (#40 BMW M4 GT4, Securtal Sorg Rennsport):
“We took on a plea of a toughest competition in a world
with a new BMW M4 GT4 – and we upheld a test. Apart from a few
teenager details, we finished it by a competition though any serious
problems and we were lapping utterly quickly. We can be unapproachable of that.
It was transparent for everybody to see that BMW Motorsport has finished a good
pursuit with a growth of a new patron racing car. Our BMW
Motorsport Junior Ricky Collard delivered a flawless performance. We
were also racing with dual pledge drivers and they felt during home in the
cockpit. And that is what was critical to us: building a automobile that
was ideally matched to a mandate of patron racing drivers.”


Results of a BMW M6 GT3 teams:


#19 BMW M6 GT3, Schubert Motorsport – 12th

Jens Klingmann (GER), Jörg Müller (GER), John Edwards (USA), Tom
Onslow-Cole (GBR)


#20 BMW M6 GT3, Schubert Motorsport – 11th

Jesse Krohn (FIN), Jörg Müller (GER), Bruno Spengler (CAN), Kuno
Wittmer (CAN)


#42, BMW M6 GT3, BMW Team Schnitzer – 4th

Marco Wittmann (GER), Tom Blomqvist (GBR), Martin Tomczyk (GER),
Augusto Farfus (BRA)


#43, BMW M6 GT3, BMW Team Schnitzer – DNF

Augusto Farfus (BRA), Alexander Lynn (GBR), António Félix da Costa
(POR), Timo Scheider (GER)


#98 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing – 2nd

Markus Palttala (FIN), Nick Catsburg (NED), Alexander Sims (GBR),
Richard Westbrook (GBR)


#99 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing – 10th

Philipp Eng (AUT), Alexander Sims (GBR), Maxime Martin (BEL), Marc
Basseng (GER)


#33 BMW M6 GT3, Falken Motorsports – 8th

Peter Dumbreck (GBR), Alexandre Imperatori (SUI), Stef Dusseldorp
(NED), Marco Seefried (GER)


#101 BMW M6 GT3, Walkenhorst Motorsport – DNF

Henry Walkenhorst (GER), Jordan Tresson (FRA), David Schiwietz (GER),
Jaap outpost Lagen (NED)