Formula E deteriorate comes to an finish with some-more points for MS Amlin Andretti in Montreal.

Munich. The MS Amlin Andretti group endured a tough Montreal
ePrix (CAN), a final spin of a 2016/17 FIA Formula E
Championship. The team’s unique points finish came with Robin
Frijns’ (NED) ninth-place on Saturday, with António Félix da Costa
(POR) detrimental not to measure after being spun by a competitor. In a
formidable competition on Sunday, Frijns and Félix da Costa finished
13th and 15th respectively. The 4 points
warranted over a weekend were adequate to secure seventh in a teams’
standings. Canada’s initial ePrix saw large, eager crowds
spin out to suffer a all-electric spectacle, and supposing two
stirring races. Lucas di Grassi (BRA) cumulative a drivers’ title.


Saturday’s Race

In one of a many interesting races in a story of FIA Formula
E, Frijns was means to take MS Amlin Andretti’s third consecutive
points finish. After P13 (Frijns) and P15 (Félix da Costa) in
qualifying, both drivers showed their racing instinct in a opening
exchanges, avoiding a incidents around them and using within their
appetite targets. When a Qualcomm Safety Car BMW i8 was called to the
lane to concede marshals to redeem a stranded automobile only before halfway,
both cars came to a box. Frijns raced well, and as cars forsaken out
or suffered delays in an action-packed spectacle, he climbed into the
top-10. Félix da Costa was hapless to skip out on a points: a
spin after hit with Nelson Piquet (BRA) left a Portuguese driver
undone in 15th place.


Sunday’s Race

The final competition of FIA Formula E’s third deteriorate was a disappointing
one for a MS Amlin Andretti team. Qualifying was not an improvement
over Saturday – 15th for Félix da Costa and 16th
for Frijns. In pell-mell opening battles, both drivers were propitious to
equivocate deleterious their cars, though as a competition staid found they lacked
gait on a perfectionist Canadian circuit. After a imperative pitstop,
a conditions did not improve, and when a full march yellow
neutralised a margin with dual laps remaining, Frijns was
13th and Félix da Costa 15th.


The Reactions


António Félix da Costa, MS Amlin Andretti: “In race
one, we was doing good on appetite though when a full march yellow came,
it indeed brought everybody behind on a same page so all a hard
work we did in a commencement of a competition was for nothing. We were
still using tighten to a points and looking fine though we got tapped
and that was a finish of a race. The second race, we had a good start
again, though we had no opening during all in a initial car. In a first
army we was unequivocally struggling to make a tyres work so we was dropping
behind gradually, not unequivocally fighting anyone. we attempted to demeanour after my
appetite and emanate a devise B though a miss of opening unequivocally didn’t
assistance ups. It was a tough competition for a MS Amlin Andretti group though I’m
blissful we kept seventh in a championship. We need to regroup with the
guys and I’m looking brazen to carrying some time off. We will start
again in Season 4.”


Robin Frijns, MS Amlin Andretti: “We had good pace,
and a appetite expenditure was unequivocally good on Saturday. The MS Amlin
Andretti group looked good. we consider we could have finished seventh or
eighth if a reserve automobile didn’t come out, though ninth and some points is
good for a team. On Sunday, we had a formidable start with a crash
in front of me, that we couldn’t unequivocally avoid, so we finished adult in the
behind of a field. we was handling my appetite utterly good and was hoping
something would occur during a finish of a race. Again we showed good
potency and we could go serve into a competition than many of the
field. we had some appetite left during a end, though unfortunately we couldn’t
unequivocally use it.”


The BMW i Vehicle Fleet

For Season 3, BMW i again was a “Official Vehicle Partner” for the
FIA Formula E Championship. The BMW i8 (fuel expenditure combined: 2.1
l/100 km / 134.5 mpg imp; CO2 emissions combined: 49 g/km) continued
as a high-performance, fit Safety Car in Formula E. The same
went for a BMW i3 (energy expenditure combined: 12.9 kWh; CO2
emissions combined: 0 g/km), that was a “Medical Car” and “Race
Director Car” and for a BMW X5 xDrive40e (fuel expenditure combined:
3.4–3.3 l/100 km / 83.1–85.6 mpg imp; CO2 emissions combined: 78–77
g/km; total formed on a EU exam cycle, might change depending on the
tyre format specified), that functioned as a “Rescue Car”.