Audi Tradition with engine sports classics from 3 epochs during Schloss Dyck Classic Days

The Schloss Dyck Classic Days are being hold for a twelfth time this year. Because of their impression they are famous as a “German Goodwood”. In a classical ambience of a moated castle, Schloss Dyck nearby Neuss, a eventuality offers a colorful brew of garden party, classical automobile bar event, concours d‘elegance and engine racing, with some-more than 400 ancestral cars. Many of a approaching 40,000 visitors will be dressed in gripping with a times. Audi Tradition is presenting itself in a “Classic Corner” and exhibiting, among other things, a 1936 Wanderer W 25 K Roadster that has not nonetheless been restored, surrounded by bales of straw. Also in a “Audi camp” we can perspective a singular citation of a 1929 Wanderer W 11. In 1949, this pre-war Wanderer was converted into a relapse automobile that was in use in a Bavarian plateau until a 1960s. These are also assimilated a third Wanderer specialty: a reproduction of a streamlined special roadster, in that Auto Union won a group sequence of what was afterwards a toughest convene in a universe – Liège-Rome-Liège, a tour of some-more than 4,000 kilometers – in 1939.

The unequivocally large attractions in a “Classic Corner” are a Audi Type C “Alpine Victor” and a Auto Union Type C Grand Prix racing car. From 1912 to 1914, a afterwards immature Audi code won a Austrian Alpine competition 3 times in period and a Audi Type C laid a substructure mill for a engine racing story of today’s AUDI AG. Aug Horch, a owner of a company, took a circle himself, going over all a Alpine passes of what was afterwards a Austro-Hungarian Empire. Audi Tradition owns dual such Type C cars. One of these, built in 1919, in a yellow paint of a Alpine journey, will expostulate on a three-kilometer competition lane during Schloss Dyck. It will not be so resting when a five-time Le Mans leader Frank Biela starts adult a 16 cylinders of a Auto Union Type C. In 1936, a Grand Prix racing automobile pulpy 520 horsepower onto a road, that year winning a European championship, a predecessor of today’s Formula 1 World Championship, with Bernd Rosemeyer during a wheel.

Audi Tradition will be presenting dual some-more new automobiles as partial of a convene muster during a Autostadt stand. Visitors will doubtlessly be rarely meddlesome in a Audi Sport quattro S1, that Walter Röhrl gathering in record time in 1987 when he scaled “Pikes Peak” in a USA. While this miracle of Audi automobile racing story is exhibited, a second Audi convene automobile will be pushing on a Dyck competition track, no less. The supposed “short one”, a 1984 Audi Sport quattro Rallye, will be driven by nothing other than twice convene universe champion Walter Röhrl, who piloted this automobile some-more than 30 years ago on a competition courses of a convene universe championship.