Ever wonder what the future has in store? More specifically, what kind of trends are going to be popping in the coming year?

Last year, Ford released its very first trend report. It highlighted our behaviours as brands, consumers and society as a whole. Do we still trust brands? How do we show our beliefs? These were some of the topics that were covered. The report taught us that in an age as fast-paced as ours, people are looking to slow things down, get real, and get personal.

This year, the report returns highlighting trends for 2014. It’s not a complete departure from last year’s edition, but rather an evolution that digs deeper into various issues. The report not only shares 10 trends, but also demonstrates Ford’s forward thinking, innovation and insight. Here’s a quick summary.

Innovation’s Quiet Riot

Technological advances are the main driving point of many of these trends. Fast-paced and disruptive innovation is becoming increasingly institutionalized and ubiquitous — fundamentally changing the way we work, play and communicate. A great example of this is 3-D printing, allowing companies like Ford to prototype and create objects within minutes.

Old School

Retro Mustang

Everything old is new again, and we simply love to take a look back and reminisce about the good old days. Heritage brands are taking off and brands are finding success in nostalgia-based advertising. Throwback Thursday is a great example of this in the world of social media.

Meaningful vs. Middle Man

Consumers are looking to feel more connected to the products they consume. They want to know more about the food they are eating, they want to be aware of where their money is going and they want more of a human touch when dealing with businesses.


How do you wear your social status? Everyone views it differently, but what is shared is that most people make a concerted effort to stake their place on the social ladder by what they purchase, and how they spend their money.

Vying for Validation

Social platforms have led us down a road where we seek validation from our peers, whether it be likes, comments or other forms of engagements. It has become a feel-good mechanism, which leaves people yearning for more feedback.


One of the main commentaries that I hear from my peers are statements about the lack of time in their schedule. And the trend is that folks are beginning to form into two camps: Fear of Missing out and Joy of Missing out. Where do you value your time?


With time being a premium, people are trying to pack more into their days, making each moment productive. We find tools to get things done fast and we consume info in smaller packets. For example, why leave a voicemail with someone, when you can send them a text message?

Myth of Multitasking

The truth of the matter is that only two per cent of people are effective multi-taskers. Trying to do multiple tasks at the same time is not only ineffective but greatly decreases the quality of your work.

Female Frontier

Profiles of women have reached new prominence in public discourse. And this is changing the way we view them in various roles across society, within politics and in the workforce.

Sustainability Blues

2014 Water Trends

The shift is moving from green to blue. Water issues are increasing around the world, posing questions about future sustainability. Luckily some brands are investing time and money into protecting and managing this critical resource.

To check out the complete report, you can read it here.

What do you think of the 2014 trends? Did you see any of them coming? Let us know in the comments below.