Focusing on a customer: a BMW Group’s digital ecosystem. In review with Dieter May, Senior Vice President Digital Products and Services.

Munich. The digital series is of tremendous
significance for a automotive industry. The BMW Group was discerning to
recognize a instruction of swell and is wholly prepared for the
plea during palm interjection to BMW Connected and a ever-expanding
digital ecosystem. “It’s not usually a doubt of building and
integrating new technologies or services for vehicles,” explains
Dieter May, Senior Vice President Digital Products and Services BMW
Group. “ The concentration is on a patron and their expectations of modern
mobility. The digital lifestyle they are accustomed to should continue
to be charity to them – seamlessly and though any restrictions – no
matter either they are in their automobile or divided from it. BMW and MINI
vehicles are being remade into additional touchpoints for the
customer, usually as a smartphone is already.” 

The ability to use services probably anywhere and during any time forms
a cornerstone for an all-encompassing digital knowledge from the
BMW Group that is geared wholly to a customer. The developments
over new years underline a concept’s success. As May explains,
“BMW ConnectedDrive is now accessible in 45 countries and there
are already some-more than eleven million connected vehicles on a world’s
roads. What’s more, over 4 million business worldwide are now
regulating BMW Connected.”

The digital patron knowledge is a top
One of a vital consequences of digitalisation
is that a automobile itself has incited into a touchpoint, creation it a
executive heart of a patron knowledge that is so critical to a BMW
Group. “The digital ecosystem shaped around BMW Connected, including
a couple to BMW’s Open Mobility Cloud, enables us to not usually better
know a customers, though also to support them with personalised
and contextual in-car information,” continues May. The
latest-generation BMW Operating System 7.0, that caters even better
to customers’ personal needs from a digital platform, also plays a
essential purpose here. “The BMW Connected ecosystem is useful when it
comes to formulating a seamless patron experience. This creates it
probable to keep business connected around all digital channels within
a BMW Group regulating their BMW ID – and therefore to support them during any
time,” says May.

The digital knowledge for business starts even before they have
purchased their automobile – thanks, for example, to a kind of virtual
existence record employed by a BMW i Visualiser app to allow
interactive scrutiny of BMW i products. Such technologies provide
business with a code new and singular approach of removing to know their
destiny car. The same relates to a routine of automobile configuration.
“Taking a customer’s preferences as a basis, we have a means of
charity them accurately a product they are looking for, finish with
digital services,” explains Dieter May. And a knowledge continues
for business while they are watchful for their new car, interjection to the
My Car is Born use that forms partial of BMW Connected. “The customer
is therefore concerned in a prolongation of their automobile during an early
point. This gives us a event to forge an romantic bond
between patron and automobile during this really early stage,” says May,
highlighting once again a significance of regulating digital channels to
strengthen patron ties. By vouchsafing business supplement new services for a
specific duration of time, from their automobile and whenever they wish, the
BMW ConnectedDrive Store turns a patron knowledge into a holistic
digital experience.

A new epoch of digital ecosystems
“This goes to
uncover that we know a business and – within a context of BMW
– know what they wish and what they need,” continues May. All of which
acts as an essential anchor during a time when countless new digital
ecosystems are combining and holding root. “We are in an age of digital
assistants ushered in by Amazon’s Alexa and a Google Assistant. For
some time now, we have charity business a ability to integrate
these assistants from a comfort of their home.” Having kept pace
with this latest growth from a get-go, a BMW Group will – as
of Mar 2019 – deliver a possess partner into a cars in a form
of a BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. No matter what new
touchpoints come into play in a future, a BMW Group is committed
to ensuring business accept a right services during all times – and
that they are seamlessly connected with their digital lifestyles. “The
possibilities charity by unconstrained driving, foundation and
ever-greater connectivity are opening a doorway to totally new
practice and ways of organising journeys by car. At a same time,
they are changing what people wish and a lifestyles they choose,”
stresses Dieter May. “This is precisely where a intelligent platform
comes in useful. It will make it probable to use a singular customer
profile, a BMW ID, to switch from one BMW to another, seamlessly and
though limitation, via a vehicle’s life cycles. Added to
which, we will pool together all products and services for the
particular mobility of a business and gradually build them into an
all-embracing BMW ecosystem.”

Together with programmed driving, a systematic enlargement of
connectivity en track to a digital, emission-free destiny is one of the
pivotal fields of movement for a BMW Group as it seeks to expostulate the
mutation of a mobility zone as partial of a NUMBER ONE
NEXT strategy.