Exhibition Mercedes-Benz Museum.

With a story dating behind to 1886, Mercedes-Benz is a world’s oldest engine manufacturer. The brand’s ongoing success story right by to a benefaction day demonstrates, some-more than anything else, that vehicles from a Mercedes-Benz code overcome during all times, notwithstanding a biggest turbulences caused by technical revolutions, ever-changing patron final and new authorised requirements. The substructure for this success in a past and in a destiny was – and will continue to be –laid, above all, by a people in a company. Mercedes-Benz employees rise new car generations with a top precision, ensuring automotive make during a top peculiarity level. They also adopt new, surprising approaches in investigate and benefaction a formula in vehicles which, some-more mostly than not, means utterly a stir. The muster territory named “The Fascination of Technology” grants an discernment into a formidable processes of car development, giving visitors entrance to a fascinating universe “behind a star”.