ECKART 2017 presented during Palace of Versailles. Prize income for tolerable projects during high general level.

Versailles/Paris. The BMW Group and a Witzigmann
Academy welcomed a who’s who of general high-end gastronomy
yesterday to a Palace of Versailles, outward of Paris. The two
partners presented a general Eckart Witzigmann Award (ECKART)
for superb services to a culinary arts, nourishment and
obliged use of resources together for a sixth uninterrupted year.
For a initial time, a ECKART was included with €50,000 of esteem money
for any category, to simulate a standing and significance of a award
among tip general culinary prizes.

Around 150 guest from a general gastronomy stage came to the
Palace of Versailles yesterday to compensate reverence to a winners of the
ECKART 2017. The sum culinary imagination of some-more than 80 Michelin
stars was collected in a “Galerie Basse”. The dusk was hosted by
ECKART 2017 award-winner and three-star cook Alain Ducasse, who served
guest a world-class celebration cooking following a awards ceremony.

In a sixth year of collaboration, a ECKART reinvented itself once
again to turn even some-more general and some-more diverse. This was the
initial time a awards rite has been reason outward Germany, as the
ECKART embarks on a universe debate to revisit culinary experts around a globe.


For a initial time this year, all 4 ECKART capacity categories were
included with a income esteem of €50,000 each. The sum supposing by a BMW
Group will advantage a free means or innovative plan selected by
a award-winner.

The BMW Group will yield a offer €50,000 to support a
yet-to-be-named plan by a new ECKART award-winner that has
continued to grow. The jury of a ECKART together with a BMW Group
is obliged for selecting a project. In this way, a BMW Group
can safeguard that a joining to ECKART contributes to long-term improvements.

“Social responsibility, sustainability and informative and international
farrago – that is what both a ECKART and a BMW Group mount for.
We wish a award-winners to be means to continue with sustainable
projects,” pronounced Dr. Nicolas Peter, member of a Board of Management
of BMW AG, Finance, and enthusiast of a ECKART 2017, in his speech. “But
sustainability is about some-more than usually profitable courtesy to a subject one
time. In new years, we have got to know a series of fascinating
award-winners and projects. Together with a jury of a Witzigmann
Academy, we will name a plan we feel is so critical that we want
to continue to support it.”

The BMW Group’s sum capacity of €250,000 means that the
general standing and significance of a ECKART is now also
reflected in a esteem money. The ECKART is hereby positioning itself
in a really tip tier of general culinary awards.

Eckart Witzigmann voiced his interjection during a dusk event: “Thanks
to a BMW Group, a ECKART can get actively concerned and make a real
difference”. He continued: “My name stands behind this capacity and my
biggest wish is to give an event to projects that are perplexing to
make a universe a improved place. Responsible poise in all aspects of
nourishment is tip priority for me.”


ECKART 2017 award-winners.

ECKART 2017 for “Art of Cookery”: Alain Ducasse.

Alain Ducasse represents a reconstruction of haute cuisine distinct any
other and creates a product a focal indicate in a radical way. He is
a initial cook to emanate and offer an all-vegetarian menu estimable of
3 stars. Ducasse thinks distant over a plate. Food is for him a
elemental need with a standing of a polite liberty.

Alain Ducasse is a usually cook to have warranted a top fame of
3 Michelin stars for 3 opposite restaurants: “Le Louis XV” in
Monte Carlo; “Le Plaza Athénée” in Paris and a “Alain Ducasse during the
Essex House” in New York City.


ECKART 2017 for “Innovation”: María Marte and Luisa Orlando.
An unusual career trail from dishwasher to
Michelin-starred cook and a manager with a bravery to support her
from a really beginning: Born in a Dominican Republic, María Marte
is related to Spain’s Luisa Orlando by a singular story. After
immigrating to Spain in 2003, Marte took a pursuit as a cleaner and
dishwasher during El Club Allard, yet her aspiration from a opening was
to turn a chef. Overcoming hurdles and prejudices, she managed to
acquire herself a pursuit as kitchen assistant. By 2006, she had turn the
right palm of cook Diego Guerrero, who was awarded a restaurant’s
initial Michelin star in 2007 and a second in 2011. However, in the
arise of Guererro’s astonishing depart in 2013, handling director
Orlando motionless to take a confidant and rare step: Defying all
doubts, she allocated a earlier dishwasher María Marte as head
chef. Their success is a testimony to a certification of both women:
Together, they have successfully shielded a two-Michelin star rating
of El Club Allard given 2014. Marte is a usually womanlike from Latin
America to reason dual Michelin stars.


ECKART 2017 for “Art of Living”: Michel Guérard. The
name Guérard is synonymous with nouvelle cuisine. In 1974, Michel
Guérard and his wife, Christine, non-stop a “Les Prés d’Eugénie” hotel
and grill in a sauna city of Eugénie-les-Bains. Many of the
visitors to a sauna were actively looking to remove weight, so Guérard
began watching how and what they ate. He shortly recognized that diet
dishes were optimised for their nutritive benefits, though any
courtesy to appreciative a palate. Guérard therefore motionless to combine
his ideas for healthy cuisine with classical French dishes. His recipes
focused not usually on shortening calories, sugarine and fat, though also on enjoyment.

Guérard set out his new approach of cooking in his book, “La grande
cuisine minceur” (English: Light epicurean cuisine), published in 1976:
Today, it is deliberate a initial outline of nouvelle cuisine. By
1977, Guérard had warranted 3 Michelin stars for a “Les Prés
d’Eugénie”, that it has defended to this day.


ECKART 2017 for “Creative Responsibility”: Tiffany Persons.
In 2006, obvious selling and music-video director
Tiffany Persons trafficked to Sierra Leone for a initial time to film a
documentary. Impressed by a unrestrained and happiness of local
people confronting a many inauspicious conditions, Persons founded Shine On
Sierra Leone (SOSL) in 2007 to lift income for building
urgently-needed schools. The organization has continued to grow ever
since: Today, a non-profit SOSL is committed to compelling wider
entrance to education, healthcare, microfinancing and informal culture,
and providing tolerable building and rural programmes for the
communities of Sierra Leone and a people.

Her success speaks for itself: The Muddy Lotus Primary School founded
by SOSL, that was built regulating a insubordinate tolerable earthbag
construction method, is one of a best in a country. More than
20,000 people opposite a nation were also means to urge their
destiny prospects by attending mechanism classes. In usually 5 years, by
focusing on microloans for women, a organization has enabled more
than 3,500 womanlike small-business owners to acquire their living. SOSL
worked with a ecotourism association Tribe Wanted to build an
ecovillage, regulating a CalEarth earthbag process and formulating many new
jobs. The aim is always to rise tolerable change from within
society, instead of relying on outward involvement as an act of


The BMW Group and a Witzigmann Academy have been partners since
2012 and are committed to their corner aim of formulating an international
height for healthy eating, tolerable cuisine and obliged use
of resources. Previous award-winners embody Daniel Boulud, HRH
Charles Prince of Wales, Elena Arzak, Anne-Sophie Pic, Harald
Wohlfahrt, Dieter Kosslick, Ferran Adrià, Marc Haeberlin, Joël
Robuchon, Alex Atala, Jon Rose, Mick Hucknall, Massimo Bottura,
Dominique Crenn, Andreas Caminada and many others.

Sustainability has been an constituent partial of a BMW Group’s corporate
plan for many years, with tolerable growth firmly
determined as a corporate aim during Group level: from a development
of alternative, fuel-saving car concepts through
environmentally-compatible prolongation processes, to eco-friendly
recycling methods.


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