DTM Zandvoort: Audi quotes

Dieter Gass (Head of Audi Motorsport)

“Following a Saturday that wasn’t unequivocally a day, Sunday finished on a certain note for us. We showed a clever altogether group performance. On both days, we had a good competition performance, that a fastest laps set by René (Rast) and Loïc (Duval) uncover as well. But overtaking is an altogether opposite story during Zandvoort. Rocky did not get past Maxime Martin on Saturday and not past Marco Wittmann on Sunday, nonetheless he was means to quick tighten a gap. I’m gay that Loïc managed to measure his initial points right divided with a podium. The approach Nico (Müller) safeguarded Mattias (Ekström) on Sunday towards a back was extensive too. René and Jamie (Green) were a tiny unfortunate. Mattias is withdrawal Zandvoort as a personality of a standings again. However, a fact that we’ll have to again supplement weight for a Nürburgring is a drawback. It’s apparent that a stream complement does not accomplish any of a things it’s meant to do. Its umbrella abolishment is a usually resolution for this absurd condition.”

Mike Rockenfeller (Schaeffler Audi RS 5 DTM #99) position 4 / position 1

“It’s been a good weekend for me on a whole. We can be unequivocally gratified with it. These are critical points for a championship. Obviously, I’d have favourite to bind a lectern place on Saturday and won on line on Sunday since we usually hardly missed out on both. But after my feet damage I’m means to use my left feet again for braking. It’s not ideal yet, though removing improved and better. That’s because I’m already looking brazen now to a home turn during a Nürburgring.”

Loïc Duval (Castrol EDGE Audi RS 5 DTM #77) position 13 / position 2

“A unequivocally certain weekend with a double lectern for Phoenix. For me, it was a good surprise. we hadn’t approaching it on Sunday until we crossed a finish line. My opening has done another step forwards on both days. Things were already going improved in Moscow. We worked together good as a group here too. My dual starts were a diseased point. We had an emanate that we need to solve for a future.”

Mattias Ekström (Red Bull Audi RS 5 DTM #5) position 17 / position 3

“For me, it was a tough weekend. we wasn’t quick adequate in qualifying. On Saturday, we had a tiny mistake with a large effect. In competition dual on Sunday, in position three, it was good to measure 15 points for a championship and holding a lead. we fought unequivocally tough for that. Next, I’ll be roving to a Rallycross World Championship in France. After that, I’ll have to work on being faster again for a subsequent competition during a Nürburgring. With a weight, subordinate will be even some-more formidable than here.”

Nico Müller (Playboy Audi RS 5 DTM #51) position 10 / position 4

“This formidable weekend finished on a certain note. We started with a technical emanate in a initial giveaway use and, as a result, missed a lot of laps and were lacking this knowledge via a weekend. We were too slow. we had a misfortune subordinate sessions in my whole DTM career. We need to get a hoop on that again for a entrance races. On Sunday, we modernized from position 10 to 5 and scored critical points. I’m happy with that.”

Jamie Green (Hoffmann Group Audi RS 5 DTM #53) position 5 / position 9

“On Saturday, we had a bad subordinate and afterwards a good race. On Sunday, with P4 on a grid, we had a good subordinate though a diseased race. One of a mistakes was mine: on path one, we left a track. When we overtook Robert Wickens later, he incited me around. we consider we were both during error in this, maybe he even a tiny more. The spin cost me a lot of time. In a end, we was advantageous adequate to still be means to measure points after such an eventful race.”

René Rast (AUTO BILD MOTORSPORT Audi RS 5 DTM #33) position 9 / DNF

“A frustrating weekend! we usually scored dual points again. On Saturday, we weren’t quick enough. In a competition we immediately had hit and mislaid a few tools in a process. On Sunday, we had hit with a Mercedes and my cessation pennyless as a result. we was entrance out of a array line on cold tires and perplexing to urge myself. we saw Tom Blomqvist and didn’t know that Maro Engel was behind him. He apparently felt threatened and gathering into my automobile a few times that caused a cessation to break.”