“Climate change affects us all“ – What Audi Neckarsulm is doing to strengthen a environment

Mr. Schulze, what purpose does sustainability play during a Audi site in Neckarsulm?

Fred Schulze: Sustainability plays an intensely critical purpose here – and in all areas of life. Customers and employees around a universe righteously design us to be rarely committed to creation a prolongation processes as environmentally accessible as possible. Particularly for us as a reward manufacturer, we are approaching to set a customary for a environmentally accessible mobility of tomorrow by a use of tolerable technologies. But we also perspective contributing to a bearable destiny as a middle drive, a attitude, a mindset.

What are your sustainability goals for a site – and what are we doing privately to grasp them?

Schulze: Our primary idea is to equivocate impacting a sourroundings wherever possible. This starts with a wrapping element for a car components. Good ideas are always acquire – a colleagues from a A6 and A7 public teams, for example, are now commander contrast a cycle that uses 3D copy to spin cosmetic rubbish into public aids. “Avoidance and reduction” is also a running element when it comes to emissions. In this process, any singular gram of CO counts. We’ve been sourcing immature appetite opposite a whole site given a commencement of 2020. When it comes to H2O use, we are now contrast a commander plant for a sealed H2O cycle with a adjacent wastewater diagnosis plant operated by AZV Unteres Sulmtal, in a wish that in a future, we’ll no longer need to pull H2O from a Neckar river. Next year we will start a routine of installing a new H2O supply system.

Mr. Diehlmann, Audi’s idea is for a Neckarsulm site to turn net carbon-neutral by 2025. What changes will we have to make to grasp this?

Achim Diehlmann: We have orderly a measures opposite 4 hierarchical levels, with appetite potency during a top. We’re modernizing a systems to revoke appetite consumption. The second turn focuses on self supply. In a CHP plant during Böllinger Höfe, for example, we rest on biogas to beget carbon-neutral heat. The third hierarchical turn relates to a buying of electrical and thermal energy. In Neckarsulm, we exclusively source immature power. The fourth turn is endangered with CO emissions that we can’t serve revoke or avoid. This also includes processes outward of production, such as tests with fuels specific to certain regions for a markets worldwide or shipments to and from a site. We equivalent these emissions regulating CO credits from approved offsetting projects.

You’re a site’s environmental insurance officer and plan manager of a cross-site environmental module Mission:Zero. How critical has environmental insurance turn during Audi in new years?

Diehlmann: The significance of sustainability has increasing tremendously over a past few years. Audi already goes distant over simply assembly orthodox environmental insurance requirements. Through a Mission:Zero environmental program, we are proactively implementing measures during all Audi sites in a fields of decarbonization, H2O use, apparatus efficiency, and biodiversity. Mission:Zero has combined acceptance within a association and also unbarred supports to support measures such as biodiversity conservation. Flower meadows or nesting sites essentially advantage a animals around a comforts and compensate off for humans in other ways, such as improving a peculiarity of life and a work environment.

Mr. Schulze, your career during Audi has taken we as distant as China, though Neckarsulm is your home. Do we therefore feel that we have a special shortcoming for a people and a sourroundings in a region?

Schulze: After spending time abroad, we demeanour during your home with uninformed eyes. we see how most we’ve already achieved here. People caring about a environment, many are privately active in compelling sustainability, and they suffer a purify air. I’d like to do my partial to safeguard that a generations that come after us can also live here in peace with nature. Audi’s desirous sustainability goals infer that we’re on a right track. But even China has now adopted intensely high environmental standards for factories. Climate change affects us all, and we’ll usually be means to extent a effects together if any nation takes environmental insurance seriously.

Mr. Diehlmann, what can any particular do to foster sustainability?

Diehlmann: We all bear shortcoming for inlet and a personal CO footprint. I’d like to see some-more people come to this fulfilment in a destiny and live accordingly. In my family, for example, we equivocate disposable products wherever possible. We don’t expostulate a children to school. Maybe leave a grass mower in a garage for a while and make a yard some-more insect-friendly. These are tiny changes in function that have a durability outcome if a vast series of people take them to heart.