Julien Creuzet starts BMW Art Journey 2021. Artist formed in France searches for a astonishing among a informed roots of his ancestors in Martinique.

Munich/Basel/Paris. BMW Art Journey leader 2021
Julien Creuzet, represented by High Art, Paris, started a initial part
of his BMW Art Journey on Jul 15, 2021. In Martinique, he will
try a astonishing and startling in a informed sourroundings of
his ancestors.

The BMW Art Journey is partial of BMW Group’s tellurian cultural
engagement, that is celebrating a 50th anniversary this year.
Committed in a fields of complicated and contemporary art, classical
music, jazz and sound as good as pattern and design, a BMW
Group has been an constituent partial of enlightenment on a tellurian scale.

Inspired by a Martinican thinker, censor and producer Édouard Glissant
who had combined about a judgment of creolization, “It is a reduction of
arts, etiquette and languages ​​that produces a unexpected,” Creuzet
will make 5 trips in sum to a Antillean islands Martinique and
Guadeloupe between Jul 2021 and Spring 2022.

Creuzet himself was lifted in Martinique, though never had a possibility to
work there. About his BMW Art Journey he says: “I essay to make my
contribution, to give behind by charity my knowledge and a place, a
vital world, a workstation for long-term experimentation. My journey
is associated to a long-time plan that we had in mind, though we was never
means to comprehend it. It is a good event for me to lapse and to
re-connect with my internal land. we have shown and common my practice
and viewpoint around a world, though never in a land of my ancestors.”

During his BMW Art Journey Julien Creuzet will concentration on three
artistic projects around a geographically and culturally distinct
segment of a Antilleans. Filming landscapes, underwater scenes, and
internal festivals such as carnival, on a belligerent and with drones, he
will emanate a video in partnership with internal contemporary artists
and musicians.

A second plan is an 8 months-long seminar with a art
students of Beaux-Arts de Fort-de-France (Campus Caribbean des Arts),
opening a studio for their artistic work. One concentration of a workshop
will be about a origination of “bwadjacks” – sculptures done of
mutated cars and materials that are customarily found on scrapyards, in
a gesticulate of circularity.

Lastly, Creuzet will work on a plan with a internal fauna of the
Antilleans. Drawing impulse from healthy forms, he aims to create
new hybrid sculptures recycling cosmetic and other materials. The
formula of his BMW Art Journey are approaching to be shown during Art
Basel in Hong Kong in 2022.

About Julien Creuzet during High Art, Paris
Creuzet (b.1986) lives and works in Montreuil, France. He creates
variable artworks incorporating poetry, music, sculpture, assemblage,
film and animation. Evoking trans-oceanic postcolonial exchange in
propinquity to mixed temporalities, a artist places his own
hereditary past, benefaction and destiny during a heart of his production.
Eluding universal narratives and informative reductions, Creuzet’s work
mostly spotlights anachronisms and amicable realities to construct
objects of irreducibility. Recent solo exhibitions embody Camden Arts
Center, London (upcoming); Palais de Tokyo and Fondation d’entreprise
Pernod Ricard, Paris. His work was featured in organisation exhibitions at
Manifesta 13, Marseilles; Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt; Musée
d’Art moderne de Paris and Centre Pompidou, Paris. Creuzet is a
hopeful for a Prix Marcel Duchamp 2021.

Julien Creuzet was comparison for BMW Art Journey 2021 from a shortlist
of 3 artists represented by galleries creatively supposed into
this year’s Art Basel uncover in Hong Kong, in an online jury process.
The general jury of experts enclosed Claire
, Executive Director, Asia
Art Archive
, Hong Kong; Matthias Mühling,
Director, Städtische Galerie
im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau
, Munich; Patrizia Sandretto
Re Rebaudengo
, President, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo,
Turin; Philip Tinari, Director, UCCA Center for Contemporary Art,
; and Samson Young, artist and leader of the
initial BMW Art Journey. 

About a BMW Art Journey
Launched in 2015, the
BMW Art Journey is a partnership between Art
Basel and BMW, combined to commend and support rising artists
worldwide. Since 2020, a round of authorised artists has broadened
and includes not usually rising and mid-career artists from the
Discoveries sector, though also artists represented by galleries founded
no some-more than 10 years ago during Art Basel’s uncover in Hong Kong. In
approval of a ongoing well-developed resources caused by the
pandemic, a jury conducted a preference routine online. The
comparison artists were afterwards invited to contention proposals, formed on which
a leader was selected.

Past winners of a BMW Art Journey embody sound and performance
artist Samson Young (presented by a.m. Space, Hong
Kong, during Art Basel’s Hong Kong uncover in 2015); video artists
Henning Fehr and Philipp Rühr (presented by Galerie
Max Mayer, Dusseldorf, during Art Basel’s Miami Beach uncover in 2015);
Abigail Reynolds (presented by Rokeby, London, at
Art Basel’s uncover in Hong Kong in 2016); Max Hooper
(presented by High Art, Paris, during Art Basel’s Miami
Beach uncover in 2016), Astha Butail (represented by
GALLERYSKE, New Dehli, Bangalore, during Art Basel´s Hong Kong uncover in
2017), Jamal Cyrus (represented by Inman Gallery,
Houston, during Art Basel’s Miami Beach uncover in 2017); Zac
(represented by Michael Lett, Auckland, during Art
Basel’s Hong Kong uncover in 2018), Lu Yang (represented
by a gallery Société, Berlin, during Art Basel’s Hong Kong uncover in 2019)
and Leelee Chan (represented by Capsule Shanghai at
Art Basel’s Hong Kong uncover in 2021).

Art Basel and BMW will combine with a artist to request the
tour and share it with a broader open by imitation publications,
online and on amicable media around @julien.creuzet,
and @bmwgroupculture.

For serve information and press element about a BMW Art Journey
artists and their projects, greatfully revisit a press section: www.bmw-art-journey.com/press


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