As you may have heard, we recently gave four hardcore truckers a chance to put our brand new 2015 Ford F-150 to the test. John Marrinan, a cattle rancher from Camas Prairie, Montana, was among the chosen few; and boy, did he have a test for us.

Working the ranch from sunup to sundown, John takes excellent care of his cattle but he tortures his trucks. When he asked us to move a couple hundred thousand pounds of hay for him in the F-150 – a task that’s a lot to ask from a ¾-ton or 1-ton pickup, never mind a ½-ton truck – we said bring it on. After all, a cow’s gotta eat.

Want to see how the F-150 fared both on and off John’s farm? Here’s the video.

In total, the truck moved 400 bales of hay, weighing in at about 1,500 lbs each, for a total load of 600,000 lbs. This proved to be no big deal for the new F-150. Why? Because it’s up to 700 lbs lighter than its predecessor and the weight-savings has been reinvested to provide a maximum towing capability of 12,200 lbs. As for ascending a 6% road grade, the truck’s 3.5L Ecoboost V6 engine rose to the challenge.

John’s experience is proof that the 2015 F-150 is Built Ford Tough. What do you think?

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