Bye Bye BMW 3 Series: After 35 years, a BMW 3 Series Sedan rolls off a prolongation line during BMW Group Plant Rosslyn for a final time

Rosslyn, South Africa. After 35 years, a final BMW 3
Series Sedan rolled off a prolongation line currently during BMW Group Plant
Rosslyn in Pretoria. The plant has constructed a sum of 1,191,604 units
and 5 generations of a BMW 3 Series. One in 4 BMW 3 Series
Sedans of a stream era come from BMW Group Plant Rosslyn.

“We demeanour behind with good honour over an unusual career trail of
a prolongation during Plant Rosslyn. Over a years, a expansion of
a prolongation and trade programme has been a matter for our
tolerable expansion and grant to a South African economy,”
says Tim Abbott, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BMW Group South Africa.

In a subsequent few months, Plant Rosslyn will launch a prolongation of
a BMW X3. In a future, a BMW 3 Series Sedan will also be
done during a new BMW Group plant in San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

Bidding farewell to a BMW 3 Series during BMW Group Plant Rosslyn

One of a pivotal milestones of a BMW 3 Series has been a success in
first a shred of a complicated sports sedan, substantiating itself
as a essence of pushing pleasure in a shred and apropos the
world’s top-selling reward car. The unrestrained for this indication series
was also common by a prolongation staff who voiced their passion
for these cars by giving them mythological nicknames. Each era of
a BMW 3 Series constructed during Plant Rosslyn had a possess nickname: the
third generation, for instance, was called “Dolphin” for a elegant
contours. Limited book models of a BMW 3 Series, such as a BMW
333i and 325iS, also emerged from a plant.

In Jun 2015, BMW Plant Rosslyn was awarded a Platinum Plant
Quality Award in a J.D. Power 2015 Initial Quality Study (IQS). This
endowment done Plant Rosslyn a best plant in a universe in a Initial
Quality Study 2015.

BMW X3 instead of BMW 3 Series

With a prolongation of a new BMW X3 in a entrance months, a new era
will start during Plant Rosslyn. In Nov 2015, BMW Group South Africa
validated a prolonged tenure joining to South Africa by announcing that
it will deposit a sum of R6 billion during Plant Rosslyn. The investment
– one of a biggest in a internal automotive attention – has enabled
Plant Rosslyn to get prepared to furnish a new BMW X3. In October
2017, an additional R160 million was invested into a Rosslyn
prolongation trickery to raise prolongation line speed.

Stefan Hülsenberg, Director of BMW Plant Rosslyn, explains: “The
encouragement has lifted a limit prolongation ability to 76 000
units, withdrawal a plant with glorious intensity in a destiny to
furnish a top volume ever in a 45-year history. Plans to
emanate a core of prolongation value during a plant are good under
approach with a largest infrastructure ascent in a story of the
trickery now finished and staff upskilled in state-of-the-art technologies.”