Audi tests “virtual existence holodeck” for faster product development

Audi will increasingly request virtual-reality (VR) technologies in a future. Since 2003, it has been regulating probably combined 3D models as a organisation component of a growth process. The association is now also contrast a supposed practical existence holodeck so that a pattern of new vehicle models can be probably assessed during an early stage. The tenure “holodeck” comes from a science-fiction array Star Trek and refers to a special room that simulates practical worlds. That prophesy becomes existence in a practical existence holodeck during Audi. In a room approximately 15 by 15 meters square, automobile prototypes can be displayed practically and with a scold proportions. For this purpose, a experts from Audi’s formulation have accurately recreated a room in that a pattern comment takes place in a practical world. They place a practical automobile models there with a assistance of present construction data. Those practical models can afterwards be intuitively gifted from inside as good as outside. Unlike prior VR environments, adult to 6 people can now travel around a automobile during a same time.

Audi is contrast a holodeck on a interface between growth and production. Experts from both departments together consider a altogether visible sense and a aspect of a new cars, and adjust a positions of particular lines and gaps. This comment is a final theatre before a collection compulsory for a automobile go into production. Until now, photo-realistic 2D mechanism graphics have been used as good as hand-made earthy models, that are really costly and can take adult to 6 weeks to produce.

“With a VR holodeck, we obtain a picturesque sense of a proportions of a destiny models. This enables us to make critical decisions faster,” explained Martin Rademacher, who is in assign of a VR holodeck plan during Audi. In sequence to investigate particular aspects in detail, two-dimensional representations are still used: “They now offer even improved fortitude and improved peculiarity than a walkable VR installation,” says Rademacher.

In sequence to work in a holodeck, any user wears VR eyeglasses and uses dual palm controllers for interaction. Each user also carries a trek containing a absolute PC that weighs only 3 kilograms and that calculates a theatre displayed. These mobile PCs are connected around Wi-Fi with a executive workstation, that controls a information exchange. The three-dimensional indication can be presented in several settings. In a serve theatre of development, a holodeck will capacitate staff members during other Audi locations to participate, that will extremely palliate a classification of work. After a start of production, a complement will be used to say high peculiarity standards in production.

Audi grown a altogether judgment together with a Stuttgart media group Lightshape. Before a finish of this year, a carmaker skeleton to deliver a practical existence holodeck in a operative processes. Another design of a stream exam proviso is to examine a probability of applications in other tools of a company: The prolongation planners during Audi have already combined practical presentations of finish public stages in a complement to daydream destiny processes. The dialect is also consulting with other brands of a Volkswagen Group.

Additional areas in that virtual-reality technologies are already practical during Audi embody practical training for employees in make-up logistics and a Audi VR knowledge for patron advice. The latter allows intensity business to probably configure their preferred automobile and to knowledge all discretionary apparatus in a picturesque way.