Born in Mexico! The initial section of a BMW 2 Series Coupé is constructed in San Luis Potosi

+++ New 2 Series Coupé will be constructed exclusively in Mexico for the
tellurian market. +++ Additional investment of USD$125 million dollars at
San Luis Potosí Plant. +++


San Luis Potosi, Mexico– The BMW Group Plant in San
Luis Potosi started a prolongation of a new BMW 2 Series Coupé. The
new high-powered sports compress is a brand’s initial launch fully
executed and put into operation in Mexico.

The San Luis Potosi Plant is a newest within a company’s global
prolongation network. From a pattern and construction, a Plant was
designed to simply adjust to furnish opposite models. In usually two
years given a Plant began production, it has extended operations to
embody a make of Plug-In Hybrid Electric car and to
enhance placement to cover a globe. With an additional investment
of $125 million dollars, a comforts were softened to incorporate
this second car into a prolongation line.

Harald Gottsche, President and CEO of BMW Group Plant San Luis Potosi
commented: “Two years after starting operations, a Plant integrates
a new indication to a prolongation line. This has been probable interjection to
a good talent of a group in San Luis Potosi. We are unapproachable to be
means to exclusively arrange this car in Mexico for a worldwide
market. With a new 2 Series Coupé we will uncover a huge capacity
existent in this country. we am assured that this will be a first
of many other successful launches”.

Milan Nedeljkovic, member of a Board of Management of BMW AG,
obliged for production, said: “The BMW Group Plant in San Luis
Potosi builds on a knowledge and best practices of a Global
Production Network. As a latest further to a network, it benefits
from a latest innovative and rarely fit technologies, which
have also contributed to it apropos one of a company’s most
tolerable prolongation sites. Thanks to a stretchable prolongation system
and a rarely competent team, we can take Premium vehicles from
Mexico to a whole world”.


Born in Mexico for a tellurian marketplace

The new BMW 2 Series Coupé is a car focused on dynamic
excellence. Its jaunty and worldly line was recognised by Jose
Casas, a Mexican who is currently a comparison extraneous engineer for a BMW
Group in Munich.

Once a pattern theatre was completed, a BMW Group Development
multiplication in Germany jointly collaborated with Production Planning in
San Luis Potosi to ready a new indication for a launch in Mexico.

The Purchasing multiplication also played a elemental purpose from the
commencement of a plan in a selection, growth and
automation of local, regional, and tellurian suppliers.

Direct investment and adaptations to a plant

Part of a additional investment was allocated to a enlargement of
a existent comforts and a merger of additional equipment
compulsory to arrange a new model. This enclosed a designation of
a sum of 82 new robots in a Body Shop, while a existent robots
compulsory new programming to be means to hoop tools with different
geometries, and to weld, secure and shaft them together to brew an
intelligent brew of materials (steel, high strength steel and aluminum)
ensuing in a light, nonetheless rarely firm physique that delivers a safety,
pushing dynamics and potency that a brand’s business expect.

Together with a Materials Analysis team, a Paint Shop was
concerned in a launch of dual new specific colors for a BMW 2 Series
Coupé; Brooklyn Gray and Thundernight Metallic. The latter is a new
BMW Group color, exclusively for a Plant in San Luis Potosi.

Finally, a partial of a investment was used to sight crew of the
public area to work with a shorter body, with usually dual doors, which
requires another proceed to those already existent in a prolongation line.

The association has announced that a commercialization of this indication is
scheduled for after this year in North America and early 2022 in Europe.