Booking routine of your Mercedes-Benz selected automobile tour.

Classic Car Travel is your initial choice for a Classic Car Trip that take place underneath a Mercedes Star! With your booking, we select a right partners: Mercedes-Benz, a contriver of a automobile, and Nostalgic, a dilettante for high-quality Classic Car Travel Tours. Welcome – we demeanour brazen to saying you!

Please finish a following forms next and finish by clicking on a symbol “Confirm Booking”. Submitting a engagement (travel registration) by dire a “Confirm booking” symbol shall not consecrate a explain on a partial of a patron that a transport agreement analogous to a engagement has come into effect. The agreement shall come into outcome once a patron receives a engagement acknowledgment (declaration of acceptance) from a debate user by telephone, email, fax or in writing. After end of a contract, a down remuneration of 20% of a debate price is due. The remaining remuneration is due 30 days before a debate begins.

Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Travel Tours are offering and operated by a team-work partner Nostalgic GmbH Co. KG as debate operator. Only a General Terms and Condition of Nostalgic GmbH Co. KG request to this booking.